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Dear Father Gruner,

As soon as I received your request for help to establish the Padre Pio House, I answered with a small donation. I think this is the best idea you’ve had in recent years, to take in these homeless priests who follow traditional Catholicism.

I pray daily for your physical, emotional, financial and spiritual welfare and for all traditional priests who are having a terrible time, because they won’t give up our traditional faith. All of you traditional priests are our special treasures.

Rest assured that as long as I live, I will pray for you and your most important mission. So do my mother and my sister in Spokane, Washington. Thank you for what you and your priests and staff do!

Yvonne L., San Mateo, CA

Dear Father Gruner,

Enclosed you will find my highest recommendation for Father Kramer’s book, The Devil’s Final Battle. It is the most important book for our time and was presented in a clear and concise manner. I have already begun sharing the book with others.

I don’t, for one instant, believe the Consecration has been done and wish to support your ministry as best I can.

As a police officer for 18½ years and a veteran of courtroom proceedings, I believe an open and shut case has been made on behalf of the need for the Consecration of Russia.

May God Bless you and Mary keep you.

Bob C., Ohio

Dear Reverend Father Gruner and friends,

I am grateful for sending to us a copy of The Fatima Crusader over the years which is most appreciated. May Mother bless your apostolate. Our Salesian Fathers will be happy to receive Holy Mass intentions.

You are indeed a great source of encouragement and help to us as we carry on the work of Don Bosco towards the poor. A work that was so well established by our dear Father Aurelius Maschio, another lover of the poor, in this region. Help that comes from large-hearted friends like you provide the needs of 50 Don Bosco institutes in the Western region which cater to education of the orphans, street children rehabilitation, the poor, the sick, the homeless, and even young seminarians and those preparing for priesthood.

I ask you for the precious gift of your prayers, and that I may seek always to do the Will of God – for that is the only thing that really matters. Assuring you of our prayers and thanking you in anticipation for your support to our Don Bosco Missions, with kind regards. Yours sincerely,

Reverend Father Joseph C., India

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