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Part II – The Window of Opportunity

Chapter 1

The Window of the Present

by Father Nicholas Gruner

I think that because of the actions of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, and those few bishops who joined His Holiness in consecrating the world, we have a special window of opportunity today in 1992. When the Pope consecrated the world in 1982, and again in 1984, a grace was given which we are realizing today. But it is not exactly the grace as it is often interpreted. The grace is not the conversion of Russia, not just yet. The grace is, rather, the window of opportunity. Between 1929 and 1992 there have been only a few windows of opportunity where it would have been very easy for the bishops and the Pope to consecrate Russia.

A few years ago, Mr. Gorbachev apologized in public to the proletariat of the world for the excesses of the Communist regime. Therefore, to make an act of consecration and reparation should not be, nor could it be construed today as, an affront to the Communist Regime. If the President, the head of state himself, made this act of apology to the proletariat of the world, then it could not be construed as an insult for the Pope to make an apology to God for the excesses of the Communist Revolution.

However, I believe this opportunity will not last forever. It could be, perhaps, the last one before the blood bath. That’s an opinion. I could be wrong. I am not a prophet. I do not know the future. But there have been six Glasnosts and six Perestroikas since 1917. This is the sixth one. After each one there has always been a hardening and always been a reverse. Lenin had the first one with his economic policy. Stalin had his five-year plan. Each time, they said — "we went too far. We want to go back to the free market economy" — they said whatever the West wanted to hear. Stalin had a second one at the beginning of the Second World War in order to have the co-operation of the Russian people themselves. When the German armies came into Russia at the beginning of the war, the Russians welcomed them with open arms. Obviously Stalin did not have the loyalty and support of the small people. In order to reverse this, he went back to another Glasnost and Perestroika. There was an opening up again to religion, even to liberty for religious practice, in order for the Russian people to save mother Russia.

We have had peaceful co-existence since 1965. We have had detente since 1970 and now we have Perestroika. It has always been the same tactic, two steps forward one step back. But it is a tactical maneuver. The goal is the same. We are, right now, at a moment when the leaders of the Russian Revolution and their successors, whatever you wish to call them today, would find it difficult to take offense for such an apology given to God when the President of the Republic himself did the same thing.

So this is especially a grace. I do not wish to minimize or appear to minimize the great good work that Pope John Paul has done in the Act of Consecration of 1984. All the same I insist, as the Pope himself has said, and as Sister Lucy has said, this 1984 consecration of the world "is not the ‘Consecration’ that was requested at Fatima." But, as I wrote at the time, in 1984, it is still a grace. We see the fruits of this grace but that will not go on forever. That’s why I am very concerned that the Church, especially the bishops and the Pope, should seize this opportunity in the near future. These periods do not last long. At the most, I expect, it will be one or two years before the door will close, the hardening will come, and the rhetoric and the propaganda will be different. Russia is like Germany was before the Second World War, that is — it is economically destitute. The only difference between Russia and Germany is that Germany did not have at the beginning of its destitution the military might that Russia has today and can use immediately. They do not have the economic wealth to feed their people because they are putting more than 40% of their gross national product into the military even to this day. Therefore, when it becomes politically necessary, they will have to change their propaganda. It will take something to maintain an economic balance: keep the war machine going. I don’t make a study of military technicians but one of the most brilliant in our time is Marshall Ogarkov. He wrote that "Plan B for 1982" was to have been an unprovoked, sudden, all out nuclear attack on the United States. This is published. This is not my own invention. He published it in 1982 whereby he estimated that the United States would lose 135 million people in the first half-hour of war. It was to be an unprovoked attack and it was to be totally sudden.

Many people don’t realize that such an attack was on its way two years later, but the Russians mysteriously lost their most important force on Our Lady’s feast day, May 13, 1984. Half of it mysteriously blew up and it took them two years to reconstruct that stockpile in the Kola Peninsula just north of Norway. The NATO observers watching the USSR Navy break out were not only amazed and frightened, they were terrified. There was nothing they could do to stop it.

When an Opportunity is Seized

It was on May 13, 1955, that the Russian armies withdrew from Austria. They had occupied Austria for ten years. It was during this occupation that a certain Father Peter led a Rosary campaign in Austria and had 10% of the population involved. Theresa Neumann, the stigmatist of Austria, said that it was definitely the Rosaries of the people that accomplished it. Ten percent of the people were praying the Rosary every day, as they pledged to do. The Russian diplomats had refused to withdraw from Austria even though the Allies (the United States, England and France) wanted them to leave. Russia said "No. We want to stay." But they reversed themselves. It was May 13, 1955. Napolean himself said, "He who wishes to control Europe, must control Austria." So, in spite of the tactical advantage, despite their will not to leave, Austria was delivered because 10% of the Austrian people prayed the Rosary.

