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Rome Update
Friday, October 24


On Thursday morning we held a press conference at the renowned Hotel Cicerone where many local and national journalists had a chance to ask Chris Ferrara questions about the Italian language launch of his book, The Secret Still Hidden. You may listen to this talk, and view pictures of the press conference, by accessing the Press Conference links on the Target: Rome and Photo Gallery pages.

Later that evening many lay people, religious and clergy gathered for the official presentation of the book to the Italian public. Mr. Ferrara was joined on stage by Father Paul Kramer, Father Gruner and Italian journalist Solideo Paolini, who all participated in a question and answer session. Many pictures of that event are also available here.

The event drew quite a large number of people due in no small part to our full page color newspaper ad that ran in two of the largest Rome dailies, and the commencement of our radio commercials that broadcast that morning. The multiple phone lines in the office have been ringing endlessly with people looking for information and placing orders for the book.

Today, Father Gruner joined the distribution team to personally hand out our flyers around the Vatican. There are many pictures which show what a good response he got.

Also today, our tireless Fatima staff are busy making final arrangements for the procession tomorrow of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Written authorization for our route has already been procured and local volunteers are busy preparing signs to be carried. The main roads outside the Vatican (as seen on our map) will be closed to car traffic for 2 hours tomorrow to accommodate our procession.

If the volume of phone calls is any indication, we should have a great many participants in the procession, including journalists and clergy.

Visit with us again tomorrow for details of this incredible event, and please remember to pray for us and the spiritual success of our mission.