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Part I – The Urgency of the Fatima Message

Chapter 2

The Hope of the World

by Father Paul Trinchard

T.S. Eliot said, "our thanks to the invisible college of the humble who through the ages have accomplished everything essential." It is thanks to the little dollars of the people in the United States that all of us are here, and we thank Father Gruner for giving them the opportunity to help us become more acquainted with the Fatima Message. It is only known in its fullness, or its authenticity by about 5% of the population. So we have a huge task in front of us.

Christ’s Order

As you get older you see the Grace of God in your life. If God graces you to see it, be very thankful for it. By the Grace of the Holy Spirit, I spent a couple of months in Fort Erie, and that was enough for me to figure out what the Message of Fatima was. The basis of this Message, which we haven’t explored enough, is that there is only one true Church — "Outside the Church there is no salvation." This is not a post-Vatican II heresy. It is a perennial dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. This is one of the key foundations of Fatima.

The Pope and you bishops are the hope of the world. It is an awful responsibility you have, but you are the hope of the world. As the Church goes, so is the world blessed, and that is the Message of Fatima. It’s such a powerful thing, so very powerful. If the Pope obeys God’s Fatima Message, the whole world will be blessed.

Do you know how many bishops we have here from North America? Zero. That’s to be expected. The existential Church in the United States of America is totally corrupt by the fault of the bishops, sometimes by their active participation in fostering heresy. Christ established such a strong Church that even in the Church’s corruption, you still have Christ’s order. It’s amazing how even in its corruption, it is a tightly knit organization, and as the top goes, so goes the bottom. People who see their Church leaders are wrong and don’t know what to do, end up going into different groups or following different priests that are mainly centered around the Tridentine Mass, because its theology is correct. They split into splinter groups. Now God gave the Catholic Church this organization, this unity. So even in its corruption, it still maintains this unity, and bishops will hesitate to be against bishops. But, as Anne Catherine Emmerich predicts, in the end times, bishops will be against bishops. That is what we should be preparing for.

We have a message of hope. In the end the Pope will obey the Blessed Virgin Mary, Russia will be consecrated, peace will be obtained through the Roman Catholic Church, the only one true Church. The revealed truth that "outside the Church there is no salvation" holds for society as well as individuals. This is the Message of Fatima.

Russia’s Errors

The Message of Fatima has three parts. The first part concerns individuals, mostly to bring them back to sanity. There is also the dramatic reminder that there is a Hell and Hell is the only eternal evil. Don’t be afraid to preach about Hell. Don’t be ashamed of that. That is what Our Lady says in the first message, Hell is the only eternal evil, and sin is the only material present evil. It is sin that causes a soul to go to Hell.

The United States is already embracing Russia’s errors. We have more of Russia’s errors in the United States than Russia has. You can’t mention Jesus Christ in our government schools in the United States. You can’t put the Ten Commandments on the wall in our government schools. Yet in Russia you can mention Jesus now.

The United States has degenerated quite a lot. Now we’ve got hate laws. We’ve got things like the rights of children. "The rights of the child to play" may sound nice at first. "The right of the child for religion" may also sound nice at first. What it means in practice is that if the State decides that you are making your child take responsibilities, then the child will be taken away from you, because you violated his "right to play". If the State learns that your little ten-year-old doesn’t want to go to church anymore, but you are making her go anyway, then your child will be taken away from you, because you violated her "freedom of religion".

What are Russia’s errors in general? Worshipping man in place of God. That is also the foundation of the United States government today. Worship of man in place of God. How that must certainly grieve the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

As the Pope goes, so goes the whole world. We have the promise that in the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary will conquer, Russia will be consecrated and a period of peace will be given to the world. Would to God that you and I will be part of getting that message out. Everybody will rejoice when the Church is as it should be, and the whole world will be blessed when the Pope does as he should do. There will be a period of peace, Russia’s errors will no longer be spreading in the United States of America. No longer will Russia be the chosen instrument of God to punish the whole world.

As you read the newspapers, read the fine print. It is reported that Russia is going to reduce its nuclear weaponry from 27,000 to 4,000 by the year 2005. What that really means is they’ve only got a dozen bombs to drop on Los Angeles instead of 50. Big deal.