Sister Lucy has said of the Rosary, "There is no problem, national or international, either moral or physical that cannot be solved by the Rosary." She says, in fact, that, "In our time, because of the increasing power of evil, God has given increased power to the Rosary." You will find her statement, made to Father Fuentes in 1957, in Frère Michel’s book. In fact there is an entire chapter just on that interview. It is an authentic statement of Sister Lucy made to Father Fuentes at that time, in spite of what commentaries may have been made about it.

Assuming Responsibility

It is important to keep our perspective. We must never forget that Our Lady did promise the Triumph, that She will win. Father Joseph de Sainte Marie, a Carmelite theologian who was a professor at the Pontifical Faculty of the Teresianum, wrote some brilliant works on Fatima which we have published. In fact, in my book, World Enslavement or Peace, we have, with his permission, the whole of his "Reflections." It is about forty pages of smaller print. (I think he was less than fifty years old when he died in 1985.) He points out that Our Lady uses the words, "in the end", or, in Portuguese it might be, "finally", or, as in Italian, "finalmente", indicating, as he says, that there is a problem to overcome first.

I think we must realize that from the beginning there has not been enough reflection on the fact that the children, in a sense, because they accepted responsibility, died a martyr’s death. It is actually more precise to say that they had a dry martyrdom. They were threatened with death on August 13 by the Mayor of Ourem, a town about ten miles from Fatima. They were threatened because they would not deny seeing the beautiful Lady from Heaven. They would not reveal the Secret until Our Lady let them. They were being ordered to destroy their credibility by either denying what they had said before, or alternatively, showing themselves not to be trustworthy by revealing the Secret that Our Lady told them to keep for a time. If they did not do so, the mayor told them he would boil them in oil.

Now, I reflect on this because the Message of Fatima and the fulfillment of this message means the defeat of Satan finalmente. Sister Lucy has said, "The Blessed Virgin did not tell me this but She made me understand that we are in the final battle between satan and the Blessed Virgin." Reflecting on this very point she noted that, in a final battle, there is one winner and one loser. And the devil is spoiling for his final battle. This will give you some sense of the drama we are all living at this very moment. We are asked to participate in it. To do our part.

I remember speaking to Monsignor Pio Abresch. He is in the Congregation of the Bishops in Rome. Padre Pio said of him that he would go high in the Vatican. Just before I was ordained I went to see him. He said, "Do you know what Padre Pio said to me before I was ordained? He said, ‘if you knew the responsibility that you were assuming by becoming a priest, you would not accept it.’" It would seem that Monsignor Abresch was trying to tell me the same thing. I pass this on to you because, the fact is, by becoming bishops you have assumed a responsibility for the Message of Fatima even if you have never heard of Fatima, by the very fact of accepting the charge of the bishop’s office. That is why our prayers have been with you for months and years even though we have not met you before, because we know of the heavy responsibility you have. We also know it is impossible for you, as it would be impossible for me, or anyone else, to carry it out without the grace of God. That is why when we speak of the Fatima Message, we are trying to tell the truth as plainly as we know, without exaggeration, but at the same time without diminution either. It is not a question of us being better or holier. But I would do wrong to hide the truth from you if I came here to tell you the Message of Fatima and then hid it from you in order to make you feel good.

The Consequences of Delay

Often the accusation is made, "But Father Gruner is against the Holy Father." We are not against the Holy Father. We have never been against the Holy Father. We have published time and time again that we are among his most loyal sons. Loyal not only to him but to each one of you, the bishops.

But I take literally the words, "Make it known to My ministers", that Our Lord spoke to Lucy. First of all, it is a duty, a duty that we cannot avoid even though it is unpleasant. But Our Lord says, "Make it known to My ministers." In other words, He does not want us to hide it. Secondly, he wants the consequences of ignoring the Message of Fatima to be known. Those consequences are horrendous. The King of France had his head chopped off for not obeying the command given through St. Margaret Mary, and he was a very holy man. He is considered one of the Holy Monarchs of France. I believe that his cause, the cause of Louis XVI, has been introduced. Yet, because he delayed and because his two predecessors had delayed for one hundred years, he paid the price, both for himself and for his predecessors. He tried before he was beheaded to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart as Our Lord had commanded it to be done by Louis XIV but the problem was, he was in prison. He could not do it with the appropriate, public solemnity necessary.

