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Dear Father Gruner,

We have people next door to us who are Protestant and very strong in their “faith”. They are good people that I have prayed for and hoped for over the years, that they might receive the true light of faith before they die. Recently the wife ran into health problems with cancer. She is 83 years old. I never knew how to approach them about the Catholic faith. I didn't want to cause problems between us, although we discussed religion from time to time in relation to the world situation. She was hospitalized for various tests for a week.

When this happened, I knew I had to act quickly and seize the opportunity if there was to be any chance to reach them. I asked her husband to come over before he left to see her one day and said I had something for him to give to her. When he came over, I gave him a Scapular and told him to put it on her and have her say one Hail Mary at the same time. I gave him a little card with the Hail Mary on it and the latest Fatima Crusader that dealt with the 9-11 terrorist attack on New York City. This issue also included the various miracles attributed to the Brown Scapular. He thanked me and said he was always taught that all forms of prayer were beneficial. The following is what transpired:

When he arrived at the hospital, he placed the Scapular on his wife. It just so happened that a number of their relatives were there who were all Protestant, all but one sister-in-law who was Catholic. They all said the Hail Mary. They have both prayed it together even after this. I was hoping for just that one prayer and this was beyond my wildest dreams. When my neighbor told me all of this, all I could do was cry. I was so overwhelmed by Our Lady's grace on their behalf.

After his wife came home, I didn't see them for a week or so and I figured she probably stopped wearing the Scapular and probably returned to normal, being the good Protestant that she is. I never pushed anything on them for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and thus undoing everything. I figured if it was to be, Our Lady would take it from there; if not, at least I tried. My wife and I went to see her when she was sitting in front of her home and didn't see the Scapular on her. The other day I saw my neighbor again and he thanked me for the Scapular and The Fatima Crusader. He told me that his wife has been back to see her doctors and the various numbers they use in monitoring her condition have dropped and they are surprised at her improvement. So I asked my neighbor if she was wearing the Scapular. He said she wears it to bed at night. Well that's a very good start considering that well over 80% of Roman Catholics never wear it! He also read The Fatima Crusader and was very impressed. You just don't know sometimes how the Blessed Mother works the way She does when we place all in Her hands. I am watching this very carefully, so if you could include them in your Novena of Masses I would be most grateful on their behalf. Thank you, Father, and may Jesus and Mary keep you safe and bless you always!

W. and T. , MO

Dear in Christ,

Many thanks to your effort. I have received your package and am very grateful for your endeavors. May God continue to fortify your apostolate in spreading devotion to Jesus through Mary.

I have distributed your items to the people that reached me including those in the prison yard! Thank you very much. I don't have much to write rather than to express my sincere love to you and your association for the good work you are doing to make more and more Our Mother Mary to be known to the world today.

I therefore consider your apostolate as a significant and most effective instrument in bringing peace and unity to this world. I would be very grateful to have more quantities of sacramentals and Catholic traditional literature as a continuation of those being converted to new souls. I do remember you in my prayers. Till I hear from you again, I wish you the best and God's blessing on all of you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Reverend Mother K., Nigeria

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