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Appendix II

Letters of Encouragement and Gratitude

from Catholic Bishops to
Father Nicholas Gruner

Before the 1992 Conference

"In the name of Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini, I thank you for the invitation to participate in the Fatima Peace Conference. But unfortunately, the Cardinal is already engaged in a tight program. We will offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass for the spiritual success of this Conference.

    Father José L. Redrado, O.H.
    Secretary to Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini
    Pontificium Consilium de Apostolatu
    pro Valetudinis Administris,

"Peace and joy. I am most grateful for your personal invitation to attend THE FATIMA PEACE CONFERENCE to be held from October 8th onwards. You can be sure, Father Gruner, that I support your efforts to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as per Her appeal. My prayers and sacrifices are with you for this purpose.

Please do pray to Our Lady of Fatima for me and for our diocese, as I too shall pray for Her mission and for the success of your work."

    With fraternal good wishes,
    Devotedly Yours,
    Ignatius Minezes
    Bishop of Ajmer-Jaipur, India

"Thank you very much for your recent letter in connection with the Fatima Peace Conference, and by which you invite me to attend.

It is indeed gratifying that men and women are giving so much of their energy, talent and time to promote peace and to invite all to do the same by seeking the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of Our Lord and of the Church. I am therefore deeply touched by your most kind invitation to me to attend this Conference for Peace."

    With every prayerful wish for a successful conference, I remain,
    Yours very sincerely in Christ,
    Peter Poreku Dery
    Archbishop of Tamale, Ghana

"I wish to thank you for your remembrance of me, your kind words, and cordial invitation.

I wish to assure you that I will be present in spirit and in prayer during the observance of the sacred anniversary of the Apparitions at Fatima.

With prayerful good wishes, as I ask Our Lady, the Mother of the Church, and our loving Mother to watch over your many endeavors."

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Cardinal Carberry of St. Louis

"Thank you for the inspiring letter you forwarded to me on the Feast of the Sacred Heart this year.

I am fully convinced that a true devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and the acceptance of its message can stimulate a spiritual life for the good of the Church.

    With God’s blessing on your apostolate for peace in the world, I remain"
    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Ceirano Giovanni
    Apostolic Pro-Nuncio
    Papua New Guinea

"Replying to your letter about the Fatima Peace Conference, I will let you know that I, in the spirit of the Holy Father John Paul II, will pray for the good success of the above mentioned conference.

Unfortunately I cannot leave the Vatican at the time the conference is being held."

With kind regards and good wishes.

    Bishop Peter Canisuis van Lierde
    VICAR GENERAL of Vatican City


"I appreciate all you are doing in this connection and for world peace, and pray that your endeavors will be crowned with success".

    Blasco Francisco Collaco
    Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to
    Madagascar & Maritius

"You are doing a great job indeed when most of us are lying idle".

    William D. D’Mello
    Bishop of Kawar, South India

"I am convinced that the time has come as you say in your letter, dear Father Gruner, to openly and publicly address the entire issue of Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of Russia."

    Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga
    Auxiliary Bishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

"Again I reconfirm my willingness to join the Holy Father to consecrate Russia if requested by him. And I assure you that I will pray for the success of this International Conference in Fatima".

    Most. Rev. Hermann Raich, SVD
    Bishop of Wabag, New Guinea

"With you I pray for the success of this conference and for all the means necessary to enable as many bishops as possible to attend".

    Bishop William Kurtz
    Kundiawa, New Guinea

"May God bless you all who are trying so hard to make Mary’s request a reality".

    Most Rev. Francis R. Lambert
    Port Vila, Vanuatu (S.W. Pacific)

"Now that I know about the Fatima Peace Conference, I think it is a very meaningful initiative. Please be assured that I shall pray for this conference. I still remember you when you visited us last time in Taipei, and I pray God to bless all the preparatory work for the forthcoming conference".

    Bishop Mattew Kia
    Our Lady of China Church, Taiwan

"I will be with the Conference in spirit and will pray for its success. I will appreciate some literature that may come out of this Conference".

    Rt. Rev. Dominic K. Andoh
    Bishop of Accra, Ghana, West Africa

"On behalf of His Excellency Msgr. Hilarion Capucci, I express to you his gratitude for your invitation and he hopes that he will have the great pleasure of meeting you as soon as possible. We will be near you with your prayers and feelings for the success of the Fatima Peace Conference".

    Father Isidore Battika
    Secretary to Bishop Hilarion Capucci
    Grec-Melkite Patriarch, Jerusalem

"I thank the Lord and Our Lady of Fatima for your perseverance, courage and patience in promoting the consecration of Russia to Our Lady".

