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A Pilgrimage to Fatima

The Basilica and Sanctuary of the Rosary

The Basilica of the Rosary received its title in December 1954 granted by His Holiness, Pope Pius XII. It is situated in a vast open square, approximately twice as large as St. Peter's in Rome. This beautiful edifice is built of solid limestone with a tower that reaches 65 meters (213 feet) towards the heavens. It has fifteen altars corresponding to the fifteen decades of the Rosary in honor of Our Lady who here declared: "I am the Lady of the Rosary."

Basilica (interior)
Interior view of the Sanctuary

basil6.jpg - 5.8 Kbasil5.jpg - 5.6 K
The graves of Francisco and Jacinta situated behind the High Altar of the Sanctuary

basil4.jpg - 11.0 Kbasil3.jpg - 10.9 K
Two examples of the beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Fatima story

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A "Virtual" Pilgrimage to Fatima