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A Pilgrimage to Fatima
The Cova da Iria

The Cova da Iria was land belonging to Lucy dos Santos' family where the three children frequently pastured their sheep. It was here that Our Lady appeared to the three seers six times and gave Her Message to the world.

Of the Cova, Frère Michel, one of world's greatest experts on Fatima has written: "This choice of place [was] neither the product of chance, nor of the imagination of three illiterate children. [In] this choice of place...the inspired plan of the most frequented pilgrimage in the world is already traced out."

cova1.jpg - 10.1 K
The Cova much as it appeared at the time of the apparitions.

cova2.jpg - 9.1 K
The Cova today as seen at night during evening services.

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