I have wondered what Our Lord means by "delay". There are different ways of delaying. There is, of course, a delay simply by just not doing something when we have been told to do it. This is, shall we say, a negative delay. We just don’t do anything. There is also a positive delay, which is to actually impede others from fulfilling this command. Now just exactly to whom is Our Lord referring when He says, "Make it known to My ministers that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command and like him they will follow him into misfortune"? He does use the word ‘ministers’ in the plural. That is part of the patrimony of Fatima. It is something that you can read independently of anything I have published. You can read Sister Lucy’s Memoirs all in her own handwriting. This part is also carried in her book Memõrias E Cartas da Irma Lucia, published in Porto in 1972 and again in 1976. There are a few extra documents in the 1976 edition.

We are all in a very difficult position. All of us, lay people, priests, bishops and the Holy Father, as well as the non-believing will suffer terribly in what will happen if we do not have this consecration in time.

Proven Consequences

Had the consecration been done in 1929, we would not have had the Second World War, Our Lady makes it very clear. On July 13, 1917, She said, "If mankind does not amend, then God will punish the world by means of war, hunger, persecution of the Church and persecution of the Holy Father. To prevent this I shall come to ask for the Communions of reparation on the First Saturdays and for the Consecration of Russia." She went on to say, "When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign that God is about to punish the world" (by these four punishments). That great sign was seen on January 25, 1938, the feast, very significantly, of the Conversion of St. Paul. It was seen all over Europe by tens of millions of people. People in Switzerland, at 11:00 at night, could read their newspapers by this strange light.

It was a special kind of red like that, nuclear scientists say, which is seen after a nuclear blast. It was seen in North America as a white light. I spoke with a priest who was a seminarian in Austria at the time and he said the sky was so red that the chaplains in the seminary did not have Benediction that night because they thought there was a great fire in the city somewhere and they were waiting for a phone call for them to go out to assist the dying. Only afterwards, one professor told him in the privacy of his room, "This is the sign of Our Lady of Fatima."

Now, when Sister Lucy saw this on January 25 (it extended into the morning of January 26, until 3:00 a.m., or thereabouts), she cried because she knew the Second World War was about to begin. Forty-five days later Hitler invaded Austria. This occurred during the reign of Pope Pius XI as Our Lady had predicted. Now, at the time when Our Lady said this, the reigning pope was Pope Benedict XV. Sister Lucy was told that it would be in the reign of Pius XI that the war would begin and that this sign would precede it. There, then, are three prophecies, all of which were realized within twenty-one years of Our Lady’s appearance in 1917. In that very same year the "errors of Russia" were on the rise, even though people could not believe Russia was a threat. It was one of the weakest of countries because of the civil war it had suffered and because the First World War had just been endured. Russia appeared a threat to nobody in 1917. Yet Our Lady spoke of Russia.

There is Only One Fatima

Some people think that because we believe in Fatima, we are simpletons. That because we believe in the full Message of Fatima, we are really not intelligent enough, that we don’t know what is going on in the world. Let us leave them in their ignorance, we don’t want to disturb their peace. This is how the Modernists work. What the Modernists have done to Isaiah is what they have done to the Message of Fatima. They say, Part One, up to 1917, that is true. But Part Two, what took place in 1925 and 1929, Sister Lucy, though she is a very nice lady, very pious, very holy, she invented it.

There is no Part One! There is no Part Two! There is only one Fatima! This theory that there is a Fatima One and a Fatima Two has poisoned the minds of even good theologians, those whom we, in North America, would call Conservative, Orthodox or Traditional. They have been poisoned by this theory not even realizing its source. That is why Frère Michel, in his first volume of The Whole Truth About Fatima, spent 150 pages of the English edition not only disproving this theory but demonstrating the dishonesty of its unique and only author, the Belgian Jesuit, Father Dhanis. Dhanis wrote this theory in 1944. Frère Michel says that in 1944 Dhanis could be excused from holding such a theory because of the distortions that pious authors had made in the second part of the Secret. For example, in order not to disturb the Allies, the word "Russia" was removed even though it was clearly in Sister Lucy’s writings, and replaced with "the forces of evil" or some such phrase. Therefore, it was easy to see that there had been tampering with the text. Father Dhanis could detect that something was altered. Also, during the war there was not as much opportunity for communication as there was after the war. Dhanis did not have the opportunity to consult the documents or to consult with Sister Lucy or to consult with her confessors. That, of course, changed after 1945 and Father Dhanis was offered the opportunity to speak with her, to look at the original documents and to talk with her confessors. Remember now, his theory maintained that Sister Lucy made it up (certain ingredients of the Message) in the light of events of the Second World War and that she never said these things before 1940. But when he was offered a look at the documentation, to speak to the witnesses who could disprove his theory, he refused to talk to them. He refused to be informed. So, whereas before 1945 he could be held to maintain that opinion honestly, but in error, after his refusal, he could no longer be considered an honest theologian.

