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Dear Father Gruner,

You are so brave, you could have given up a long time ago, but you didn’t. I wish I could convince the priests around here that you are a good and holy priest that tries so hard to work for Our Heavenly Mother and fulfil Her wishes, but it’s to no avail. My pastor avoids me since I gave him The Fatima Crusader and the Fatima Priest book to read. He opened it on a certain page and read a few lines and said he doesn’t want anything to do with it or you, and gave me the book back. I told him to promise me to read the Crusader and he said he won’t promise me anything and that he doesn’t have time to read. I asked him to please not throw it away and read your whole letter to the Pope when he has time, so I don’t know if he ever did or not, but he is avoiding me since.

I pray for all our priests every day and special prayers at Adoration for them and him. Please don’t let this discourage you, I know it discouraged me but it made me pray even harder for my pastor and I am glad we have another bishop now ... I don’t know how he feels about the Fatima situation but our pastor and him were ordained at the same time and are very good buddies. Soon after I asked my pastor to read The Fatima Crusader, he announced at daily Mass to pray for the Consecration of last year, so maybe he already read it.

Please continue your beautiful work for Our Lady. I agree with everything you say and I wish I could respond to all your words but my hand is very painful and couldn’t take more.

I pray very hard for you and all your good priests that are helping you in every way, and for all those that are not so good to you so Jesus would turn them around. For the conversion of sinners and conversion of Russia too. And remember we all love you very much even though we never met. I know you are someone that Our Lady loves dearly too. So hang in there with the rest of us, okay!

Anne K., Texas

Dear Father Gruner and Apostolate,

It is with much regret that I write this letter to tell you I cannot attend the Pilgrimage to Rome due to my bad health. It is so very hard for me to walk. I feel so very bad about it but I can not do anything about it. Please forgive me Father.
I am praying my Rosary for the Triumph of the Blessed Virgin Mary every night and sometimes more, and I go to Holy Mass and Communion whenever I can and pray for all the priests, especially you and the Apostolate, that Mary and Jesus will take extra good care of you. Please look after yourself and the Apostolate...

Your friend, Mary A., Windsor, ON

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