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Virtue of Humility – Twenty-Fourth Day of February

In my opinion, we shall never acquire true humility unless we raise our eyes towards Our Lord. The soul which considers the greatness of God sees best its own baseness; in considering His holiness it sees better its own unworthiness; when it contemplates His patience it sees how far removed it is from Him; in a word, on fixing her eyes on His divine perfections she discovers in herself so many and so great imperfections that she is penetrated with confusion, and begs Our Lord to deliver her from them. — St. Teresa.

From the great knowledge St. Vincent de Paul had of the perfections of God came the lowly opinion he had of himself, and his ardent desire for humiliations. He said to his missionaries, “If each of us applied himself to know what he is in the eyes of God, he would certainly acknowledge that it is just and right for him to humble himself. God is so holy, we are so incapable of anything that is good, we have so natural an inclination to evil, so continual a one, we have sinned so often, so grievously. What motives have we not for confusion!”


Who are Thou, O my God, and who am I? Thou art the Lord of lords, and I am nothing. Thou art the Holy of holies, and I am a wretched sinner. I deserve to be with the demons in hell. Lord, have Thou pity on me.