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Part III – The "Divine Impatience"

Chapter 3

Steps Needed to Fulfill the Fatima Message

by Father Nicholas Gruner

I have been accused of repeating myself but at the same time I see that my point has not been understood with regard to this little prayer that Jesus taught. This little prayer that Jesus taught is the context for Our Lord’s words to Sister Lucy. But the context is very important. It’s also important for us to realize that these are the only two prayers that Jesus taught in the Message of Fatima. You might ask yourselves why it is that only The Fatima Crusader repeats these prayers and teaches them to the world? It is not because we are holy. Perhaps it is because we have been too intellectual in our formation. As one bishop said, "You are too well educated." Perhaps that is my cross. But at least I understand these two prayers in their context. I think they are very important and they answer a number of your questions.

Lucy, at that time being 24 years old, was praying for the conversion of Russia, Spain, and Portugal, when Our Lord came and spoke to her. He said, "You please Me very much by praying for the conversion of those countries and you console Me a great deal by asking for the conversion of those poor nations. Ask it also frequently of My Mother by saying: ‘Sweet Heart of Mary be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world’."

Ten Just Men

Our Lord was recognizing that we are not here to judge Russia. We are not here to say they are worse than we are. It is not our intention nor our implication to say that. If we have done that, it is only our fault for not knowing how to speak properly. This accusation is made time and again, that somehow or other we are against Russia. Or that we don’t know anything else about the Message of Fatima. It is rather that the Message of Fatima has an apex. The Holy Father will not do the Consecration of Russia unless a certain number of bishops join him. I compare them to the ten just men. Just as the ten just men would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah if God could have found them. So God will save the world if He can find, proportionally speaking, ten just men. It is through the prayers and sacrifices of those ten just men, whether they be bishops, Pope, priests, or lay people, that will be brought about the grace needed for the Holy Father and the bishops to do the consecration.

It is through the instrumentality of the Consecration of Russia that peace will be given to the world, because God wants to glorify His Mother. God wants to glorify you, the bishops. He wants you to be more respected in the world than you’ve ever been in your lives. He wants to bring about worldwide peace. Not the non-shooting war existing between the United States and Russia for the last forty, fifty years, but positive peace. Not piecemeal attacking of this country, that country, or subjecting to attack this group of people or murdering that group of babies. Peace in its full dimensions around the whole world in every class of society. Peace that the world has never yet seen. It is a vision that is told of in Isaiah. "The lion will lay down with the lamb." We have never seen that. But that is what She promises for the simple act of obedience. And it will not come any other way. I wish it would. My life would be easier. But that’s the way it is. That’s the simple truth. You can accept it. You can reject it. You can do what you want with it. Whatever you do you answer to God, not to me. But that is the truth and if I don’t tell you the truth, I will have to answer to God. I have done my duty.

The Steps

Consecrate your countries. Consecrate your parishes. Promote the Rosary. Make the Message known. Promote the Scapular, make it understood. Make people aware as much as you can by the force of your arguments, by your example, by grace, by whatever you have at your disposal. Address the Message to persons, to souls, to individuals. Make it understood and loved. Then we will find our ten just men, who will obtain by their prayers, sufferings, sacrifices, this great grace that we do not deserve.

I am fully aware that the Message of Fatima is much more than the Consecration of Russia. But I am also fully aware that it is a part of the Message that has been hidden. It was hidden from me for the first six years of my work. I’ve worked for fifteen years for Fatima. For the first six years I myself did not know this aspect of the Message. I had nothing else to do but to study the Message of Fatima. Yet for six years I was in darkness about this request. So I can well understand that you did not have the opportunity to understand its central importance.

One of the bishops as I came in said, "Let us do whatever we choose to do, that is what the Church wants." The last bishop spoke about Church History. I find many lessons in Church History. I think if we learned theology only from dogmatic books and we don’t put it together with Church History, we can also lose a little bit of the flesh and blood of theology. I like both. To quote Church History early on from the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 20, St. Paul when he’s departing, I believe from Ephesus, is telling the priests and the bishops gathered there, "You will see me no more. I go to Jerusalem and I will be taken prisoner. I want to witness before you today that I have not been afraid to tell you the whole counsel of God. I have hidden nothing from you. I have done what I told Timothy. In other words, I have spoken the Gospel when convenient and inconvenient. Nevertheless from among your own number will arise some who will lead the Faithful after them; taking them away from Christ."

