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Father's Letter of January 2010,
re: “The Fatima Challenge”


“We are in the last times of the world.”

- Sister Lucy of Fatima

January 3, 2010
Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Happy, Holy New Year to you.

2010 May Be the Year When
Our Lady’s Triumph Begins!

We are entering our 33rd year in Our Lady’s Apostolate. For as many years as Our Lord walked the earth we have worked to bring His Mother’s Message to the Church and to our suffering world.

Now, at long last, Our Lady of Fatima may be heard and heeded by the Pope and bishops. Why am I so overflowing with prayerful hope?

Because so many astounding things have happened over the past year. Our cause is being vindicated. Our claims proved and accepted.

One by one, the deceptions and cover-ups surrounding Fatima are collapsing or being exposed. Thus the devil is mad as hell.

But we can’t stop now. Not with victory so close. Not with Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart pressing us forward to victory!

And we are not stopping. We are pressing on with all our might — with all our physical energy, spiritual weapons of prayer and sacrifice, funds, resources and determination.

With the invaluable and vitally necessary help of people like you, we will see Our Lady’s Victory — SOON!

The Fatima Challenge —
Our 2010 Symposium

In early spring, we will hold Phase III of Target Rome - The Fatima Challenge, challenging everyone and anyone who does not understand, or tries to ignore, or who works against the urgent Message Our Lady gave us at Fatima...

We will be there! Right on the doorstep of the Vatican!

The Fatima Challenge is our most innovative, most courageous, perhaps our most crucial initiative ever. With Our Lady’s help, we will bring all the Fatima experts together within hearing distance of the Pope. Everything will be put on the table.

The resounding FULL truth about Fatima will reverberate through the Vatican halls. It will break through the walls of silence!

Information that has been deceptively kept from the ears of the Holy Father and other loyal Catholic prelates — for far too long — will finally be made known and understood.

The Truth Will Withstand and
Overcome All Doubts and Denials.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone — who erroneously feels Fatima is a pious happening now belonging to the past — will be personally given a special invitation to come and state his case.

And we will state ours.

As Pope Leo XIII said, the Church has nothing to fear from the truth. Let the Church judge according to ALL the evidence!

We have nothing to hide, nothing to fear. We have our allegiance to Our Lady of Fatima and our adherence to Her FULL Message. On this we will rely.

We pray the Cardinal will come. We pray all our opponents will come. Let them present their arguments. Let there be an honest, complete and open exposition of ALL the Fatima facts and findings.

Our Lord said the truth would make us free. Let us free ourselves, our family, our friends, and all our fellow men by making ALL the Fatima truths known and understood.

Let us free the Church — with the FULL truth about Fatima.

Let the air of Rome, so long befouled with misinformation about Fatima, be perfumed with the sweet presence and liberating truth brought to us by Our Loving Mother from Heaven.

I am Filled With Hope That 2010
Will Be the Year We Have Long Awaited

In May 2009, the Pope publicly broke away from the anti-Fatima prelates in the Vatican. He did this (as I explained in a previous letter) when he prayed for the future triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Pope Benedict XVI also announced in 2009 that he will visit Fatima on May 12th and 13th, 2010, the 93rd anniversary of the first of the six apparitions of Our Blessed Mother to the three shepherd children.

There is much speculation about his intentions, the more prominent one being the possibility of the beatification of Sister Lucy. But on May 13, 2010...

*Will Pope Benedict XVI finally release the FULL Third Secret?

*Will Pope Benedict XVI finally do the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the manner She specified?

A Golden Opportunity

That is why The Fatima Challenge is so very important. We must make sure the Holy Father is fully apprised of all the facts about Fatima BEFORE he goes there. But we must ask...

If WE do not do it — then WHO will???

This question is valid. Just consider the fact that powerful churchmen have wanted the Fatima Message to be silenced or consigned to the dustbin of history.

You may remember the crucial role Our Lady’s Apostolate has played and continues to play in unmasking all the deceptions against Fatima wrought by these anti-Fatima prelates.

With the help of Our Lady’s friends, we stood against them. We exposed the falsehoods and deceptions for over 27 years.

And over time, one opponent after another stopped their open opposition — first in 1983; then again in 1984-87; then again in 1989-92; then again in 1992-97; and then again in 2000; and again in 2002-2005; and again in 2006-2009.

Whether the enemies of Fatima are sincere in their opposition or disbelief or in their misunderstanding is a matter of conscience known to God and the individuals involved. Possibly they have told their close associates.

They have not told us why they do what they do. We are not in their inner circles. They don’t take us into their confidence. We make no rash judgment. But we DO AND MUST stand by the truth.