Crisis in the Church

The last time I talked in a church the priest demanded that my faculties be removed. Why? Because I gave the pure and simple Fatima Message. I did happen to point out that the Fatima Message is aimed at both individuals and the community. In the United States of America, they worship community. It’s a holy word. The truth, however, is that the community is an abstraction, it is a set of individuals who share a common property, mathematically speaking. The community is an abstraction, think about it. It is not a reality. If I go to Hell for ever and ever and you to Heaven, your Heaven won’t be one bit less because I am in Hell. If I go to Heaven for ever and ever and you go to Hell, my Heaven won’t be one bit less because you are in Hell. That is the absolute God-given truth.

Many of us have abandoned the truth in order to be "politically correct", or for what will get us ahead politically. Jesus said "When the Son of Man returns, will He find any Faith left on this earth?" We are now in a crisis of Faith. Cardinal Ratzinger, after he read the Third Secret, described the Church in one word "crisis".

Fatima and the Bible

Sister Lucy refers to Chapters 8 to 13 in the book of the Apocalypse. Chapter 12 describes Mary’s remnant. If you read it closely, it comes down to this: those who are Mary’s remnant, those who are under the Blessed Virgin Mary’s protection, they are the ones who seek the truth, who love the truth, who believe in the truth and who witness to the truth even unto death. In his conference to bishops, Cardinal Ratzinger says "be ready to be martyrs for the Faith". That is the Blessed Virgin Mary’s remnant. It all fits together.

The Fatima Message isn’t at odds with the Bible, although the liberals in the Church have diluted everything. Our liberal scripture scholars, who hold sway in the United States, have trashed and trivialized God’s word. They even get an "imprimatur" for doing it. Some Jesuit scholars have said that 26 communities wrote Matthew. I don’t know why they call it the Gospel according to Matthew. They should call it "the Matthian Communities’ Gospel". The reason they do this is simple. It makes it possible to pick and choose what they like, which makes everything diluted, and therefore it disappears.

I remember when I was a Jesuit, a scripture scholar would ask "what does it mean when they say ‘they were sitting at the gate’"? Everybody thought it was a trick question. But the answer is, they were sitting at the gate. That’s what it said and that’s what it meant. They were able to pull stunts like this because they were held in so much reverence, but wrong reverence. I call it the cult of the experts. The experts say this, so this must be true.

Sister Lucy said one of the signs of the end-times is that people will be blind and they will think they are right in their blindness. She also said that one of the signs of the end times is that we would reject the light of truth. In parallel, it is written in Romans 1:16-24, that they rejected God, therefore God delivered them up to sin. Not only did they sin, but they couldn’t see sin as sin. They preached sin as good, virtue as vice and vice as virtue. That is a perfect description of our day. I call it "The Romans I Curse". That’s what it says, unless you’ve got a liberal scripture scholar translating your Bible.

I was at the Dead Sea a week and a half ago. We had excerpts from all the books of the Old Testament except Esther. These excerpts proved that in a thousand to thirteen-hundred years, there was no substantial change in the Holy Bible. No change, that is, until the present time. Until 1950. This is when the liberal "rats" really came on the scene. They introduced more changes into the Bible from 1950 until the present than there were in 3,000 years.

Our Lady Knows the Power of Devotions

Thanks to Father Gruner and Father Nault, I have just realized how important these last two days have been, and how important it is to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The real way you meet people is through devotions. I remember my great aunt bringing me to church and praying before the statues. That will be with me all my life until my dying day. Devotions are what affect people, and it is devotion to Her Immaculate Heart that the Blessed Virgin Mary wants established throughout the world. For example, a statue is brought to India and Moslems are converted just because you carry the statue through the streets. Intellectually, it doesn’t make sense. But somehow, people are reached, and even Moslems are converted through these devotions and sacramentals which lead to the sacraments.

