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Part II – The Window of Opportunity

Chapter 4

Prophetic Principle and Priestly Tradition

by Fr. Paul Trinchard

Prophecy is God’'s corrective word to man. We have the prophetic principle and the priestly tradition. Priestly tradition is supposed to keep what God gives. In fact, to pass it on. The prophetic principle corrects and applies and makes well the present situation. Is the Fatima Message an absolutely-to-be-obeyed prophetic message and command from God, or is it something optional? That is the question that has to always be in our minds.

Three Criteria for True Prophecy

The criteria for a prophetic message first of all is that it has to claim to be from God for us. As God said in the Old Testament, false prophets spoke in their own name, they didn'’t speak in the name of God. He said to reject them. Second, the prophecy has to be proved. It is like a science, you have to prove that you speak from God. In the Old Testament, if a "prophet" makes a short-term prediction and it doesn’t come true, he is to be taken out and stoned to death. The third criteria is that it has to agree with all of God’'s revelation. It has to agree with the Holy Bible and all that the Catholic Church teaches in its core and essential teachings.

Catholic post-biblical prophecy must and does highlight the Bible because Church doctrine comes from the Holy Bible. It follows that Biblical standards for judging the genuineness of prophecy must be applied to all modern apparitions. At Fatima, in 1917, 70,000 people saw the miracle, as predicted, on October 13. By contrast, in regard to Medjugorje, Bishop Zanic said, "We have been waiting for years. No sign, no proof."  Bishop Zanic'’s criteria for Medjugorje is quite biblical. He knows that you must have proof. It must be a public proof. That is one of the criteria for authentic prophecy, and Fatima has it galore. Our Blessed Virgin Mary predicted a war under a Pope who was not there at the time, Pope Pius XI. She predicted a light shining in the sky in Europe. When it happened, on January 25, 1938, this light lasted three hours.

Consecration and Reparation

The last sermon I gave in church, the pastor was away. When he returned, he demanded my faculties be removed because I preached the pure Fatima Message. The fundamental message still remains the same, the consecration and reparation. These have a private dimension. Ultimately the consecration is for us individuals. Reparation also is for individuals primarily and ultimately. Yet it also has an ecclesial dimension. Father Gruner emphasizes the ecclesial and prophetic dimension. My focus, however, is mostly on reparation.

All the pieces will be in place when the Third Revelation of Fatima is disclosed. It'’s the Third Revelation, I refuse to call it a secret because the Blessed Virgin Mary does not play games. She doesn’t say "I'’ve got a secret, find out what it is." Our Lady said it should have been disclosed at the latest to the people by 1960. It is obvious who is wrong in not disclosing it. It is a test of our Faith today to distinguish the Pope as man and the Pope in his official capacity.

So let us look at these two factors: consecration and reparation. Our Lady promises that when a sufficient number are living lives of consecration, then the Pope will be overwhelmingly graced into obeying God’s ecclesial command to consecrate Russia and to declare (and perform) a day of reparation, a season of reparation. Once he does this we will no longer be living under what could be called the Curse of Fatima. We will be living under the blessing of Fatima. We will have a new Zeitgeist, a new spiritual atmosphere. It is up to us. If a sufficient number of us were leading consecrated lives then the Pope would be graced. Why personal consecration? Because we are still individuals no matter how much the liberal Church talks about "community". If I go to Hell and you go to Heaven, your Heaven is not diminished by my being in Hell. We are still individuals. The first and main purpose of consecration is to save our souls from Hell and then to save the souls of others from Hell. That is what Sister Lucy has said. She said that her mission is not to indicate to the world the punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. She says her mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all of eternity. It is good to remember this; because of your actions or lack of actions, because of my actions or lack of actions, souls will be forever in Hell or forever in Heaven.