But it is this theory which, nevertheless, has to this day poisoned the minds of many theologians including some in the Vatican itself. It is because of this theory that some of us are considered simpletons. I don’t mind being considered a simpleton because of this false theory but the problem is we are all going toward disaster if this falsehood, which has been perpetrated against Sister Lucy since 1944, is allowed to poison the minds of the bishops and the counselors of the Pope.

I raise this point because many people have not even thought of such an idea. Yet it still poisons the mind, even of those who have never heard of it. The dynamic is similar to the damage done by the writings of Teilhard de Chardin. Today no one reads Teilhard but he still does his damage because he has poisoned the intellectual climate with regards to the true Catholic teaching about creation. Similarly, Father Dhanis has poisoned the intellectual climate of theologians with regard to the full Message of Fatima.

There has been an organized attempt, through politics, through pressure tactics, to silence the full Fatima Message. It concerns Russia. It concerns the events after 1917. The sooner we recognize that this is going on, the better. This is why I very much appreciate that all of you bishops have taken this opportunity at least to hear the other side. We are aware of argumentation of the problems that are raised intellectually. We are prepared to answer them. Our Lord has a very simple answer. He says, for delaying the execution of "My command," ... "My ministers" ... will have their heads chopped off! It is not a very pleasant image. But I think I am being more loyal to the Holy Father and to you bishops by bringing this truth to you than by hiding it from you.

Fatima is a Public, Prophetic Revelation

There is another theory about the Message of Fatima that has poisoned the minds of the bishops and the theologians and the advisors of the Pope. That is the theory that Fatima is a ‘private revelation’. Father Joseph de Sainte-Marie and also Bishop Graber have written that there are three kinds of revelations, not two kinds. There is the ‘public deposit of Faith’ and there is ‘private revelation’. But there is also the third kind which is called ‘public, prophetic revelation.’

Fatima is treated as if we can have the option of ignoring it without consequences to ourselves. When it comes to Fatima, that theory is false.

Now, I have never seen the Blessed Virgin. If I were to tell you I had seen the Blessed Virgin, that would be a private revelation to me. You, of course, would have no obligation to believe me, but Fatima is not in that category because Fatima has been backed by a miracle and by public prophecy that has been proven time and time again. Our Lord, speaking to the cities of Capharnaum and Bethsaida said, "And thou Capharnaum, and thou Bethsaida, do you think you will go as high as Heaven? No. You shall be cast as low as hell." And why? Because, He says, "if Sodom and Gomorrah had seen the miracles that had been worked in you they might have done penance and stood to this day."

God is just but He is also unequal. I’ll explain what I mean. He gave the miracles to Capharnaum and Bethsaida which he did not give to Sodom and Gomorrah. Knowing full well had He given those miracles to Sodom and Gomorrah they might have repented, yet he did not give them those miracles. He gave them to Capharnaum and Bethsaida. They refused the grace that He gave and He said for this reason, and this reason alone, they were going to be cast as low as Hell. So, to refuse a message of God certified by public miracles is obviously a serious matter.

What will Our Lord say to the 20th Century? "And thou 20th Century, do you think you will be raised as high as Heaven? No. You will be cast as low as Hell because I did not work the Miracle of the Sun before the Pharisees who said to me, ‘Show us a sign in the Heavens and we will believe in You.’" But, at the request of Our Lady of Fatima, He did.

Will He say to us then, "Well, you thought it was a private revelation so you’re off the hook"? I’m sorry. He expects a little more intelligence from us.

Fatima is a ‘public, prophetic revelation’. Father Joseph de Sainte-Marie said, "There is a relationship between the hierarchy and the prophet." It is explained in Scripture, Ephesians 2:20. We are all familiar with the first half of the verse but not with the second half. The Church is "built upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets, with Christ Jesus, Himself, as the cornerstone". The prophets referred to are the prophets of the New Testament.

