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From Father's Desk
    Father's Letter of April 2006,
    re: a hard-hitting new book: 
    EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong


    “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness forlight, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    (Isaias 5:20)

    “If some new contagion should seek to poison, not only a little part of the Church, but the whole Church at once, then [the Catholic’s] greatest care should once again be to adhere to tradition, which obviously cannot be seduced by any deceitful novelty.

    ... St. Vincent of Lerins

    Dear Friend of Our Lady,

    “Have you seen what’s on EWTN? Have you heard that Mother Angelica was forced out?”

    What, in the name of God, are they doing at EWTN?”

    I wish we had $100 for every time I’ve heard or read questions like that from perplexed Catholics. They are shocked and outraged by what Pope John Paul II called the “silent apostasy”.

    This apostasy is being spread throughout the Church by Modernists, and now, sadly, by Modernists at Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

    Offensive rock music, charismatic lunacy, Communion in the hand, ecumenical indifferentism, “Hebrew Catholicism”, utterly shocking discussion of sexuality and sexual sins...

    All of these scandalous novelties are on EWTN! And they undermine the Faith! Over and over again, Catholics complain to us about EWTN’s scandals. Faithful and informed Catholics are disgusted with EWTN’s brand of “Catholicism”.

    All of this has been happening since Mother Angelica gave up control of EWTN in March 2000 - 6 years ago!

    We cannot remain silent any longer!

    I want you to read EWTN: A Network Gone Wronga powerful new book that exposes this rot and protects your soul against EWTN’s corruption of the Faith.

    Yes, I’m very sad to have to inform you, EWTN has become, instead of a Catholic network, a “network of apostasy”. The evidence is in the book. EWTN is slowly leading Catholics away from the true Faith, all the while insisting that they are orthodox and loyal.

    In this hard-hitting book, Christopher Ferrara has collected in 19 powerful chapters examples of EWTN’s deliberate attacks not just against Our Lady’s Fatima Message -- but against almost all of the beliefs and practices that faithful Catholics hold dear.

    Why we MUST speak out NOW

    Our sounding the alarm will no doubt provoke EWTN’s supporters. They will harp on good elements of EWTN’s programming (which this book does not deny). No doubt EWTN will repeat their attacks on me and the work of Our Lady’s Apostolate.

    Some may say that the last thing Father Gruner needs at this time is yet another fight with those who hold themselves out as the guardians of Catholic orthodoxy.

    It gives me no pleasure to draw attention to what is happening at EWTN. I know distributing this book will bring down on me and this Apostolate the scorn and the lies of the Modernist establishment.

    However, St. Thomas Aquinas teaches each and every Catholic: ‘You MUST resist and oppose heresy wherever it is found; and those of you to whom God has given the means, you MUST positively fight heresy.’

    Make no mistake about it! What’s being promoted by EWTN is heresy! So it is our duty to oppose their attacks against the Faith and against Fatima.

    We must do everything we can to get this message out. Especially, we must reach out to those EWTN Catholics who would not become aware of EWTN’s far reaching Modernist campaign to subtly undermine our Faith.

    EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong explains in the Preface that the directors of EWTN must expect just criticism from the Catholic faithful.

    This is especially true when what they are promoting is simply not Catholic, but rather the same kind of Modernism condemned by Pope St. Pius X. EWTN’s brand of Catholicism is a “moderately” Modernist counterfeit Roman Catholicism.

    EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong -- what’s inside

    Now, before you read EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong, let me tell you something about this extraordinary new book...

    You know this book’s author, Christopher Ferrara, from his articles in The Fatima Crusader and on our website. You know that he never shrinks from speaking out, speaking the truth.

    Mr. Ferrara’s critique is a strong one, but sometimes charity requires us to say things clearly and frankly, for the salvation of souls -- including the souls of those who direct EWTN.

    A conspiracy foretold by Our Lady

    It becomes more obvious every day that we are witnessing a great apostasy in the Church. Cardinal Ciappi -- personal theologian (for 40 years) to the last five Popes -- told us:

    In the Third Secret (of Fatima) it is foretold (among other things) that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”

    This book reveals how the Eternal Word Television Network (unwittingly or not) works hand in glove with the Modernists to poison the minds of the faithful and cause them to lose their Faith and their souls.

    The facts presented in this book are accurate and true. Put together, they reveal a horrifying plot aimed at the very heart of our Catholic Faith and our souls.