Each of our lives is of infinite and eternal importance. So we consecrate to save others from Hell. St. Paul writes I, "... fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh, for His Body, which is the Church." (Col. 1:24)

Consecration Defined

What is consecration? The liberal movement within the Church (even in the highest ranks) trivializes and trashes the word "consecration" to mean merely an "entrustment". This is passive. In truth, consecration is active. It means to sacrifice, to die with Christ and to die to the gods that we worship today in the West. All the world cares about is "the opinion of other people". In the liberal Church in America, all they care about is what other people think. Tha't’s why I say never forget the First Commandment. Father Gruner lives in such a way that the First Commandment is primary in his life, and so do a lot of people involved with the Fatima Message. Consecration means first of all to die with Christ, to die to the flesh of the world. To die. To die. Yet we try to get out of it. One way we try to escape it is by bringing in a fifteenth station, The Resurrection. This is not fitting. We are living the Crucifixion now, not the fifteenth station. Now we are here to die with Christ. Woe to you who add to the Bible, the pains of Hell will be added to you. Woe to you who take away from the Bible, you will be taken away from the Book of Life. That is the way the Holy Bible ends. Consecration is more than entrustment. It is a dying with Christ.

Then the question comes up, why consecrate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? It is partly because historically, humanity rejected the Sacred Heart. God has now offered us His Blessed Mother for mankind. It has been said that the last two devotions will be the Consecration of the Immaculate Heart and the Holy Rosary.

As we consecrate to Mary we consecrate to Christ. This is because our Blessed Virgin Mary is totally transparent to Divinity. We all know that God is love and His love is infinite. He cannot exercise His love with you and I because even though we might say, "Pray for us sinners", we don’t mean it. That’'s why God cannot be manifested in us. But in the Blessed Virgin Mary, He has nothing to impede His love, nothing. She is totally receptive to God. Totally without reserve. One might say She is "divinely" feminine towards God.

The liberals invent new terms, so I invent new terms. Why? It jogs us a little bit. When you invent a new term it makes you think a little bit more about the fundamental truth that the term expresses. I am not denying anything in Catholic teaching. I am just putting a little different phraseology to help us. The liberals do it to hurt us. I do it to help.

In the Greek it says, "Hail Mary, the Channel of Grace". Look in the Greek, it’s an emphatic channel, the one and only channel of all graces. She is so receptive to Divinity that real love is completely fulfilled in Her. That is Her essence. That'’s why She came to Lourdes — to prepare for Fatima. "I am the Immaculate Conception", She said at Lourdes. That is Her identity. As the great Fulton Sheen said, "We used to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, now the theologians tell us that we are all immaculately conceived." What demonic pride!

Behold the slave of God, behold the handmaid. Behold the total abject slave of God. The one who is totally receptive, totally feminine, as in "divinely" feminine towards God. Who knows what a handmaid is? I have not met a handmaid in the last twenty years. So Our Lady begins there, "Behold the handmaid of God ..." the perfect slave, the perfectly "divinely" feminine one. In Scripture, during the wedding at Cana, Our Lady said, "Do as He tells you to do," and there we see the "divinely" feminine and what we might call the "divinely" masculine. In other words, once we are totally open to God then we ought to do what God wants us to do. We pray, then we go into the "laboratory", so to speak, and carry out what we have prayed about. We do as God wants us to do. That is what devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary means. She is "divinely" feminine and totally open to Almighty God.

Christ is the source of salvation. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the fountain through which the source comes to us. She is the channel. The Fatima Message says that God wants both Hearts to be next to each other, to be the focus of man’s attention. The Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Salvation comes from Jesus through Mary. To any Protestant who objects to this, just point to Colossians 1:24. I ... "fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ in my flesh, for His Body which is the Church." It is a beautiful phrase on which to meditate once you get its right meaning.