St. Thomas Aquinas tells us that God sends prophets to every generation not to give a new doctrine but to remind the faithful of what they must do to save their souls. The Church is founded upon the apostles and the prophets. It is the role of the prophet to deliver the message God gives. It is the role of the apostles to determine if the prophet indeed comes from God. The apostle does not have the option of ignoring it. He must examine it. He does not have the option of saying everything or anyone that comes forward is true. Once examined and found to be true, he is bound to hold onto it himself. We have that in 1 Thessalonians 5: 19 to 22. St. Paul writes, "Do not extinguish the spirit. Do not despise prophecy. Test all things and hold fast to that which is good." If we can just say to any prophetic revelation that God gives that it is just a private revelation that we can ignore if we simply choose to do so, then we are, in effect, despising prophecy. If it is truly just a private revelation we can ignore it with no obligation. No problem. If we do not make this important distinction between private revelations and true public prophetic revelations, we can end up falling into the very crime of despising prophecy and extinguishing the spirit.

Sister Lucy refers to refusing the light of the truth, the known truth. Refusing the known truth is a sin against the Holy Spirit for which there is no forgiveness. She says, "My mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. No! My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in, of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin."

It is since she said this that she has been kept silenced for over thirty years.

A Mother Cannot Be Kept Silent

It is amazing that in 1966, on November 15, Pope Paul VI abrogated Canons 1399 and 2318 of the old code. The new code reflects this change. Those two canons of the code stipulated that to publish about apparitions, whether approved by the Church or not, you needed the imprimatur of a bishop. After November 15, 1966, no such permission was necessary. Anyone in the whole Catholic Church can publish anything, attributing the most fantastic statements to Our Lady in some apparition somewhere, without further permission from the Church. The one person who, to this day, is not allowed to speak, yet who is best known, and who knows more about the Message of Fatima than anyone else is Sister Lucy. She is not allowed to speak about anything on Fatima that has not already been published in her Memoirs, without explicit permission of either Cardinal Ratzinger, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, or the Pope himself. That has been the situation since 1960.

They have tried to explain it as being because she is a Carmelite and enclosed, and therefore not able to speak. But, many of you have Carmelite convents of enclosed nuns in your dioceses and I am sure that you are able to speak to any Sister behind the grill whenever you choose and you do not need permission of the Vatican to do so. But with one nun in the whole Catholic Church that condition is laid down. That is Sister Lucy. In my view, it is a crime. It is a grave injustice, not only to Sister Lucy but much more importantly to the Church, because the Blessed Virgin came with a message for the salvation of souls. This message is intended for the faithful, for the bishops, as well as for the Holy Father.

In 1982 when the Holy Father came to Fatima he made an allusion to the Third Secret. He said, "To understand the Message of Fatima we must understand it is the message of a Mother. It is the key to understanding the whole Message." He said that at the beginning. Then he said, "Can the Mother who, with all the force of love that She fosters in the Holy Spirit, who desires everyone’s salvation, remain silent when She sees the very foundation of Her children’s salvation undermined?" The Pope answered his own question with, "No. She cannot remain silent."

What is the basis of our salvation? If we turn to Sacred Scripture we find what it is — it is our Faith. Our Lord, speaking in St. John’s Gospel, says the first work that is pleasing to Him is to have faith in Him. To take it from dogmatic theology, the creed of St. Athanasius says "Those that wish to be saved, before any good work, must above all hold on to the Catholic Faith, whole and entire." That is the foundation of our salvation. "Without the Catholic Faith", he goes on to say, "you cannot save your soul."

I believe it is also defined in the First Vatican Council. There is no excuse for any Catholic to leave the Catholic Faith. That is with an anathema sit attached to it. The Blessed Virgin sees our salvation is undermined. It is undermined from within. She comes to warn us all. It is much more convincing coming from Her than from Father Gruner who is a poor sinner. That is why Sister Lucy should be allowed to speak. That is why the Third Secret should be revealed. They can say I am a bad person or I am against somebody or I don’t have this paper or whatever, but they will dare not say that of Her. That is why it is much more important that the words of Our Lady be heard by the Bishops and the Faithful.