    Protacio G. Gungon, D.D.
    Bishop of Antipolo, Philippines

"Father Gruner, I am all for you and the movement. Therefore I will be offering a Mass for your intention, especially for the success of the discussion of the Collegial Consecration of Russia ... as a condition for World Peace".

    Msgr. Nicholas Man Thang
    Auxiliary Bishop, Mandalay, Burma

"I would like to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the spiritual success of the Conference."

    Msgr. A.J. Didjookarjono Pr.
    Bishop of Surabaya-Indonesia

"Some priests of this diocese of Lisbon and I agree to offer the Holy Mass for the spiritual success of this Conference".

    Antonio dos Reis Rodrigues
    Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon

"All those participating will most surely back your initiative for a clearer collegial act of consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary".

    Bishop Walter Michael Ebejar, OP
    Uniao da Vitoria, PR, Brazil

"Praying for the success of an important event so near to the heart of our Blessed Mother, I want to send you my blessing and good wishes".

    Archbishop Roman Arrieta Villalobos
    President of CECOR, San Jose, Costa Rica
    Conferencia Episcopal de Costa Rica (CECOR)

"You have my promise of prayers for the success of your Mission and you may add my name to your list of Bishops who desire the Consecration of Russia to the Blessed Virgin Mary".

    Bishop Rafael de la Barra
    Prelatura de Illapel, Chile

"I will be present spiritually, through my prayers, at the conference. Please let me know if there is some way I can show my solidarity with you at the time of the conference through a letter or by some other means. May God continue to bless your good work of promoting devotion to our Blessed Mother and Her important message to us at Fatima".

    Hilary Chavez Joya
    Bishop-Prelate of Nuevo Casas Grandes

After 1992 Conference:
from Catholic Bishops to Father Nicholas Gruner
Letters of Appreciation and Gratitude

Dear Father Gruner,

I don’t know how to thank you for all the troubles you have taken to enable me to pay a visit to Fatima and take part in the Peace Conference. I will certainly remember this visit with immense gratitude for a long time to come. I fully understand the troubles and trials you had to face in the past and which you will have to face in the future also. I am sure the Lord will help you and give you the graces you need to play the role of a prophet. I assure you of my special prayers for all the intentions.

Please convey my blessings and gratitude to all the people working with you, whom I had the opportunity to meet at Fatima. On my way back to India, I spent three full days in Rome and I had an opportunity to be received for a private audience, with the Most Holy Father. It was a very brief audience and therefore I did not discuss with him what I had seen and heard in Fatima. In one word I tell you how impressed I was by your simplicity, humility and spirit of suffering.

I hope this finds you in the best of health. With the expression of my greeting for you and assuring you every blessings, I remain,

    Yours fraternally in Our Lord,
    Anthony Cardinal Padiyara
    Archbishop of Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Jan. 17, 1993

Greetings from Mahenge/Tanzania,

After a one-week stay and conference in Fatima, I feel obliged to say a word of thanks to you for having given us the chance to be in the Sanctuary in Fatima. For us that was a great experience of the Christian life of prayer. We really felt much enriched by that prayerful experience, and we are grateful for all who organized our trip and cared for us during our stay in Fatima.

We came back safely and started at parish and even at Diocesan level to spread the Fatima Message.

Once again sincere thanks for all and I wish a very Happy and blessed New Year under the care of Our Lady of Fatima.

    Yours Sincerely in Christ,
    Rt. Rev. Patrick Iteka
    Bishop of Mehenge.

Nov. 1, 1992

Dear Father,

I am back again in Agra, India after the most wonderful experience of my life at Fatima. It was really inspiring to be party of the rosary procession and concelebrated Masses on 12th and 13th October. Such deep faith, such devotion and such overflowing love for Our Blessed Mother of Fatima. Those were days of prayer and contemplation. I have no words to express my thanks to you and your helpers who made this possible and took such affectionate care of us. My prayers continue for you all.

The message of prayer, penance, rosary and charity was confirmed at Fatima. In my diocese of Agra that’s the message I give to my people.

I cannot forget the unfortunate incidents that took place at the hallowed shrine of Fatima, and pray for love and forgiveness. God makes His sun to shine and rain to fall on everyone and we must learn to see His face in all His creation.

I would very much want to get the formula of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When it is possible please send me a copy.

With good wishes and prayers for your work.