Another reason to consecrate to the Blessed Virgin in our time is to be part of Mary'’s Remnant. Chapters 8 through 13 of the Apocalypse is what the Third Revelation concerns. Look at chapter 12, it describes Mary'’s Remnant. They have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. By their testimony they obey God’'s Commandments. They have the testimony of Christ. They adhere to it. In brief, that is what Chapter 12 contains. It describes the Blessed Virgin Mary'’s Remnant in these end times. In other words, we are totally dedicated to the truth, the fullness of truth in the Roman Catholic Church, through which we will conquer.

The Hierarchy’s Rights and Responsibilities

There is a saying in America, "I have my rights". It is seldom pointed out that to have "rights" also means to have "responsibilities". To consecrate someone or something to God is to offer that person or those people to God as His possession, acknowledging that He has supreme dominion over them. How can the Pope and bishops consecrate Russia and the Russian people to God? What right do they have? This Consecration can only be made by those responsible for the eternal salvation of peoples’' souls. Who is responsible? The Catholic Church and only the Catholic Church. "Outside the Church there is no salvation." The Message of Fatima is totally Catholic. Who is responsible? You are responsible, the Pope and the bishops. Because of the Catholic hierarchy’s responsibilities, they are the ones who have the right to make the Consecration.

The Russian Orthodox Bishops may have the correct sacramental system but they are in heresy. They don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception. That'’s why Our Lady says "Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary". The Russian Orthodox could not do it. They would have to renounce their religion and become Catholics. You the bishops, and the Pope, are responsible for their salvation, therefore you can consecrate them. My mother was 100% German. She consecrated me. She said, "God give me a boy and I will raise him and I will give him to You when he has grown." Did she have a right to do this? Who is going to stop a German? As bishops, you have the right. As Pope, he has the right. That is your function whether you like it or not.

Consecrate, then Watch the Results

I’m an ex-Jesuit. I’ve made lots of Ignatian retreats. Ignatius always led you to a decision in the retreat. So in the spirit of an Ignatian retreat, I propose that it is decision time. You, as bishops, can consecrate your nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Then sit back and watch the results.  You will be surprised. If you can do this within your nations maybe the fire will catch. Maybe it would go to the top and the Pope will do it. Are you not responsible for the souls of the nation in which you live? Or do you take the viewpoint of the prophet who sat on the hill and was glad that the people were punished?

It is no wonder the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary grieve. According to a recent survey, eighty percent of the faithful under fifty do not believe in the Holy Eucharist as a Catholic should believe. That is the latest poll and it is the greatest disgrace of the American bishops. This decline in belief must be attributed to the fact that we introduced the people to Communion in the hand. We had to brainwash them into this practice.  If it ever existed in the past, the Church corrected it and removed it. We brought the people back into the practice. We are progressing backwards. It is a forced progression. I have been trained as a scientist. I gave these progressives time to experiment, twenty years. The results are in. The person who vacuums the church has to vacuum up the Sacred Hosts. The last church that I was in I had to stop three people within two Masses from taking home the Sacred Host that was in their hand. The results are in. Even if it only happened once in one diocese in one month, Jesus Christ is too important for Him to be treated that way.

So educate your clergy and prepare for the consecration of your nation. Educate yourself and the clergy about the Fatima Message, then start with devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It still surprises me how people are devoted to the statue of Mary. It brings them to the Blessed Virgin.  I am not that type. I have gone through twenty, thirty years of Jesuit training. Nevertheless, when I was in Los Angeles with Father Gruner, my talk was delayed for about ten minutes while the people came up to reverence the statue. It is amazing the power this statue has.

A good friend of mine decided to home-school her little children because she cared about their salvation. She refused to continue to send them to the establishment Catholic schools. She had already tried two and realized that there was no hope. The day she started home-schooling her statue wept. She called me up and said, "My statue is weeping, what do I do?" I told her to let it weep. It is a sign from God that He approves of what she is doing.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is saying "please get My message out." Even Her statues weep. Try to arrange that each parish has a statue along with devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. It is a good place to start. From there move on to a procession, as did the Bishop of India. Moslems converted as a result. For forty years I couldn’t convert one. But somehow by the statue going through the streets, the people seeing the outward display of reverence and the Holy Spirit working through all of this, converts were made according to God'’s Holy Will. I don’'t know why, I cannot explain it. It is a puzzle, but it is a fact. Somehow devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is expressed concretely through the use of our statue.

