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From Father's Desk
    FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child

    Now, finally, my grandchildren understand how even a child can sacrifice and save souls. I noticed they approached Holy Communion much more reverently after reading how the three children received Communion from St. Michael. The Child Seers are holy role models that children today must follow instead of the horrible alternatives the media offers them. FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child was my answer to prayers. I have searched and searched for a child’s book on Fatima that gave the full truth, not the wishy-washy half truths. This book opens the door for children of all ages to follow the Fatima children.

    The complete story of Fatima is simply written for young people. Catholic home schoolers will find FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child particularly helpful.

    If I was given a book like this when I was a child, I am sure my life would have been different. Now, I wish I were able to buy and send this book to every child on the planet. When all is said and done, it all boils down to the messages contained in this little book — it's as simple as that.

    We liked the book a lot. We learnt things about the Fatima story we did not know before, such as the appearance of the Angel to the children. We also learnt some new prayers and about why we pray the "O My Jesus" prayer during the Rosary and participate in the First Saturday devotion. It was neat that the three children were around our ages when the Blessed Virgin appeared to them!

    Children ages 6, 8, 10 and 12

    With all of the violence on television and pornography on the internet, FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child and its message could not have come at a better time.

    Our children need this book so they can find the peace and security that only Heaven can offer.

    There will never be a better way to express your loving concern for their welfare and their souls.

    Their thanks will be eternal.

    I love your little book and the beautiful illustrations. Children will love it too! I know Our Lady will be very honored through this little book in Her honor. I am very happy with the emphasis on the Eucharist in this book. It (the book) projects this holiness that children need to hear. Children need heroes …

    Many books published for children are written about talking animals, fictional action heroes or sports. FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child is a book that brings alive the history of Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima. Children reading this book become more aware of the importance of the Rosary, prayer and personal sacrifice. While the book is for children, parents too can learn more about the Fatima apparition and message. This book makes a wonderful gift for a child or grandchild.

    This little children's book is such an enormous story that needs to be taught to all children, old and young. When children read this book I'm sure that they will be overwhelmed when they read what 3 innocent children endured and the responsibility that they undertook. This book will bring spiritual hope to all families with the promise of Our Lady's words.

    This was a perfect book for our family story-time. It held the attention of our six-year-old, our twelve-year-old, and the children in-between. The story is told in an engaging way and does not short sell the Message of Fatima. The book's emphasis on the daily offering up of prayers and small sacrifices by the Fatima children was an important and timely message for our family.

    Knowing that my children and my grandchildren have never heard of the Fatima Message makes me wonder what they are teaching the children today in the Catholic Education System.

    This book, FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child, is a perfect way for us as parents and grandparents to teach this message to our loved ones. I know that if my children take this book and read it to their children, we will have won on two counts. Our children will learn or re-learn the Fatima Message and they will teach it to their children.

    When I watch the news each evening, I am afraid for my children and grandchildren. I know that very soon they may never have the chance to know peace and security in their lifetime, but if they read and put to use what they’ve learned in the book, FATIMA! Through the Eyes of a Child, maybe just maybe they will be able to make a difference.

    Children are the future. They need to read this book and be educated. Just think what can happen through the eyes of a child.