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Methods of Saying
the Most Holy Rosary

so as to Draw upon Our Souls
the Grace of the Mysteries of the Life,
Passion and Glory of Jesus and Mary

First, say the “Come, Holy Ghost” …
and then make your Offering of the Rosary:

I unite myself with all the saints in Heaven, and with all the just on earth; I unite myself with Thee, my Jesus, in order to praise Thy Holy Mother worthily and to praise Thee in Her and by Her. I renounce all the distractions that may come to me while I am saying the Rosary.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, we offer Thee this Creed in order to honor the faith that Thou didst have upon earth and to ask Thee to have us share in the same faith.

O Lord, we offer Thee this Our Father so as to adore Thee in Thy Oneness and to recognize Thee as the First Cause and the Last End of all things.

Most Holy Trinity, we offer Thee these three Hail Marys so as to thank Thee for all the graces which Thou hast given to Mary and those which Thou hast given us through Her intercession.

One Our Father, Three Hail Mary's,
Glory be to the Father ...