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Ecclesiastical Outreach News

Brown Scapular Factory

Our Brown Scapular factory, a cottage industry, has been established in India and is producing 10,000 scapulars each month. Because of the number of languages in India, we have printed the Brown Scapular leaflet in 3 languages. Our India office has been supplying many priests in India with these scapulars.

Philippines Office

Last month our Philippines office sponsored a child for Confirmation. It continues to operate a lending library of books and plans are under way to include tapes of “Heaven's Peace Plan” and “Fatima: The Moment Has Come.” These will be played after the monthly Block Rosary held at the office and also distributed to the many schools in the area on a lending basis.

Distributing the Fatima Message

Volunteers in many foreign countries are approaching their parish priests with literature regarding Father Gruner and the Fatima Message and getting a good response to their requests for distribution through the parishes and schools. Many of the young people and seminarians are requesting more literature and sacramentals for their own information and for distribution.


We recently had a visit from a priest who was ordained in the rite of the New Order Mass and switched to saying the Latin Tridentine Mass. Our Apostolate was one of many places he visited where priests say the Tridentine Mass. His dream is to build a support base of priests who say the Tridentine Mass who will lend their assistance to new priests who desire to learn the Tridentine Mass.