A Realistic Plan for the Consecration
of Your Nation

I suggest very strongly that you increase the devotion to the Rosary, to the statue, to processions, then gradually and eventually, once the people are prepared, consecrate your nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Bishops of Portugal were so devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that according to Sister Lucy, in 1940 God gave the proof of the authenticity of His request. Due to the bishops’ consecration of Portugal, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, God gave His Mercy and special protection. Portugal, as you realize, was spared the horrors of World War II. They suffered but they didn'’t suffer like other nations. Hitler somehow changed his mind from going into Portugal. We will never know what goes on in the minds and hearts of human beings, but God is in control. God says be devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and consecrate your nation. It worked in Portugal. All of this is in line with the ambiguous parts of the Second Vatican Council in which it teaches that the task of teaching, governing and sanctifying is imposed by the Episcopal Consecration. You are responsible for the people in your diocese and in your nation.

Another thing about Consecration, it leads right to reparation. Just like the Old Testament leads to the New Testament. Consecration leads to reparation. When you consecrate somebody, you have to be consecrated. The Pope in his March 25, 1984, Consecration of the World quoted Scripture. He said, "For their sake, I consecrate myself so they may be consecrated." That is from the Holy Bible. Consecration leads right into reparation. Let us try to get a general view of reparation.

Even Non-Catholics Understand Reparation

In my book The Awesome Fatima Consecrations I pointed out that Abraham Lincoln, though not a Catholic, made a proclamation of a day of reparation and consecration. Someone wrote to me with the objection that "Abraham Lincoln went to a seance". I don'’t know what this reader wanted me to conclude, so I wrote back saying, "If Abraham Lincoln, as wicked as he was, made an act of consecration, how much more shamed are our bishops?" Lincoln, at least, believed in reparation — the little faith that he had shames the total faith that we should possess.

Lincoln said: "It is the duty of nations, as of men, to owe their dependence upon the power of God, to confess their sins with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon. To recognize a sublime truth announced in Holy Scripture and proven in history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord. We justly fear that the awful calamity of Civil War which now desolates our land may be but a punishment inflicted upon us for our sins. To pray for forgiveness, we declare a day of National Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer. We do this in the hope, authorized by the Divine teachings, that the united cry of the nation will be heard on high, and answered with blessings, no less than the pardon of our national sins, and restoration of our now divided and suffering country to its former happy condition of unity and peace."

That could apply to our situation today, just change the words a little. The restoration of our now divided and suffering Church may be returned to its former happy condition of unity, peace and prosperity. We are suffering in the United States of America and the West. Do not imitate us. I have stacks of surveys. They all prove that the Church in the United States is in a state of corruption, infidelity and decay.

An article in 30 Days Magazine, 1992, issue no. 4 says that our times demand that we should stand and confess self-criticism. We should retract, we should denounce ourselves of the past.  It is time for a different attitude, a new "psych-geist". It is time for a spirit of reparation that prevails around a whole nation. Instead, the liberals trivialize, trash, cover-up and dilute the Fatima Message so that they can live with it peacefully.

And what does reparation mean? Go to the old Latin text which was used when Sister Lucy received the word, May 5, the Feast of St. Pius V. It says "God, who, to conquer the enemies of the Church and to repair the Divine cult, raised up the great St. Pius V..." Would to God we had another Pope who would restore the Divine Liturgy to what it should be, God-directed, not man-directed. The Novus Ordo English liturgy begins with the priest saying "good-morning", and if the people don’'t respond, the priest says "I said good morning". This is not God-directed. That is why the priest is facing the people. If you really understand the theology behind the Mass, why not have both the people and the priest, as mediator of the people, facing the same direction, towards God, during the Holy Sacrifice. The modern liturgists are so conscious of symbolism but they miss the essentials. So to repair, in this sense, means to restore to what once was. Even Abraham Lincoln knew that.

