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Virtue of Humility – Twenty-Sixth Day of February

To be reprimanded for one’s faults and not excuse one’s self is more helpful to perfection than to have heard ten sermons with the best dispositions. It is a sign that one is not ambitious for the esteem of creatures, and in accustoming one’s self not to seek excuses in such circumstances one listens as if it were of a stranger they were speaking. — St. Teresa.

Father Alvarez having been accused in a provincial assembly of a fault of which he was not guilty, and publicly reprimanded in the most severe manner, he said not a word in his defense, neither at that time nor ever afterwards. Our Lord recompensed his heroic silence by extraordinary favors.


My God, I take the resolution never to excuse myself, never to justify myself. Grant me grace to be faithful to this resolution which Thou hast inspired me to make, as a proof of my love for Thee.