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Mary’s Principal Virtue,
Guardian of all Virtues: Humility

And the angel being come in, said unto Her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee; blessed art Thou among women. Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with Herself what manner of salutation this should be.

(Luke 1:28, 29)

What was the key to Mary's great power with God? Was it not Her desire to only serve a great person rather than be that great person? It was known at that time, especially among the pharisees and temple virgins who diligently studied the prophecies, that the hour of the coming of the Messiah was close at hand. It would have been common that young Jewish maidens were asking themselves, “Could it be me who is to give birth to the one foretold?” Our Lady, on the other hand, from a young age, desired only to be the little servant-girl of the Mother of Christ.

She wanted to be God's spouse — a perpetual virgin hidden from the world, who had a great thirst to live utterly without honor or recognition of any kind, a view of life alien to Jewish tradition and culture at that time, and the exact opposite of the sentiments of those women fancying themselves mother of the Messiah. Her humility was so deep that Scripture tells us Mary was troubled to realize She was that woman chosen by God for the greatest role any human person in all of history was destined to fulfill.

In imitation of Our Blessed Mother Mary, rather than seek to be great in life, seek to embrace what proud people despise. You could work with your hands and get them dirty, so that once soiled, they can help clean the filth of pride from your soul and teach you not to brag. With joy, you might become a janitor, wash dishes, clean bed pans, plant vegetables, learn plumbing, fix cars. Don't fear the humus, that seed-bed of humility which are humiliations, and even dare to pray for humiliations, that rich soil of the guardian of all virtues. Don't seek to be honored or praised, but rather aspire to be like the Blessed Virgin — who fancied Herself the lowly handmaid of the Mother of God. As pride, the opposing vice, is at the root of all sin, fight it with all your might. Let our prayer be:

“I accuse myself of pride;
I am sorry for my pride,
and I ask Thy help O Mary
in order to amend my great pride.”