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Re: Devotion to Our Lady, “Consecration Now!”
and Setting the Record Straight


“It is a great thing for one individual to live a great life, to have merited enough grace to save his own soul.

It is a greater thing for someone to have lived a good enough life that he not only saves his own soul, but helps to save the souls of others.

It is the greatest thing for one person to have lived a great enough life to have merited all the grace that is necessary to save every soul. That is what the Blessed Virgin Mary has done”.

St. Alphonsus de Liguori

May 24, 2011
Bl. Virgin Mary
Help of Christians

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Reading the above words of Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, how can one not understand why “God wills to establish in the world devotion to [Our Lady's] Immaculate Heart” — the Message the Queen of Heaven was sent by God to deliver to mankind.

As Catholics we should be examining our conscience and questioning where we fit in the above statements. At the very least we are held accountable before God for the great thing of meriting enough grace to save our own soul.

Ideally we should strive for the greater thing, which is to live a good enough life to save our own soul and help save the souls of others.

Of course neither of these options can be accomplished except by God's grace which comes to us through the intercession of the Mediatrix of all Graces, Our Lady.

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori was not alone in his praise of Mary. There were many great saints whose words of praise concerning our Heavenly Mother were so edifying as to instill a desire to be able to follow their example in pronouncing such magnificent words about Her.

Some of the most notable of these saints are Saint Louis de Montfort, Saint Bernard, Saint John Eudes and Saint Maximillian Kolbe. The list is long and their words of praise for Her extend over the centuries back to the earliest days of the Church.

When God's will to establish in the world devotion to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart was made known at Fatima in 1917, it was not the beginning of something new, but rather the culmination of 2000 years of Catholic history.

Heaven has a way of confirming what has been established as practice especially when Catholics start wandering away from Catholic practice and belief.

For example, when Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854, it was not something new, it was part of Catholic Tradition passed down through the centuries. Shortly after the Pope declared this as dogma, Heaven gave its seal of approval during the apparitions at Lourdes.

Just prior to Bernadette Soubirous' last scheduled meeting with the Lady at Massabielle (the location where Our Lady appeared to her), Bernadette was instructed by her mother and godmother to ask the Lady who She is.

The Lady told Bernadette, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. Bernadette did not understand this at the time, but she conveyed Our Lady's response.

This declaration by Our Lady not only gave the seal of approval to the Pope's recently declared dogma, it also served as a reminder to the faithful not to follow the heretics in their determination to minimize the importance of Our Lady.

Likewise at Fatima, though devotion to Our Lady has been promoted throughout Church history, the practice of this devotion was, and still is, the object of attack by various heretics (Protestants) for the last 500 years following the Reformation.

Such heresies and blasphemies uttered against Our Lady have now, more than ever before in the past, invaded the minds of baptized Catholics who have been indoctrinated with anti-Catholic Protestant thinking.

Knowing what was coming, God sent Our Lady to prevent this from happening. Through Her, He made it known to the faithful that it is HIS WILL that devotion to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart be practiced by all.

“Consecration Now!” Conference

It is this desire of God that was the basis for the “Consecration Now!” conference held in Rome, May 9-13, 2011.

The thing most necessary to establish this devotion to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is the public act of Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with all the Catholic bishops.

That was the focus of the conference.

This was the first conference sponsored by the Fatima Center that was televised in its entirety. It was on TV in Italy for 5 days.

The conference is now over and you will soon be receiving letters from Father Gruner reporting on the conference, as well as The Fatima Crusader magazine containing some of the talks given at the conference.

Please pray that the outcome of the conference will bear great fruit toward spreading devotion to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

This will ultimately lead to the Pope and bishops making the public Act of Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart as was requested, which in turn will lead to the salvation of many souls.

You may watch the conference talks on our website

Issue 98 of The Fatima Crusader

You have already seen the most recent issue of The Fatima Crusader, Issue 98 which Father sent to you. In this issue is an article which served as a type of preface to the conference. If you have not read it, it would be good to do so before tuning in to the conference talks.

Don’t forget to read “Father Gruner’s Personal Appeal to Pope Benedict XVI” — sent in May 2010 to His Holiness.

Another article, “Setting the Record Straight”, starts on page 19 of the magazine. We have enclosed a booklet version of this article for you.

The article is directed toward a priest, Father Doyle, in Ireland who publishes a monthly newsletter entitled The Curate’s Diary. Unfortunately, this so-called Catholic publication is being used to grandstand and mislead the Catholics of Ireland with false information on the Message of Fatima and false information about Father Gruner.

There have been a number of attempts by Catholics in Ireland to correct Father Doyle by sending letters to him as the editor of the publication, but to no avail. Father Gruner has also sent a letter to correct, as has Christopher Ferrara.

But for some motive this priest, Father Doyle, whose words are definitely not reflective of someone calling himself a Catholic or a priest, continues his attacks on Father, on the Fatima Message, and others who don’t agree with him. Please pray for him.

You may find the article, Setting the Record Straight to be helpful to you if you should find yourself in the position of having to defend your work as an apostolate volunteer, or defend this apostolate and the work we do.

That is why we are offering it to you separately. It has been mailed to priests and laity in Ireland — at least to those whose names and addresses we have. But there are many more to reach out to who are being fed false information.

If you have relatives or friends in Ireland and would like them to have a copy of this article, send us their name and address and we will have our office in Ireland send this article to those you ask us to.

If you know someone who subscribes to The Curate’s Diary, you might suggest to them to stop their subscription to that publication. Let them know that they are being fed some disinformation and possibly non-Catholic information which poses a danger for the salvation of souls.

This may sound harsh but a number of persons have written to Father Doyle trying to correct the falsehoods he writes. He refuses to listen to their defense and subsequently counter-attacks with more disinformation.

This is indicative of someone who is not interested in knowing and/or printing the truth.

I believe you may understand what I am talking about if you have encountered someone in distributing our apostolate's Fatima Crusader magazines, who immediately objects to the publication on the basis of one false piece of information.

And no matter what proof you give, or how you explain the truth, they are determined to remain obstinate in their error based on misinformation.

If you would like extra copies of the article, Setting the Record Straight, or would like copies of Issue 98 of The Fatima Crusader, call us at 1-800-845-3047.

Don't forget to watch for Father's letters reporting on the conference.

In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

Joanna Swords