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Other Prayers to
the Sacred Heart of Jesus and
the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Another Act of Consecration of the Family
to the Sacred Heart

Lord Jesus,/ deign to visit this home/ in company with Thy Most Holy Mother,/ and to pour out upon its inhabitants/ those graces which Thou hast promised/ to families specially consecrated/ to Thy Divine Heart. It was Thou alone,/ O Savior of the world,/ who in revealing Thyself/ to St. Margaret Mary/ didst demand, for an end most merciful,/ the solemn homage of universal love/ to Thy Divine Heart,/ that Heart which has so much loved men/ and was so little loved in return.

This family seeks urgently/ to answer Thy call,/ and, in reparation for the indifference/ and the apostasy/ of so many souls,/ it comes, O Divine Heart,/ to proclaim Thee as its loving Sovereign/ and to consecrate to Thee,/ without hope of gain,/ its joys, labor, and sorrows,/ the present and the future of this household,/ which henceforth belongs to none other than Thee.

Thus bless those who are here present. Bless also those who, by the will of the Most High,/ have passed away. Bless those who are absent, O Jesus! In the name of the Virgin Mary,/ we beseech Thee,/ O Heart of Love, to establish this household in the reign of charity. Pour forth on it Thy spirit of faith,/ of holiness,/ and of purity. Be Thou the unique Master of these souls:/ detach them from worldliness and empty vanities. Open to them, Lord,/ the adorable wound of Thy most merciful Heart;/ and as an Ark of Salvation keep them therein,/ for they are Thine unto eternal Life!

May the Triumphant Heart of Jesus dwell among us,/ forever loved, blessed, and glorified! Amen.

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart

By St. Maximilian Kolbe

O Immaculate Queen of Heaven and earth. Refuge of Sinners and our Most Loving Mother, Whom God has made the Treasurer of His Mercy, I, an unworthy sinner, throw myself at Thy Most Holy feet and humbly beseech Thee to accept me, whole and entire, as Thy property.

To Thee, O Mother, I offer all the faculties of my soul and body, and I place my life, my death, my eternity in Thy hands, that Thou mayest use my entire being according to Thy will. Use me, O Immaculate Virgin, as Thou wilt to fulfill that which was written of Thee. — “She shall crush thy head,” and “Thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

Deign that I may become in Thy Most Pure and Merciful hands a useful instrument to make Thee known and loved by so many erring and indifferent souls, and also to increase as much as possible the number of those who truly admire and love Thee in order that the Kingdom of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus may be spread throughout the world.

This I can do, O most Holy Mother Immaculate, only with Thy help, for wherever Thou bestoweth Thy grace, there alone can the conversion and sanctification of souls be achieved, and there alone can the Sweet Kingdom of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be established.
V. O Holy Virgin, make me worthy to praise Thee.
R. Give me strength against Thine enemies.
“Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls.”