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My dear Servants of Jesus and Mary,

I'm sending all of you my heartfelt thanks for your kindness on my sake - a vial of Fatima Water reached me safely this week. You cannot imagine how it deeply touched my heart with joy and confidence that Our Lady of Fatima is with me, guarding me and healing me...

In the last few days, I have used the Holy Water in addition to my Acular Opthalmic solution, and I feel so good that it can clear away my cataracts...

I'm a senior citizen, handicapped, faithful Catholic, and doing all my best to spread out the Love of Jesus and Mary to the largest extent possible. Ave Ave Maria! Mother Dearest! My Perpetual Helper!...

God Bless you all. May Our Blessed Mother shower upon all of you with blessings after blessings forever. Million thanks for your very nice intention and help.

Gratefully yours,

Paul N., San Jose, CA

Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you so much for your lovely letters, Fatima Crusaders, The Divine Impatience, etc. that you send to us. I really look forward to your mail arriving. You keep us so well informed as to what is going on (or rather what is not going on). Without you and the Traditional Mass, which we are fortunate enough to have celebrated 2 parishes away, twice and sometimes three times every week, I think I would go crazy.

I used to go every morning to my own parish until eighteen months ago when the church was re-ordered and at the same time my husband was taken ill and I have been housebound ever since, with him. I feel, rightly or wrongly, that it was providential because I have a reason for not going to my own parish any more. One or another of my family come and sit with my husband and let me go to my Traditional Masses...

You are right, we desperately need the Consecration to Our Blessed Lady's Immaculate Heart done and yours is the only apostolate doing anything about it. Our children and grandchildren are lost. They have no guidance so please, Father, keep on fighting. Our Blessed Lady needs you, Our Holy Father needs you. We need you and our children and grandchildren need you.

I pray for you every night that in spite of all the injustices, the lies, and the obstacles that Our Lady's enemies put in your path, you will find the strength to carry on. Your sufferings will not go unrewarded. God knows and sees all things and He promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church.

May Almighty God, Our Blessed Lady, and all the Angels and Saints, and the Holy Souls in Purgatory be with you always, to help you in this vital work and you have got a good following of the faithful also. We are all with you. There are still many faithful Catholics who are not fools and are not taken in by the modernism, so keep your chin up, Father. We all love and need you. You have the prayers and sacrifices of a lot of people. All our love and prayers, God Bless,

Nancy O., England

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