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Renewal of the
Family Consecrations

If possible, recite as a family each day the following small acts of consecration:

Renewal of the Consecration to
the Sacred Heart

Sweet Savior,/ kneeling humbly at Thy feet,/ we renew the consecration of our family to Thy Divine Heart. Be forever our King;/ we have full and complete confidence in Thee. May Thy spirit fill our thoughts,/ our desires,/ our words, and our works. Bless our undertakings. Take part in our joys,/ our trials, and our labors. Grant to us to know Thee better,/ to love Thee more,/ and to serve Thee without fail. From one pole of the earth to the other may the cry resound: “Beloved, blessed, and glorified/ be everywhere and forever/ the Triumphant Heart of Jesus!” Amen.

Renewal of the Consecration to
the Immaculate Heart

O Immaculate Heart of Mary,/ Mother of the Heart of Jesus,/ Mother and Queen of our household,/ that we may fulfill Thy ardent desire,/ we consecrate ourselves to Thee,/ and we beseech Thee to reign over our family. Reign over each one of us,/ and teach us how to make the Sacred Heart of Thy Divine Son/ reign and triumph in us and about us,/ as He has reigned and triumphed in Thee.

We come with confidence to Thee,/ O Throne of Grace and Mother of Fair Love;/ inflame us with the same divine fire/ which has inflamed Thine own Immaculate Heart. Kindle in our hearts and homes,/ the love of purity,/ an ardent zeal for souls,/ and desire for the holiness of family life. We accept now,/ all the sacrifices that the Christian life will impose on us/ and we offer them to the Heart of Jesus,/ by Thy Immaculate Heart,/ in a spirit of reparation and of penance. To the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary/ be love, honor, and glory forever and ever! Amen.

Parents! Pray Together with Your Children!