    Yours Sincerely in Christ,
    Most Rev. Cecil Desa
    Bishop of Agra, India

April 17, 1993

Dear Friends,

I had not acknowledged in writing the kind help so that I could join the conference in Fatima last October but the bishop beneficiaries had already expressed their deep gratitude to Father Gruner verbally and publicly at the said meeting in Fatima. We expressed then publicly that without the material financial help of Catholics of Canada and America through Father Gruner and his generous collaborators the bishops would not be at Fatima. I do believe Our Lady willed it so. To Her and to you personally I express my sincere thank you.

I am one of those who admire the zeal and dedication of Father Gruner to the service of Our Lady. I pray She helps Father Gruner in the pursuit of his apostolate.

Let us pray for one another.

    Thank you.
    (Ret.) Archbishop Federico Limon, SVD
    The Philippines

Dear Reverend Father,

You permitted me to live a Marian pilgrimage experience that has touched me deeply. As far as I am concerned, I prefer the climate of Fatima to the one of Lourdes. It’s much easier to pray and meditate. As members of my diocese have a great devotion towards Mary, we will try to organize a beautiful site that we already have chosen for many years, to install there a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima. I will have to find that statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Once more, thank you for enabling me to go to Fatima and I pray for you.

Please believe, Reverend Father, all my best fraternal wishes of respect.

    Monseigneur Jean-Baptiste Some
    The Bishop of Die Bougou, Burkina Faso

Dear Father Gruner,

I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to you and your organization for inviting me to the Fatima Peace Conference and for sponsoring the trip. I am a child of Mary and the name Fatima was enough for me to jump at the invitation.

I was glad to be part of that Conference and to have listened to the message of Fatima explained in all its richness. I was one of those who spoke very little and maybe you can still recall what I said. I said that I believed that God and Our Lady had a purpose for bringing the Conference about and that you and ourselves the bishops, should listen and be attentive to one another and to what the Holy Spirit and Our Lady wanted to tell us.

I came home spiritually enriched and refreshed and thank God and the Fatima Crusaders for the opportunity.

Every best wish for Christmas to you and your team.

    Rt. Reverend Dr. J.B. Adelakum
    Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Nigeria

Dear Reverend Father Nicholas Gruner,

After my travel and my participation in the Conference of Peace in Fatima and also after the pleasant peregrination to Fatima, Tuy, Pontevedra and Compostela, I wish to thank you, my dear Father Gruner, for the opportunity which you had granted me. You are very kind and generous. All the Bishops have commented on your gentility and have eulogized your edifying piety for the Virgin Mother of Fatima. I can myself tell that the days of our pilgrimage together are profitable for my spiritual progress.

    Thank you very much!
    Cordially in Jesus and Mary,
    D. Antonio de Mirnada
    Bishop of Taubate, Brazil

Dear Father Leonard,

May I begin by thanking you for the letter you wrote to me on the First Saturday and for the copy of Father Paul Trinchard’s book, The Awesome Fatima Consecrations you enclosed with it. Unfortunately the book was stolen on transit (evidently in some post office) but your letter and Archbishop Arulappa’s arrived safely.

I was not able to go to Portugal for the Fatima meeting of Bishops, but I sent a representative. I hope it was successful.

I am most grateful to you, Father Gruner and to the many clients of Mary who, inspired by the love of the devotion to the Blessed Mother, are doing all you can to awaken the world to the stark reality of the Message of Fatima. As can be expected, many people, including bishops, are not only not interested but are even antagonistic. Nevertheless, in spite of their present negative attitude, the Marian movement is gathering momentum and I feel sure that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end.

May I mention here that I belong to the first generation of Catholics in this part of Nigeria and happen to be the first native Nigerian to be made a Residential Bishop. After serving as Bishop of Umuahia for 30 years I am at present a retired Bishop and the Parochus of a small Parish (St. Theresa’s). We are very grateful to God that the Church has made tremendous progress in Nigeria. But it is facing a serious Moslem threat that reminds one of that which Christianity in Africa suffered from the 5th to the 15th centuries.

From the look of things the only hope we have for the survival and growth in Nigeria and Africa, is in God through Our Lady of the Rosary. That is why, while praying for the salvation of the sinful world through the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we in Africa include our own peculiar petition for the liberation of the Church from the thralls of Mohammedanism and reconversion of Africa.

Assuring you of my prayers and begging for yours.

    I remain,
    Yours Gratefully in Jesus and Mary,
    Anthony G. Nwedo, C.S.Sp.,
    Bishop Emeritus of Umuabia, Nigeria