I know that if I were a pastor, no Bishop here could give me charge of a parish and then say, "but, Father, you are not allowed to hear confessions; Father, you are not allowed to baptize the members of the Faithful who come to you for baptism." You cannot give me the onus, the munus, the duty of the office and then not give me the means to carry out my job. I am only telling you this truth because, similarly, I do not believe the bishop can be given charge of a diocese and at the same time not be given the means to carry out their munus, their duty of office.

For this generation the Third Secret is necessary, because we are living it now. You have a right to the truth, not only for your own souls but particularly for the souls that are entrusted to your care. I believe you have a right to ask for the Secret to be given to you. You have been charged with the care of souls, of millions and millions of souls. If the Holy See has enough confidence in your ability to take care of these souls then they have no reason not to let you know the Third Secret. Our Lady, in Her own words, tells you that the Faith is being undermined from within and She cannot remain silent. Yet, She Herself has been silenced for the last thirty years.

We are Living the Third Secret

If the Message of Fatima were known and understood, fully, you would not need this conference. You would know what to do. You would not need me or anyone else to tell you what to do. If you had the full Message of Fatima, you would realize that Our Lady is speaking about the time from 1960 onwards. You would know that we are living the Third Secret. We are living through the Apostasy predicted in Sacred Scripture.

Sister Lucy is so circumspect when it comes to the Bishops and to the Holy Father. In the early 1940’s when she was given a message by Heaven to pass on to the bishops of Spain, she would not pass it on because it was very critical of them. Not until she was commanded by her bishop confessor did she do it. Once delivered, it received, at first, the very reception she had expected it to find. Finally it was accepted, respectfully at least.

We can begin to understand why it took Sister Lucy three months of agony to write down the Third Secret. She had no trouble writing down the Second Secret regarding the annihilation of nations. But to write down the 25 lines of the Third Secret, she did agonize for three months even though she had an order of obedience that she wanted to obey. When it came to the Third Secret she agonized, she went through pain, she could not do it, could not put her pen to paper, although she tried as hard as she could. It took an intervention of the Blessed Virgin to tell her, "Yes. Put it on paper."

It can only be as Cardinal Oddi has written and as we published, at his request, in our magazine, The Fatima Crusader, that the Third Secret is something terrible.

The Third Secret is something that concerns the hierarchy, particularly the bishops and the Holy Father.

The essence of the Third Secret has two parts. One is the dangers to the Faith. The second is the responsibility of the hierarchy, the bishops, cardinals and the Holy Father. We don’t have a copy of the text in front of us but we can know much about the Third Secret from all the circumstances around it. From all the things said by Cardinal Ottaviani, by Cardinal Ratzinger, by Sister Lucy and by the events that surrounded the transmission of the Third Secret.

I challenge anyone to read the Third Volume of Frère Michel’s The Whole Truth About Fatima trilogy, and tell me they are not convinced they have the substance of the Third Secret. No one can come back and say the substance of the Third Secret has not been proven or, at least, that they do not now have a serious understanding of it.

Frère Michel of the Holy Trinity has based his work largely on the research of Father Alonso, a Claritian Father who was appointed as the archivist of the Fatima Shrine by Bishop Venancio from 1965 until Father Alonso’s death in 1981. Father Alonso is a very interesting, a very honest theologian. I met him for a few weeks in 1981, about four months before he died. Father Alonso, in 1965, thought that the Third Secret was unimportant and should remain sealed. By 1976 he had changed his mind and said so publicly. Between 1976 and 1981 he published short articles on the Third Secret in which he said the Third Secret concerned dangers to the Faith. He wrote this at least three years before the same point was published through Cardinal Ratzinger’s interview with Vittorio Messori for the 1984 book, The Ratzinger Report. Very gingerly, very carefully, he also suggested the second half of the Third Secret refers to the responsibilities of the hierarchy for the apostasy that has invaded the Church today.

Now Sister Lucy has always corrected theories about the Third Secret if they were false or if they were way off base. She has never corrected Father Alonso’s theory from the time he published it up to the present day.

There are two Cardinals here today. They have a right to speak to Sister Lucy without permission of the Holy See. I would invite them to find out for themselves while they are here in Fatima. Speak to Sister Lucy and see if she has permission to reveal the Third Secret or to speak authoritatively about many things in the Fatima Message.

In 1983 John Haffert and the Blue Army said that the consecration of 1982 had fulfilled the request of Our Lady of Fatima. They claimed Sister Lucy was the author of this statement. Father Joseph de Sainte-Marie wrote to Sister Lucy and asked her to confirm or deny these statements that were widely circulating. She wrote back and said, "I cannot speak about that, I do not have permission of the Holy See." On March 19, 1983, Archbishop Sante Portalupi asked for an interview with Sister Lucy on behalf of the Holy Father. She explained that the Consecration was not done, but she also explained, "I could not say so before because I did not have permission of the Holy See."