Widespread Unbelief

You have to see the mess the Church is in. What can be more insulting to Jesus than that 80% of His alleged Catholics in the United States of America under 50 don'’t even believe in His Presence as the Church defines it? Universal salvation is the most abominable heresy and it is prevalent in the Catholic Church today. Its form is false ecumenism and the acceptance of the idea that one religion is as good as another. This is total heresy. Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus means outside the Church there is no salvation. It means that only the Catholic Church is the one true Church. That is why Father Gruner has the gift of suffering with Jesus and Mary. But if you don'’t know reality, how can you suffer with them? If you'’re one of these liberal optimists, then there'’s no problem. Everything is wonderful. You never go to the second phase of reparation, to grieve with the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Until you know the problem, you cannot be part of the answer. It is a great grace and if you don’'t have it, pray that you may get it. That is why the statues weep. They don’'t cry, as Father Gruner pointed out. They don'’t smile. They weep. Do you want to join the Blessed Virgin Mary in reparation or not? Do you have the grace? You cannot do it unless you are graced, and you can'’t be graced unless you use your intellect to realize and confess that the Church is in crisis, because grace builds on nature.

Why did Mary come? She did not come to tell the children that they were doing great, and that the only mistake a person makes is to "think" they made a mistake. This type of talk is the liberal line I learned while going through the Jesuits'’ Rogerian non-directive approach. Our Lady did not say you have to be sensitive. She said that you have to be sensitive to sin.

Mary'’s nature is sinless, therefore the only thing that can grieve Her is sin. Sin is totally alien to Her, yet She loves us as a mother and She grieves, She grieves. It'’s sort of a mystery, how Mary in Heaven can still visit earth and grieve. It is similar to the mystery of how Jesus could be God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and yet suffer in His Humanity.

The most important aspect of Our Lady'’s call for reparation is to act on it. Sister Lucy once asked Francisco, "What do you like better, to console Our Lord or to convert sinners so that less will go to Hell"? He answered, "I would rather console Our Lord. Didn'’t you notice how sad Our Lady was last month, when She said that people must not offend Our Lord anymore, for He is already too much offended?" Sister Lucy also recalled that Jacinta would sometimes kiss and embrace the crucifix exclaiming "O my Jesus, I love You and I want to suffer very much for love of You". You either have the grace, or you don'’t have the grace, but the first step is to understand the problem. The little children were given a tremendous grace to understand the problem, they were shown a vision of Hell to see the suffering of the condemned. They understood the problem.

You are the Hope of the Church

How important it is to consecrate your nation. On June 12, 1941, Christ complained about the coldness and laxity of the clergy in Spain, both secular and regular, and the remedy was proposed. He said, "Make it known to the Archbishop of Valladolid that I ardently desire the bishops to meet in a retreat to arrange among themselves and determine in common accord, the means to be employed for the reform of the Christian people". Reparation, reparation, reparation. That is a major theme right beside consecration. Consecrate, repair, consecrate, repair.

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, there is something terribly wrong in the Church'’s leaders or there is something essentially wrong with Christ’s One and Only Church, and that would be too frightening, that would be too frightening, that Christ’s One and Only essential Church is wrong. So I’d rather believe that there is something wrong, terribly wrong, with the reigning theologians and alleged experts who run the Church through the Pope, bishops, priests and lesser bureaucrats. (God help you either to admit there is something wrong with the existential Church, or you’ll have to conclude that God’s Church is wrong and that can never be.)

You are the hope of the Church. If anybody is going to respond on a national level, you will, because you went through a lot of hardship to come here and stay here and God will bless you.