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Father's Letter of May 2006,
   re: Readers’ Response to 
       EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong


I’ve read “EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong” and it’s very enlightening. Yes, print more!... 

I received the book about EWTN... I think it should be published and sent out to all Catholics, clergy and all. It is an important book!

Quotes from some who have read 
EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

The results are in! We’ve read the responses to our survey.

Thousands are solidly behind us in our efforts to distribute and promote EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong. 95 per cent of those who sent in the survey form told us:

- They believe what they read is true!

- They believe this truth MUST be shared with other Catholics!

- They agree this book MUST be read by all concerned with defending the Catholic Faith!

- They feel promoting this book is in the best interests of Our Lady of Fatima and this Apostolate!

This overwhelmingly positive response comes as an answer to my prayer.

Even if you don’t watch EWTN -- or have never heard of it, you will encounter much of what the book talks about in other Catholic organizations, maybe even in certain parishes.

The book points out what we need to be aware of -- how one change leads to another and eventually to something that isn’t even Catholic.

I worried if distributing EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong was the right thing for Our Lady’s Apostolate to do. There were some who advised me that doing so would cause more controversy and trouble.

But the more I read Chris Ferrara’s powerful work, the more
convinced I was that we MUST do our part to expose EWTN’s role in promoting what he rightly calls “counterfeit Catholicism” (as well as showing people what signs to look for, that prove how wrong things have really gone).

Mr. Ferrara shows clearly that while EWTN holds itself out as the gold standard of Catholic orthodoxy today, it is actually a major promoter of Modernist innovation in the Church.

Thus, as he points out, EWTN is a major obstacle to the widespread return to true Catholic belief and practice in all its integrity, which is the only way to end the crisis in the Church.

For the sake of the Faith, please join me
in getting this vital message out!

Yes, there have been a very few who misunderstood our intentions.

Some are troubled by the strong language of the book and the shocking truths they have read. Well, I did say in my letter that the book would be disturbing to many. This is as it should be, for what EWTN is promoting is truly upsetting.

A handful of misguided souls have accused us once again of speaking against the Church and being disobedient to the Holy Father and to the Magisterium.

Let us be clear. EWTN is not an organization or agency of the Roman Catholic Church!

Especially since 2001, when Mother Angelica was completely pushed out, EWTN is merely a group of neo-Modernists who call themselves Catholic, promoting their own brand of “counterfeit Catholicism” no matter what their intentions. To criticize them is NOT to criticize the Church.

Catholics have not just a right, but a duty to oppose anyone undermining the Catholic Faith. This is why we must oppose EWTN and call for their correction.

The salvation of souls is the greatest good, and the Catholic Faith is the primary and most necessary means given by God to save souls. Thus to undermine the Faith in any way, as EWTN is doing, is the greatest evil, as it leads directly to the loss of souls.

Thus, I know we are doing the right thing. Thanks to this excellent book, thousands of Catholics have at last learned the real truth about EWTN and how it subtly robs us of our most precious possession, the Catholic Faith in its integrity.

Here’s what one reader wrote to me:

“I am currently reading the book by Mr. Christopher Ferrara that you sent me a few days ago... I am finding it very inspiring and quite an eye opener...

“Until I started reading the above-mentioned book, I did not realize all the subtle changes that had occurred in the Catholic Church since the 1960's.

“I wish to thank you for sending me a copy of this book. Christopher certainly has a knack for writing and I agree that more people should be given an opportunity to read it...”

Please help others to learn the truth!

Our reader has hit the nail on the head.Thanks to EWTN: A Network Gone Wrongwe finally have the truth about these people.

The people at EWTN are undermining our efforts to bring millions and millions of souls back to the beauty, the goodness and the truth of the Catholic Faith, whole and inviolate.

But we cannot, we must not keep this to ourselves. We must make the truth known!

Publishing and distributing books is an enormously costly undertaking. Look at what you pay for books today.

“Cheap” mass market paperbacks, which a generation ago cost a dollar or two, now sell for $8 to $15. Nonfiction books, for which the market is much smaller, sell for $15 to $30...and up!

Our Lady’s Apostolate will not profit financially by selling EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong. Even so, if we were to charge enough to cover the costs of printing, publishing and distribution, we would have to ask for more than many people could afford to pay.

The plain fact is that we need to subsidize the distribution of this book, to make sure that it gets the widest possible circulation.

Why? To help those who are in danger of losing their souls through belief in the Modernist heresies being spread by EWTN!

Three ways you can help

Please think about what you can do to help us distribute this timely, informative and truly vital book. Here are three suggestions.

* If you know of a place where this book should be on sale -- the religious articles store at your church, a Catholic bookstore, even a secular bookstore -- give us the contact
details of the person in charge and we will let them know how they can offer the book in their store.

* You can buy copies to give to your friends. One of our supporters wrote, “I plan to give a copy to a couple of friends, who swear by Mother Angelica...” What an excellent idea! You’ll find details of a money saving volume discount on the Fatima Shoppe website.

* You can make a donation for this special purpose. Your gift will make it possible for us to send the book free to those, especially clergy, who are unable to buy it.

Hundreds of thousands of Catholics are in danger of being misled by this “wolf in sheep’s clothing” we call EWTN.

Right now, I ask you to do your part in telling them the truth.

May Our Lady guide you and God bless you in this and everything you do to promote Our Lady’s Full Fatima Message and the True Catholic Faith.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. There are dozens even hundreds and thousands of people, especially Catholic priests we could send EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong to with your gift of $10.00, $100.00 or even 1,000's of dollars. Our Lady who is appointed by God to crush all heresies is relying on you to help crush the Modernist heresy by promoting this book as widely as possible.

  For more information about Father Gruner, 
visit the Fatima Priest web site