Please Pray and Stay With Us

With Our Lady’s help, we are going to stand by the truth now with even more determination and insistence. We will proclaim Her Message with all our might.

We are challenging, with unmistakable clarity, every falsehood, every error spread and propagated against Fatima — in Rome near the Pope.

I pray for all Our Lady’s friends every day. I especially pray that She can count on YOU as Her Triumph nears and the devil pulls out all tricks to stop us.

Please pray for me and Her apostolate workers as we work harder than ever to be Her good servants in these days of the final battle.

There are few projects we could undertake that have a greater influence for good, that help spread the truth of the Fatima Message more effectively, than The Fatima Challenge.

There are also few projects that are more expensive, more demanding, more time-consuming.

We are inviting:

* His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI;
* All members of the Pope’s “Commission on Fatima”;
* Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone;
* Every Cardinal and bishop in the world;
* Every priest in Rome and many more throughout Italy;
* Representatives from every Fatima organization we know;
* All Fatima writers and publishers, and any other experts on the Fatima Message.

There is Much Work To Be Done — and FAST!

*We need to reserve accommodations and arrange for meals for our guests and our staff.

*We need to book meeting rooms.

*We need to publicize The Fatima Challenge over and over again.

*This means advertising, mailings, a web site — every means available to let everyone know that the moment has come to reveal the FULL truth about Fatima.

*We need to make it clear that Fatima is the ONE necessary, saving, prophetic truth for our time; for our troubled world. The ONLY plan that will save us now!

*We need sound equipment and TV cameras.

*We need simultaneous translations. We intend to broadcast the conference live on Italian television. We also want to offer it in real time on the Internet in English and Italian.

And we have such a short time in which to accomplish all of this. We have less than FOUR MONTHS to do it all!

The workers at the Fatima Center will be stressed as never before. Target Rome — The Fatima Challenge must be brought to realization. This is what we have worked for these many years.

The Fatima Challenge
of Her Dear Children — Like You!

We need you with us now. Please, stay with us until the end — until Our Lady’s Triumph.

Our apostolate will strain itself to the utmost to make The Fatima Challenge a success, but we cannot abandon our other projects, which are also vitally important. We are fighting, and must continue to fight, on many fronts.

When I look back on this past year, I am amazed at how much we accomplished in the face of great adversity. I am looking at several pages now of projects we have brought to fruition.

I cannot list them all, but I have attached a very short list of just some of them.

I have written you about some of them before, but seeing them together is very impressive, especially to see what the dear friends of Our Lady helped achieve against all odds...

PROOF — YOU CAN Make a Difference!

You and I and Our Lady’s apostolate have an opportunity now to make a difference in 2010 that will change the world. This is our time to forge ahead as never before.

The Fatima Challenge could be the most important venture in the history of Her Apostolate and the world! Will you and other dear friends help make 2010 the year Our Lady of Fatima triumphs?

Our Lady of Fatima is pleading with us to try.
Be part of that Triumph. Give all that you can.

And pray, pray, pray. I fully expect that The Fatima Challenge will reignite the various personal attacks that have been made against me through the years.


We expect to be maliciously attacked!

We expect our love of the Church and the Holy Father to be denied and despised.

We expect our work to be disparaged and disrespected.

We expect the full fury of the enemies of Fatima to be unleashed now that Our Lady’s Triumph nears.


Don’t be scandalized or discouraged.

The good friends of Our Lady and the loyal supporters of this, Her apostolate, may also be attacked through the wickedness and snares of the devil. He could use people close to them to do this.

But Our Lord told us that: those who hunger for justice will be filled; those who are peacemakers will be called Children of God. No amount of venom directed at us can take from us the soul-nurturing, peace giving and saving truth of Our Lady of Fatima.

We join with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in praying:

"“You promised the three children of Fatima that ‘in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.’ MAY IT BE SO!”"

Help Our Lady of Fatima save the world and the countless endangered souls so dear to Her Son that He shed His last drop of Blood for them and sent His own Mother to give us all the only way to true and lasting world peace and eternal salvation.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. We have to begin making The Fatima Challenge reservations now. Please let me know as soon as possible that I have your support. There is so little time left.

P.P.S. I have attached a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Please pray this prayer to St. Michael with us every day to defend us all in this great battle for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

P.P.P.S. If you have replied already to The Fatima Challenge, please consider making another contribution to this cause. If you want a 2010 Our Lady’s Legion of Peace sticker, please call us toll-free at 1-800-263-8160.

For more information about Father Gruner,
visit the Fatima Priest web site