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Rome Update
Monday, October 20

Day I Target Rome:

Deo Gratias! Father Gruner and company have arrived safe and sound in Rome, Italy. His party presently consists of 13 hard-working helpers who are striving to have the full Third Secret of Fatima released. This campaign is appropriately named Target Rome.

Target Rome involves using a variety of means to encourage Pope Benedict XVI to release the Third Secret in its entirety as well as to inform and move the public to action. We have more than 70 billboards strategically placed throughout the city. There are also two trotters, which are huge mobile billboards 13 feet across and 9 feet in height, traveling the streets of Rome.

Our staff and helpers — along with five or six local part time workers — have begun the distribution of 200,000 flyers from strategic points in the city. The staff are strategically located in close proximity to the Vatican (as well as other areas of Rome) and have been able to place flyers directly into the hands of high-ranking clergy.

Despite having obtained official government permits for this distribution, one of our staff distributors has twice been targeted and harassed, first by local police and then by undercover police, who both times tried to indicate some “problem” with either the government-issued permit or interpretation of the permit.

Pray for the success of our mission and for the safety of Father Gruner and all those assisting Target Rome. We will continue to bring you a daily update.