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Part III – The "Divine Impatience"

Chapter 2

Save Our Children

by Coralie Graham

Nobody Will Help Us

As editor of The Fatima Crusader I receive thousands of letters a week and I can tell you people out there are crying. They are not getting Catholic leadership. We, the lay people, have no voice anymore. That is why people are pleading, "Please, lead us. Speak to the bishops. Tell them we’re hurting. Our children’s souls are going to Hell and nobody will help us."

One lady wrote and said she cries every day because, "When I go to Mass, before Mass I pray the Rosary, and the priest came and yanked the Rosary out of my hand, broke it in the middle of the church and the beads rolled down the aisle."

That’s the kind of leadership we are getting. Nobody in a position of authority is stopping it. They go to the bishop and the bishop says, "Well, I’ll talk to him." But nothing happens.

Countless people are told, "Don’t pray the Rosary in the church; you’re disturbing the people." This to a nice little group of ten to fifteen parishioners praying the Rosary before Mass. Not during Mass. Not during any other liturgical events going on. Just very quietly. But still being told, "No. You disturb the people."

What About Our Children

Contraception is a sin, yet they’re inviting Protestants into the Catholic schools to show Catholic students all the various contraceptive devices available to them and how to use them. This under the complete approval of the school principals and the bishop. When students themselves questioned this anti-Catholic practice, they were told, "Oh, we’re not telling them to use it. We’re only showing them how."

A priest in one diocese preaches to his whole congregation that, "None of my congregation is going to Hell because I know you all love God. And if you love God, you cannot commit a mortal sin. Even if you murder someone, you can’t go to Hell, because you love God. You have to hate God when you murder someone in order to be condemned to Hell".

I know better. I know that is heretical. I thank God I was taught by the strict Loretto nuns when I grew up. They planted the seed of Faith into my heart so I knew better.

But what about our children? They haven’t had the advantage I had to have our full Catholic Faith taught in school, they haven’t heard soul-saving sermons from the pulpit. The Church and the school system are no longer teaching them not to sin.

Rather, they are being encouraged to become complacent and sin. They are actually being encouraged to listen to their own unformed conscience rather than take direction from their parents.

They are Being Led to Hell

In school now they are teaching children to respect homosexuals. Not just the person of the homosexual but also their sinful act. They are showing them in class, through films, how to engage in homosexual activity. And they’re saying, "You must learn to accept and respect what they are doing."

We all know what God had to say about homosexuality in the Bible. I don’t want my children going to a school and being taught by a homosexual teacher who is telling them that it is okay.

I have a beautiful statue at home. It’s Our Blessed Mother reaching Her hands out to us with love, giving us the graces we need to be solid in our Faith. She was found in a bushel basket, broken to pieces, thrown out in the garbage. Some nuns glued Her together but were not allowed to keep Her because their half-way house for young girls was partially government funded. They had to take all the crucifixes and statues out of the classrooms or be shut down for lack of funding.

They gave Her to me and I took Her home and painted Her. She was so beautiful and appealing I was determined to put Her back in the church where She belonged. When I offered Her to the priest, he said, "Oh, no, I can’t put Her in the church. She doesn’t match the wall. She doesn’t match the decor."

I also have at home a beautiful set of Stations of the Cross, four feet high, oil on canvas and encased in oak. These were "rescued" along with five foot high statues of St. Anthony and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And just in time. They were destined for destruction and transportation to the garbage dump.

What the Bishops Can Do to Help

I have heard people say that the Consecration of Russia has been done. I have heard others say that the Consecration has not been done. There are esteemed bishops and priests on both sides. One side says, "I have asked the Holy Father and he tells me yes." The other side says, "I have asked the Holy Father and he tells me no."

Regarding what the Holy Father really thinks, I believe we should get an absolute authoritative ecclesiastical statement from him to rid the confusion. What we are praying the bishops will do is to ask the Holy Father to make a definitive ecclesiastical pronouncement.

The Message of Fatima says Our Lady will triumph. I cannot say it is a triumph when I see more souls going to Hell than ever before. I would be spouting blasphemy to say this is Her triumph. Her message says there will be peace in the world. Where is there true peace in the world? Some people say Sister Lucy meant "peace" in the "heart". Where is this "peace" of "heart"? In my country, teenagers are killing themselves every day and killing other people with them. How can we say this is Our Lady’s triumph?

Our Lady does not lie. Even those who believe the consecration is done have to admit something is wrong.

Millions of Catholics are crying out for help to the bishops. Our Lady told us all, lay people and religious alike, "Only I can help you."

I now say to you bishops, in order to bring about the triumph of Our Lady, only you can help us.