To be Catholic we have three areas. First you have to believe, credendi. Second, you have to have what I call orandi, that is you must have the means of prayer, and especially the Mass and sacraments which makes you specifically Catholic. Third, you have the proper government, the linkage with Rome. To be Catholic, to be in the Church, you must have these three things. In America, credendi is almost shot completely. How many bishops in the United States would profess Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus? They’d weasel out of it. Yet, if you don’t have Catholic credendi, if you don’t have Catholic orandi and if you don’t have Catholic government, you don’t have the Catholic Church. This, in turn, affects the four marks of the Roman Catholic Church; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

So God has a tremendous problem on His hands. He can’t let this continue. That is why Father Gruner said that the year 2000 is a crucial time. We can either be part of the curse or part of the blessing. We can either lead the faithful toward the blessing or toward suffering and the curse. That is our great Fatima opportunity.

The world is under a demonic delusion. Three Popes: Pope Pius XII, Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II have said that the sin of this generation is the loss of the sense of sin. We’re spiritually psychotic. We’re spiritually insane. Last year there was a survey in my country, the Bonner survey. It found that 73 percent of those who call themselves Christians in the United States believe there is no such thing as truth. That’s how degenerate we’ve become. We keep getting worse and worse. All of this is perfectly in line with the Fatima Message. Sister Lucy said that a number of members of the upper clergy are the blind leading the blind. They can not see the problem. Fifteen years ago, while speaking to a large assembly, my Archbishop said "Things aren’t as bad as Father Trinchard says they are". He was right. They are worse. "When the Son of Man returns, will there be any faith on earth?" In the face of such crisis, your big opportunity is to bring it back, bring back the Faith.

I’m sure most of you are realists. You all believe in reality. In contrast to this, the typical remark in the United States is "Well, one religion is as good as any other". In other words, there is no objective reality. Whatever you think is best is all right. But reality is what you should think, what you should know. It is not just what you believe is right and wrong, but what you should know is right and wrong. Once when the American Bishops visited Rome, one of them, while dining with the Pope, was trying to justify contraception. The bishop said "Well, those people who are unaware of contraception being wrong are certainly all right". The Pope put down his soup spoon and said "Be that as it may, Bishop, those bishops and priests who should have told them will be in Hell for ever and ever". So there is objective truth. This is the gift of Faith, the evidence of the unseen world. This is what we are here to witness.

Prophecy and Proof

One of the criteria for true prophecy is that it is a speaking forth for God. It is a corrective influence where the priestly tradition is passing on the concrete realities of religion. Prophecy is God speaking forth, through somebody into the present. That is a generic definition of prophecy.

Regarding prophecy, Sacred Scripture gives us guidelines. If someone claims to stand up and speak for God, or claims to have a vision, the Bible tells us to test them. Tell them to prove what they say. The Old Testament taught that if the "prophet" can’t prove his words, take him out and stone him to death. That way, you get rid of all who are pretending, and a person will think twice before he pretends to be "prophesying" in God’s Name.

Fatima is a prophecy that proves itself by many proofs. Just take the major one, the Miracle of the Sun which occurred 75 years ago. Even the secular press reported it. Nobody could doubt it. Any true prophecy will prove itself conclusively.

Another vital aspect in prophecy is it must agree with God’s revelation, the Holy Bible and the authentic magisterial teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Everything you read through the Councils of the Church that are approved by the Pope, all those dogmatic teachings ultimately come from the Bible and always agree with the Holy Bible. Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are the foundation of our Faith, so it must be in line with Scripture.

Fatima is totally biblical. Sister Lucy tells us to read Apocalypse 8 through 13. While reading scripture, don’t get caught up in trivial intricacies. We don’t know the color of Jesus’ hair, don’t know exactly when he was born, don’t know his height, we don’t know all the things that Americans think are so important. When I was in Israel last week, the people kept asking, "Is this the exact place where Jesus was born?" "Is this the exact place where the shepherds received the good news from the angels?" Let’s try not to get bogged down into the minutiae. Get the whole Message of Fatima. Read Frère Michel’s books, I recommend them tremendously. They are the best, most comprehensive books on Fatima. Read those books, read the Holy Bible, and be open to the Holy Spirit. The Fatima Message is perfectly logical. The Fatima Message is true prophecy. The Church has totally approved the Fatima Message. The only thing we have got to do is disseminate the Message to those who don’t know it, and teach the correct message to those within that 5 percent who are familiar with Our Lady’s words at Fatima, but understand Her Message in a distorted manner.