The letters that you may have seen are circulated with Sister Lucy’s signature on them. According to the expert I hired, they are fake signatures. Others claim them, still, to be true. However, they are obviously false because they contradict known facts that Sister Lucy herself knows about.

Furthermore, in keeping with her role of not speaking about things in public without permission of the Holy See, nowhere in all these letters does she make an allusion to having this permission. Sister Lucy has been silenced. What these so-called experts on Fatima refer to as Fatima One includes the message to say the Rosary, which is, of course, very nice and very holy, and to wear the Scapular, also very nice and very holy, and to keep the Commandments, all things that are very fine. But when they talk about the request for the Consecration of Russia, they accuse Sister Lucy of making it up. They are much more pious about it than that, they say she is either crazy or she is a liar. That is what she is accused of by Father Dhanis and his followers, to this day.

Sister Lucy has not defended herself and has not defended the Message because, in her mind, she has entrusted it to the Church. The ball is in your court, you the bishops. If you do nothing with it, she can still go before God and say "I did what I was told to do." I don’t believe the bishops of the Church and the Holy Father can give to God the same answer as can Sister Lucy. She is certainly willing to tell the truth in season and out of season. Time and again when these theories (that the Consecration has been done) have gone abroad, first after 1942, then after 1952, 1964, 1982 and then again 1984, Sister Lucy has always come back, when asked, and when she was able to speak, and said, "No." She has been consistently saying "No" for the last fifty years.

There is a Prophet in Israel

We must understand the role of a prophet, in God’s  Providence. In the Old Testament, Naaman, the Syrian General, had leprosy. The Jewish maid, helping the wife of Naaman said, "Your husband can go to Israel and be cleansed because there is a man of God there. There is a prophet there." Naaman went with a large retinue and the King of Israel rent his garments and said, "Am I God that I can cure anybody?"

Eliseus sent a message to the king and to Naaman to let them know that there was a prophet in Israel. "Send him to me". Eliseus then sent a message to Naaman. He was told by Eliseus to, "Go down to the River Jordan and bathe there seven times."

Naaman got angry and said, "Do we not have better rivers in Syria than here?" His counsellors prevailed with him and said, "If he had asked you to do something difficult, you would have done it. Do what he says." So Naaman washed himself seven times and his skin became as white, as clean as a baby’s, as Sacred Scripture tells us.

There are two points in this story to consider. First of all, an act of obedience is asked for. Not six times, not eight times, not five times, but seven times. Secondly, the king thought somehow or other that Naaman the great general, with his retinue of soldiers, was trying to pick a fight with him, when all Naaman was trying to do was to get himself cleaned from leprosy. Eliseus knowing of this misunderstanding sent a message.

Eliseus said, "Let Israel know that there is a prophet in Israel." He worked this miracle not only for Naaman but also for Israel. Our Lord, speaking of that incident, said there were many lepers in Israel at the time of Naaman but only one was cleansed from his leprosy by the prophet. We have a prophet among us and Lucy, in her humility, will say, "I am not a prophet." But the fact is, theologically speaking, Sister Lucy is a prophet. She has been certified by God, by a public miracle. Not only the Message of Fatima is certified but the messenger has been certified by this miracle. Let the Catholic Church know that there is a prophet in Israel today, in the new Israel of God, the Catholic Church. Let us wake up to realize it before it is too late.

Sister Lucy is 85 years old this year, born March 22, 1907, just two weeks before my mother’s birthday; that’s why I remember it. There is a prophet in Israel and God has worked a great miracle for us to know that.

Someone says, "Is Lucy more important than the Pope? Does she command the Pope?" Father Joseph de Sainte-Marie explains; "It is the role of the prophet to speak, it is the role of the hierarchy to judge if it comes from God. Once discovering that this message comes from God, then the Holy Father and the bishops  must obey, not as obeying the prophet, but as obeying God Himself who has transmitted this message to them through the prophet." That distinction is important and necessary if we want to save our necks and possibly if we want to save our souls.

As long as the theory of Father Dhanis is able to be whispered in private rooms, as long as the theory that Fatima is only a "private revelation" which can be ignored with no consequences to yourself is not confronted and confounded, then, though the Church will survive until the end of time, there is a chance that a great portion of the Faithful will not survive with the Church.

