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Rome Update
Wednesday, October 22


Things are really moving along here in Rome. To date, in excess of 45,000 flyers have been distributed. Our office is a hotbed of activity with several people answering phones, giving out information and taking book orders. Arion Books, the biggest book store chain in Rome, is now selling The Secret Still Hidden in 16 book stores across the city.

On Thursday our ads will start appearing in the “Metro”, a newspaper that has a circulation of more than 610,000. In the morning we will hold a press conference to announce our presence in Rome — hundreds of the top journalists in Italy have been invited. Later in the day there will be the official book launch of the Italian version of The Secret Still Hidden, to which thousands of people have been invited.

On Friday we will begin our radio commercials, which will be heard on 3 prominent radio stations. A total of 540 20-second spots will play over the next 18 days.

As you can see from the pictures, there is now no way that Our Lady’s Message can be ignored in Rome. Please continue to pray for the spiritual success of this endeavor — especially pray your Rosaries.

Remember to keep checking here on the “Target: Rome” webpage for more photos and updates.