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The International
Fatima Rosary Crusade

The International Fatima Rosary Crusade (IFRC) is a Roman Catholic Apostolate formed in 1978 in response to the urgent Message of Our Lady of Fatima. It is a grass-roots association of Catholic priests and laypeople of the type specifically sanctioned by the New Code of Canon Law.

The founder and International Director is Father Nicholas Gruner, who for two decades has dedicated his life to promoting interest & devotion to Her urgent Fatima message.

Shortly following the formation of Our Lady's Apostolate, Father Gruner began publishing The Fatima Crusader magazine. In 1980, Pope John Paul II directly encouraged Father Gruner in his Fatima work and the periodical has grown to an estimated readership today of more than 1,000,000. It is by far the largest and most influential publication on Fatima in the world. As well, IFRC has published more than two-dozen books including over 100,000 copies of Father Gruner’s World Enslavement or Peace in various languages.

In response to Pope John Paul II’s statement that "the Message of Fatima is addressed to every human being," the IFRC began Heaven’s Peace Plan, a worldwide radio program featuring Father Gruner and guests in the spring of 1987. In 1988 it further expanded to reach more than 190 nations overseas.

Also in 1988, the IFRC expanded its outreach even further through various television and film projects including an hour-long Fatima documentary video, hosted by noted actor Ricardo Montalban and featuring Father Gruner. In September, 1989, Fatima: "The Moment has Come," Our Lady of Fatima's weekly nationwide television series was launched, featuring prominent guests from around the world. In 1992, it expanded to daily broadcasts in some areas.

In October 1992, in Fatima, Portugal, over 100 Bishops from around the world accepted the invitation of the IFRC and The Fatima Crusader to attend a five-day Fatima Peace Conference. Two years later, in Mexico City, a second Bishops Conference was held and attracted prelates from five continents. At the Mexico City Conference, a series of 14 Resolutions were unanimously adopted which have since been published both in Rome and across the United States and Canada.

In June 1995, in response to continuing efforts by radical modernist forces within the Vatican bureaucracy to restrict its work and pastoral outreach, the IFRC published An Open Letter to the Pope in Rome's largest newspaper, Il Messaggero. This 2-page letter carefully chronicled a long history of harassment and persecution by a small clique of liberal bureaucrats determined to suppress the Fatima Message, and forcefully appealed to the Pope for his protection and help. The Open Letter has been read by an estimated 5,000,000 souls worldwide and has elicited thousands of letters and calls of support.

In the summer of 1996, the Apostolate once more invited the world's bishops to gather to discuss and celebrate Our Lady’s Fatima Message of peace and hope, but this time also extended the invitation to priests, religious and lay people around the world. "Fatima 2000" the third international Fatima Congress took place in Rome between November 18-24th, 1996 and brought together nearly 200 international delegates, including leading members of the Catholic episcopacy. The Congress received front-page attention in the Italian press and, like its 1994 predecessor, resulted in the adoption of new Resolutions which were promptly given to the Holy Father during his regular public audience.

Despite the efforts of some within the Vatican bureaucracy to relegate Fatima to a mere footnote in Catholic history, the Apostolate has been successful in putting the Queen of Heaven's Message at the top of the Church's agenda. To date, over 400 Catholic Bishops have signed and sent in their written agreement to the IFRC indicating their willingness to fully comply with Our Lady of Fatima’s request for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart as a condition for world peace. The IFRC and Father Gruner continue to keep in contact with all the bishops of the world several times a year by sending letters and current books on Fatima, as well as via phone calls and personal contact. This, like all of the Apostolate's activities, is part of its effort to help bring about the promised triumph of Our Lady of Fatima.

On Feb. 1, 1993 His Holiness Pope John Paul II sent his blessing (see picture above) to Father Nicholas Gruner "for his sixteen years, priestly service and for his very important apostolic work with The Fatima Crusader".

The Fatima Crusader is published by the National Committee for the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada. Editor: Coralie Graham. Directors: Father Nicholas Gruner, Father Victor Soroka, Coralie Graham and Mary Sedore. It is distributed in U.S.A. with the cooperation of the Servants of Jesus and Mary.

In U.S.A: PO Box 1470 Buffalo, NY 14240-9935
In Canada: 452 Kraft Rd., Fort Erie, ON L2A 4M7
Call toll-free: 1-800-263-8160 · (905) 871-8041 · Fax: (905) 871-8680
World Wide Web: · Email:

This magazine is sent free of charge, but a donation to cover the cost of postage and printing is appreciated. It is only through the generosity of our supporters who give more than the minimum that we are able to continue publishing this quarterly magazine. Your continued prayerful support is greatly appreciated.

Photo on front cover and photos of the Pope (in "The Six Apparitions of Our Lady" and "The Three Children of Fatima") by Arturo Mari of L’Osservatore Romano, Vatican City.

In response to Pope John Paul II’s avowal that the "Message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent today than ever," Father Gruner and other priests of the Apostolate continue to preach in cathedrals, churches and chapels throughout the world (at the invitation of bishops and priests). Father Gruner often travels with the beautiful Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima (pictured above), blessed by Pope Paul VI at Fatima in 1967, bringing Her Message of peace and hope to all Catholics and others of good will everywhere.

There are many ways that you too can help Our Lady and this great Crusade for Her Fatima message. No help is insignificant, you can help by one or more of the following ways: your prayers, your reading, your conversations, your volunteer help and your contributions.

See above for address and phone number to contact us for more information about Our Lady of Fatima and Her urgent message, as well as for your free schedule of our daily radio programs around the world, our TV programs in North America and for your free copy of The Fatima Crusader magazine.

Donations from Canada and U.S.A. are tax-deductible