The Faith in Crisis Around the World

In 1984, Bishop Cosme do Amaral, the Bishop of Fatima, said, "Apostasy of a nation is a greater disaster than the annihilation of a nation." He said that it was true that the Faith was diminishing more and more in Europe. Also in ’84, Cardinal Ratzinger said, "The Faith is in crisis around the world." His book, which has gone into over a million copies in circulation in various languages, was published first in interview form in the magazine Jesus put out by the Pauline Sisters. Every word was published with his permission, then was made into a longer exposition in book form in June of the following year.

You can summarize that report in that one sentence, "The Faith is in crisis around the world." This is what the Holy Father was alluding to when he said, "Can the Mother Who, with all the force of love that She fosters in the Holy Spirit, Who desires everyone’s salvation, remain silent...? No. She cannot remain silent."

But She is depending on Her bishop sons to not remain silent — to bring the full Message of Fatima to the faithful. That is why when Sister Lucy says, "The Blessed Virgin is very sad, because no one pays attention to Her message, not the bad nor the good." And that is why we see statues of Our Lady of Fatima and other statues of Our Lady weeping tears of water or tears of blood. There are many examples of them.

Pope John Paul II, speaking about Theresa Musco’s statue said, "If the Blessed Virgin is crying, She must have a reason." Sister Lucy tells us the reason. Our Lady is very sad because no one pays attention to Her Message, not the good, nor the bad. The bad, as Sister Lucy points out, are not seeing the chastisement of God fall upon them, and go on their merry way in sin. But She goes on to explain that not even the good are giving enough attention to Her full Fatima Message.

Simple Necessary Actions

I would not be doing you a service if I did not tell you the truth. I am only sorry that I am not better at explaining it. I really hope that you will not go away with some question that I have not covered. There are answers I can find for you. I have not yet found a question for which I have not been able to find an answer, a logical, theological answer which fits the facts and fits everything we know about the Message of Fatima. If the truth is not with me, then it will be a great service to me and to others to point it out to me. But if the truth is what I say, then we must act on it. Not simply in this room, not with a vote of thanks but with whatever power and authority God has given you in your diocese with your brother bishops, those who are here and those who are not here, as well as with the priests and faithful.

At least we could have a campaign of the Rosary, as Sister Lucy has said. Even by those so-called theologians who divide Fatima into One, Two, and Three, they acknowledge that the Rosary is a pious and holy thing to do. So at least if we cannot agree on anything else, we can have a campaign of the Rosary, around the world, for the good of the Church. We could have it also to save the Faithful from the dangers that Cardinal Ratzinger has warned about in his books and in his interviews about the crisis of the faith around the world.

Our Lady promised St. Dominic that the Rosary is a powerful weapon against Hell. It will overcome sin, decrease vice and overcome heresy. Those who pray the Rosary every day will not fall into heresy. If they should have the misfortune to fall into heresy, if they continue to pray the Rosary every day, they will get out of their heresy.

We are living in a time of great Apostasy. If it is not the Apostasy of Sacred Scripture it is a good dress rehearsal for it. In any case, this generation needs the Rosary, and needs to hear it from the bishops and priests also. But if the bishops will say so and continue to say so to more and more people, the others will finally continue to say this to the people more and more. The others will finally catch the idea and continue to repeat it.

Our Lady came to Fatima with a Scapular in Her hand. She held out the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. As Sister Lucy has explained, Our Lady wants everyone to wear it. As Pope Pius XII said, "Let this be your personal sign of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." Sister Lucy has told us that the Scapular and the Rosary go together. I first put the Scapular on in Aylesford, in England, where Our Lady first appeared to St. Simon Stock in 1251. I was there for about six months. There I was enrolled in the Scapular in March of 1965, and since I put it on there have been very few days, perhaps less than 20 in the last 27 years, that I have not prayed at least five decades of the Rosary. This is one grace that accompanies the Scapular. By wearing the Scapular of Mount Carmel, which goes back to the time of the Prophet Elias, by entrusting ourselves to the Scapular protection, Our Lady accompanies this protection with the grace to pray the Rosary every day. That is why She came to Fatima with the Rosary in one hand and the Scapular in the other.

I have given away and enrolled in the Scapular hundreds of thousands of people but it is all too few for what must be done. Whatever I can do, you can do a hundred times more, simply because God has given you much more authority and a much stronger position from which to say what must be said.