    Part One of the book, “The Modernist Crisis in the Church”, shows you in five compelling chapters how the Modernists mix orthodox things with evil and false things, introducing scandalous novelties to undermine and take away your faith.

    You must read the chapter “What does it mean to be a Catholic?”Here Mr. Ferrara defends people like you, who have continued to practice the Faith of our fathers, without alteration.

    EWTN and the Modernists treat us as if we are no longer to be considered loyal members of the Church. Mr. Ferrara shows this monstrous lie for what it is -- a total reversal of the proper order of things and a sure sign of the devil at work.

    Part Two, the main part of the book is called “EWTN’s role as a vehicle of Modernism”. Read this 11-chapter catalogue of the wickedness aired on EWTN and prepare to be shocked and appalled.

    You’ll find in these chapters details of these absolutely outrageous departures from the traditional Roman Catholic faith:

    EWTN’s moderate Modernism (Ch. 6); EWTN’s promotion of liturgical destruction (Ch. 7); EWTN abandons the dogma “no salvation outside the Church” (Ch. 8); EWTN abandons the return of the dissidents to Rome (Ch. 9); EWTN promotes the return of the Judaizers (Ch.10); EWTN promotes paganism and sacrilege (Ch. 11); Quasi-idolatry of the Pope’s person (Ch.12); Promoting destruction of the traditional Rosary (Ch.13); EWTN promotes Sexual Gnosticism and a cult of NFP (Natural Family Planning) (Ch. 14); EWTN’s “Cool” Catholicism (Ch. 15); ... and, of course, EWTN’s assault on Fatima (Ch.16).

    You will be disturbed and disgusted at the facts set forth in this section. If it were not so meticulously documented, you might find it difficult to believe.

    Since Mother Angelica’s ouster as CEO and complete resignation (March 2000) from EWTN’s board (details of this are in the book) I knew that EWTN had become a major part of the problems in the Church rather than part of the solution.

    But I didn’t realize things had gotten so out of hand. Truly EWTN has not been Mother Angelica’s network for six years!

    What Should We Do? - A Call to Action

    In Part Three of the book, Christopher Ferrara issues a clarion call to concerned Catholics everywhere. Wake up! Do not allow your Faith to be transformed by degrees into heresy and apostasy.

    Do not let them make YOU a counterfeit Catholic!

    Yes, EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong will shock and dismay you!

    Be advised: children should not read Chapter 14 because it reports on the unsuitable material that EWTN broadcasts, but in the final chapter it gives you the information you need to help save yourself and your loved ones.

    It is absolutely vital that you and other Catholics read at least this one final chapter.

    The only way to keep and defend our Faith (and thus our souls and our lives) is by arming ourselves with the one all powerful weapon at our disposal:

    That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, the truth of our Catholic Faith and the truth of Our Lady’s Full Fatima Message!

    EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong calls us to action. As Sister Lucy herself (and this book) says, there can be no neutrality in this crisis. We must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility!

    As EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong, shows, time is running out for all of us. The Great Apostasy is present in the Church today. The Great Chastisement is unfolding as Our Lady predicted, today!

    I must tell you that I am worried about this book, not just because of what it says, but because I know what will happen if we promote it, as I feel we must. Yet the facts presented are too vital to our survival as Catholics to be ignored or silenced.

    I know that what is said in EWTN: A Network Gone Wrongis powerful. Many people will be very surprised or frightened by what they read here. We have already been warned that Our Lady’s enemies will strike back.

    Yet we have a duty to speak out. Nothing less than the salvation of millions or even billions of souls is at stake!

    And if you think, as I do, that this book EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong needs to be put into the hands of as many Catholics -- lay people, parish priests, bishops and Cardinals -- as possible, then help us by making a special sacrifice for this purpose.

    A powerful weapon to win people to Our Lady

    Christopher Ferrara has written a Catholic masterpiece. This new book is one of our strongest and best weapons in the fight against Modernism and to obtain the Consecration of Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

    I want to do what God and Our Lady tell me must be done, but I can’t do it without your prayers, your faith and, yes, your financial sacrifices as well.

    If you believe as I do that this book is important and needed, then please help me bring it to others, especially to bishops and priests and other Catholics who believe in Fatima.

    May Almighty God bless you and Our Lady guide you, now and always.

      Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

      Father Nicholas Gruner