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Sister Lucy and the Act
of March 25, 1984

Taken from the France-based magazine,
Catholic Counter-Reformation, April 1999, Issue No. 318

Father Domiciano Fernandez, a Spanish Claretian, dispenses with any scientific rigor when he treats of the controversies surrounding the act of consecrating the world, pronounced by John Paul II on 25 March 1984. "As was expected, those who continued to affirm that the act did not fulfill all the conditions requested by the Virgin were not slow in making themselves heard." But he presented not a single quotation from their writings, nor any precise reference to their publications. "It is said that, up to 1986, Sister Lucy had always claimed that this consecration did not correspond to the Virgin's requests. But those are confidential reports which cannot be verified and which are not worthy of belief."1

This was not what Fr. Domiciano Fernandez thought in 1986, nor his friend Abbé René Laurentin. In that year, at Fatima, he took part with him in the Symposium on the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Now, in the course of that symposium, on Thursday 18 September to be exact, Abbé Laurentin had lunch with one of Sister Lucy's nieces, Maria do Fetal. During this meal, she continually repeated to him: "The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart has still not been accomplished. I can tell you this because Sister Lucy says the same to everyone."2 And Maria do Fetal went on to explain: "To respond to Our Lady's request, there must be no attempt to camouflage under a jumble of diplomatic precautions, the fact that it refers to the consecration of Russia and Russia alone ... When a baby is baptized, it is called by its name. The day must come when Russia clearly appears as the sole object of the consecration."

On his return from Fatima, Laurentin will no longer be able visibly to ignore Sister Lucy's thinking. "Since the beginning of the current pontificate," he will write, "the seer of Fatima and the bishops of Portugal have been asking John Paul II to renew the consecration of the world, and especially Russia, through [sic!] the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This consecration has still not been accomplished thinks Lucy, the seer. And apparently that is why the conversion of Russia, promised for this consecration, has not yet taken place."3

• Father D. Fernandez himself, on the very first page of his article La Consagracion de Rusia al Inmaculado Corazon de Maria en Los Documentos de Fatima, will declare: "According to Sister Lucy, neither the Pope nor the bishops nor Christians in general [?] have done what the Virgin requested to obtain the conversion of Russia and the peace of the world: to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart and to spread the practice of the reparatory Communion of the Five First Saturdays."4

The Apocryphal Letters of Lucy

• However, new documents appeared in 1989: letters said to be written by Lucy regarding the act of 25 March 1984. The Catholic Counter-Reformation, let us remember, was the first periodical in the world to publish one after the other whilst demonstrating each time — as much by internal criticism as by external criticism — that we were dealing with forgeries.5

Today, Father Fernandez writes: "Some of Sister Lucy's letters from the years 1989 and 1990 were published in which she recognizes that the consecration, as requested by the Virgin, has already been carried out."6 He then gives but a short extract from one of these letters. But as he had noticed, precisely in this letter to Maria de Belem, the mention of a consecration supposedly pronounced by Paul VI during his visit to Fatima on 13 May 1967, he indicates in a footnote: "We have listed [the acts of consecration of the world to the Heart of Mary performed by the Popes] in appendix II of our book Rusia se convertira, Madrid, 1990, pp. 153-154, although we omitted from that list the one performed by Pope Paul VI on 13 May 1967 at Fatima."7

A curious, disturbing omission? No, it is not an omission: the list that he published in his book is exhaustive. The error lies elsewhere: in the apocryphal letter to Maria de Belem of 29 August 1989. This supposed consecration on 13 May 1967 is nothing but the pure invention of the ecclesiastic who wrote this letter, a little too precipitately and carelessly it seems — almost certainly Bishop Alberto do Amaral himself.8

In the book Fatima: Joie Intime, Événement Mondial, (published in English in 4 books entitled Fatima: Intimate Joy, World Event) we pointed out: "In the apocryphal letter of Lucy addressed to Walter M. Noelker, it is written: 'Paul VI performed the consecration during the Sacred Council with the participation of numerous bishops. I was then asked if it had been done as Our Lady requested, and I replied no, for it should not have been done with all the bishops gathered in one room' ... Such a statement is stupid. Sister Lucy and, after her, the experts on Fatima as well as the directors of the Blue Army have always considered that the consecration could have been performed during the meeting of a Council."9

Father Fernandez should easily agree with us on this since, whilst presenting the request at Tuy, before mentioning the so-called letters of Lucy, he states that "this solemn act of consecration could be accomplished in two ways:

1. Either the Pope could summon all the Catholic bishops to one fixed place, as he does for Ecumenical Councils;

2. Or the Pope could specify a precise date and order all the bishops to unite themselves with the Bishop of Rome — each in his diocese, either in his cathedral or another church — in a solemn act of reparation and of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."10

Thus we find in the communication of Father Fernandez — who nevertheless wishes to act as the mouthpiece for the official propaganda — several confirmations of the justice of our critical analyses of the apocryphal letters.

Our expert contributes one new element: "The authenticity of these letters is confirmed by a letter written by Sister Lucy herself to Father Luciano Cristino, dated 23 December 1989."11 Now, to our knowledge, this last letter has never been published and, in October 1992, Mgr. Guerra formally forbade Father Cristino, his chaplain, from sending us a copy. The only exhibit supposed to prove the authenticity of the letters in question is therefore a document that is ... secret!

On observing the procedures employed over the last ten years to deliberately discredit the evidence of Our Lady's messenger, in conformity with the instructions from the Vatican,12 one understands why Sister Lucy, when she learned what was being plotted against her, had declared in 1988: "As for the consecration of Russia, we must wait for better times."13 And she could have added what she had already said in 1940, after the refusals of Pius XI and Pius XII: "The consecration of Russia must be carried out, but not immediately. God has allowed this for now in order to punish the world for its crimes. We have fully deserved it. Afterwards, He will hear our poor prayers. Yet I feel immense pain that the consecration has not been done. During this time, so many souls are going to be lost!"14

One of the errors of Russia Our Lady foretold, is abortion. Above some apostolate members attended a pro-life rally at the White House in Washington, D.C. As you can see, until the Pope and the bishops consecrate Russia, the cold stone pillars of politics mock the rightful reign of Christ the King.


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