In so saying he was predicting such would happen from among priests such as Arius, such as Luther. They would take away the Faithful. They would make them fall into Hell with them. And from among the bishops like Nestorius, there would arise others who would take away the Faithful from the Church. In the time of Arius, the Arian Heresy was condemned in the Council of Nicea in 325. It was defined that Jesus Christ is True God, True Man consubstantial with the Father. Equal every way in His Divinity. Yet remember in 336, eleven years later, the Arians succeeded in changing one letter in one word. Our Faith is transmitted by words, whether spoken or written it is transmitted through words. We do not see the unreal, the invisible realities our Faith teaches. But God nevertheless transmits them to us by faith, by preaching, by words. Words are sacred when they carry the Message of God. So when the Arian heretics changed one letter of one word, in a solemn definition of the Church, it caused the renewal of the Arian Heresy. History tells us that as a result of this ruse, ninety percent of the bishops were wrong on this matter. At this time, only three bishops in the whole Catholic Church defended the truth that Jesus Christ is True God and True Man in the full sense of the words as the Council of Nicea defined it. As St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, tells us, Catholics went to bed one day Catholic and the next day woke up and they were Arian. It wasn’t until 381 A.D. that the true doctrine was again preached by all Catholic Bishops. Those are facts of Church history. We have no partisans of Arius or otherwise here. All I am saying is there is a lesson to be learned. The truth, as Cardinal Ratzinger has told us, is not determined by majority rule. The Truth is the Truth. We can stay with the majority. We can stay with the minority. We can be wrong either way. But we must be with the Truth.

With regard to the relationship of the Pope, perhaps you are not aware that the Fifth Lateran Council has defined that, in matters of prophetic revelation, the Pope is the only judge. I am not here to criticize the Holy Father. I’m not here to judge the Holy Father. I hope no one else is either. But we do ask for a judgement on a prophetic revelation. The Message of Fatima has been approved. But as several bishops have noted, there is the question of the interpretation. I agree. It is possible that we can have unity by politics — that is, we can all say, well, let us agree with the majority and then we have this superficial unity. It will not cause real unity by itself. The majority of men can serve a lie for a while without disagreeing among themselves. For the sake of unity, Christ founded His Church on the rock of Peter. And He gave authority to Peter to exercise for the good of the Church. But as long as the question has been left open, and the Holy Father for his own good reasons does not give an authoritative judgement on this, then I cannot be asked to remain silent on the obvious and continued understanding of this Message for the last sixty years and more.

I would very much love for the Holy Father to engage his pastoral Petrine authority, which has been defined by the Fifth Lateran Council, and settle this question. He has a right to do it and we have a need for it. Otherwise history will catch up to us. We will have the annihilation of nations. As to my right to ask for this, it has been defined twice. It was defined as Dogma of the Catholic Church in 1274, at the Council of Lyons, that in matters pertaining to ecclesiastical jurisdiction, everyone, including lay people, have the right to ask for a ruling. That is Catholic Dogma. If you do not believe this, I will tell you where to look it up. If you don’t believe it after you realize it’s Catholic Teaching, you are not Catholic. That is the nature of Divine Catholic Dogma. It cannot change. Just as the teaching of the Church, outside the Church there is no salvation.

Yesterday I heard a prayer said from the Sanctuary which was heretical. But I said maybe the priest means it another way. Some Father speaking in English, said, "We pray that the Protestants and the Orthodox and the Catholics can receive communion together." Now if he meant that while they were remaining Protestant, remaining Orthodox, remaining Catholic, then that is a heretical prayer. I said maybe he means that the Orthodox convert to Catholic and the Protestants convert to Catholic in which case it would be a Catholic prayer. But I am told he meant it in a heretical sense. The man who spoke to him understood that. But be that as it may, my point is very simply that if you want unity, unity has to be in Truth. If you want to know the truth of the Prophetic Message of Fatima, outside the Pope defining it, which he has a right to do, then it is incumbent upon us to do what the first bishop from the Philippines said, "Why don’t we just do the consecration again. This time do it according to the request as it has been commonly understood for the last sixty years, mention Russia and have done with it."

Either way, make a definition and tell us it doesn’t mean what it says, or do the consecration the way it was requested. Either way you will have peace and unity. Not doing either one of them, we will still have the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima and of Our Lord as the consequences of ignoring Her request. We have the right to ask for a definition and the First Vatican Council in 1870 again defined that the Pope has supreme jurisdiction. He also has the right to command the bishops in matters not only for faith and morals but for the good of the Church. Therefore, in keeping with both the Second Vatican Council and First Vatican Council, Our Lady’s demand that the Pope command the bishops to consecrate Russia is perfectly within his jurisdiction.