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  • Father's Letter of March 2006,
    re: Giving Children a great Blessing — 
    Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child


    Unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.
    ... (Matt. 18:3)

    Dear Friend of Our Lady,

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Remember the first time, as a child, you gazed upon a holy picture of the Blessed Virgin, and wanted to be "very good" in Her eyes?

    Remember when you first heard about Fatima how you daydreamed and wished that She would appear to you, too? Please! Read and re-read the inspiring little book Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child as a child.

    Join the child seers in feeling the awe and wonderment as they saw St. Michael, that beautiful, strong angel teaching you how to adore God more profoundly.

    Capture in your thoughts the soft maternal lilt of Our Lady's voice as She speaks. Picture yourself at Her feet, being showered with Her Grace and Holiness.

    Step into the same footsteps the children did, as the mysterious, yet most serious Message of Our Lady of Fatima unfolds before your eyes.

    Feel the same love, loyalty and deep sense of responsibility that the children had -- to spread Her Message of peace throughout the whole world, to everyone far and wide.

    Make sacrifices with the children in reparation to Jesus and Mary. Renew again and again, this spirit of sacrifice to save many sinners from eternal hell.

    Intensify your love for Jesus and Mary to the point of being willing (like the 3 children of Fatima) to suffer even a horrible death of being boiled in oil, rather than betray Our Lady's Message of truth.

    Envision being there amongst 70,000 people, praying and waiting, in a torrential downpour, for Our Lady's appearance.

    Meditate and feel the warmth as She came, displaying for you the amazing Miracle of the Sun.

    Listen to the pilgrims as they cry out "Marvel", "Marvel", as they watch the sun give off various beautiful colors (all shades of the rainbow) as it zigzagged across the sky.

    Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In this case the beauty of the soul of an innocent child ready to serve God and His Holy Mother -- is YOU!

    Be a Missionary

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world could read this little treasure; adults and children alike? And wouldn't it be wonderful if they, too, would do what they could to pass on this Heavenly encounter to their families, friends and neighbors?

    God said we must become as little children, to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

    Did you know that in a recent documentary called "Supersize Me", young 6- and 7-year-olds were interviewed and asked to identify pictures of famous people?

    All of them identified Ronald McDonald (due to McDonald's one billion dollar advertising budget -- per year!) but hardly one child in the survey recognized Jesus Christ when they were shown a picture of the Sacred Heart.

    Please help us bring Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child -- this gateway to Heaven -- to millions of children who have been deprived of the truth of Fatima and of Christ Himself.

    Please don't let our lack of an annual billion dollar advertising budget prevent us from reaching our children for Jesus, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Man does not live by hamburgers alone! The children need to know and love Jesus and Mary. Obviously, the young generation are starved spiritually. We must reach out to them through all the channels available to us.

    The world needs to become as a little child again, loving and attentive to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary. And they can ... through YOU.

    YOU can help make this possible. And here's how! With your help, our goal is to put Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child into the hands of 3,568,037 Catholic children.

    And remember, through the innocent eyes of a child, we, in turn, will reach their parents and their non-Catholic friends and neighbors.

    Jesus wishes the little children to know Him and His Blessed Mother. Through this humble little book, we can and we must teach our children about Fatima, for the sake of their souls.

    This is doubly important today, when not only the Fatima Message but prayer and even the very existence of God Himself is not being taught in schools.

    Even in many so-called Catholic schools, while the children do not know their basic catechism, we see courses in "comparative religion" or "world religions".

    In this atmosphere, the children don't even get to know about Fatima.

    Whether the children you know go to public schools or Catholic schools, or are schooled at home, we must give them Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child!

    The goal of Our Lady's Apostolate is to make it possible for all children,everywhere in the world, to have, or at least be able to borrow, a copy of Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child.

    We could start by promoting this Heavenly treasure in the U.S. and Canada to:

    170,713 lay elementary school teachers
    8,247 teaching Nuns and Brothers
    19,297 parish priests
    6,376 Catholic Elementary schools connected to parishes
    3,568,037 Religious Education Elementary students
    Public libraries in every town and city
    ... As well as to Third World Overseas Missions, including our India Orphanage.
    As you can see, the opportunities are endless... BUT our resources to reach them are not!

    We do not have McDonald's annual billion dollars for advertising. Imagine what we could do if we did! Without people like you we don't have enough for this project. We can't do it without the help of our dear friends.

    We need help to make Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child widely available.

    Your gift towards our costs of printing and distributing additional copies of this wonderful book will help us put books into schools, libraries, orphanages -- to children who might otherwise never know the urgent and loving Message of Fatima.

    Christmas is not the only time for giving

    How often during the year are you moved to give something to your children, grandchildren, godchildren or other youngsters in your life?

    Birthdays, anniversaries of baptism, rewards for successful study, Easter...any occasion or no occasion...all these are times when you can pass on the "light" that many have sought to hide under a bushel basket.

    We must sacrifice and pray to put the light of Our Lady of Fatima into the eyes of children everywhere.

    "Do ye all things without murmurings and hesitations; that you may be blameless, and sincere children of God, without reproof, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation; among whom you shine as lights in the world." (Philip. 2:14,15)

    Fatima! Through the Eyes of a Child! is one of the best gifts I can think of for any child, anywhere, to receive that light and pass it on.

    Please read the Acclaim for this book and order your copies of this book to give as your gift to your children! You are not just giving a book, you are giving a great blessing that can last a lifetime. In fact, it may be the door opener to countless souls getting to Heaven for all eternity.

    Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

    Father Nicholas Gruner


    THOUSANDS of children, especially in the Third World, have no one to remember them. But you can -- with your special gift, you can help place books in churches, orphanages, schools and libraries, where these underprivileged children can read them and pass the light on to their parents and friends.