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Dear Father Gruner,

At last I have a moment of time to write and offer my priestly and brotherly support for your apostolate to spread Mary’s Fatima Message. My parents have supported you through the years. They have shared their deep love of Mary with me and through Our Lady I received the great gift of a priestly vocation. This vocation is confirmed day after day as I seek ways and means to spread the love of God and Our Mother. Thank you for your cards on the Three Hail Mary’s devotion. I am sure that it will do much good to put them in the hands of our families during the months of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

In the recent years I have followed your persecution and know that it is what every faithful priest can expect. I have tried to be faithful and to lead my brothers and sisters in the Truth. There is much that tests the souls in these most confusing of times. I wish we could unite all our brother priests that reject the modernist trends and the secular mind frames to form a support system for all those that enter into the hierarchical fires that you have and are enduring. In the meantime, be assured of a prayerful remembrance at each Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that I offer.

Again, take courage and know that Our Lady is pleased with your dedication and your desire to spread Her word of Truth.

God bless you always,

Father Richard, TX

Dear Father Gruner,

Your writings have been a great source of my conversion since 1984-85 and I may owe you my “eternal” thanks for opening my eyes. I was never being fed properly at my Catholic church with the liberal teachings overriding the true Catholic doctrine.

Two years ago we found a great priest at another local parish and we owe you part of the thanks. You gave us courage to seek out a church dedicated to Rome — not all are.

We had a second son (third child) in 1998 and we named him Nicholas. Nicholas is your name which is a great one.

God bless you and your work! You have touched lives that you never will know!

The A. Family, NY

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