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From Father's Desk
    Father’s Letter of June 2011
    re: “Consecration of Russia: 
    You Can Make a Difference”


    Tuesday, July 14, 2011
    Feast of Saint Basil the Great

    Dear Friend of Our Lady,

    Whenever we go to Rome, SOMETHING BIG HAPPENS!

    Before “Consecration Now!” even began, something big started to happen —something that will get bigger as time goes on, IF WE SEIZE THE MOMENT AND KEEP UP OUR CAMPAIGN!

    Before the conference — on Good Friday, April 22 — Pope Benedict went out of his way to say that he would make no public consecration of any place to Our Lady — “at this time.

    Was the Holy Father talking to us? ONLY OUR LADY’S APOSTOLATE WAS COMING TO ROME TO ASK FOR A CONSECRATION! No one else! Was the Pope asking us to wait, to be patient?

    A week before the Pope’s announcement — April 15 — our giant poster went up at the city’s busiest mall — Porta Di Roma. A beautiful picture of Our Lady was accompanied by the words: Only the Pope can save Rome! By a special prayer of only five-minutes.

    Our Rome office received 100’s of phone calls! People wanted to know about the dangers we face and how the Pope can save us. We told them about Our Lady of Fatima’s request that the Pope and the bishops consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

    We also told them about the chastisements Our Lady warned would come if She was not obeyed: persecutions of the Pope and the Church and “the annihilation of nations!”

    We told the people of Rome the truth. No sugar-coating. This is the same truth this apostolate has been telling for 34 years —


    And we told them about the wonderful mercy of Our Lady, who has given the Church and the world Her promise of protection in exchange for a simple act of consecration.

    More than a million people saw our poster at the mall. Millions more saw our posters at other locations, read our advertorials, heard our radio advertisements for the conference.

    Rome was buzzing about Fatima before we arrived — and so was the Vatican. Then, something amazing and unexpected happened.


    Just weeks before, the Pope said no consecrations were planned. On May 3 — with “Consecration Now!” about to kick off — the Pope reversed himself!

    On May 26, Pope Benedict, along with the bishops of Italy, made a public act of entrustment to Our Lady at Saint Mary Major in Rome. Something happened to make the Pope change his mind!



    So powerful is Our Lady’s grace! No Pope or bishop can resist it. This is why Our Lady tells us that in the end, Her Immaculate Heart will triumph! How can it ever fail?

    But Our Lady asks something of us. We must do our part

    That is why we went to Rome — to do our part. And look what happened! A consecration of Italy to Our Lady involving the Pope and the nation’s bishops!

    Is the Pope preparing the world for THE BIG CONSECRATION?

    I believe he is. I pray that he is. I will do all I can to encourage the Holy Father, as I know you will by your support for Our Lady’s Apostolate, which is so crucial at this time.

    Pope Benedict has set a precedent. He has put it in the mind of the bishops that together they can consecrate a nation — BY NAME — to Our Lady. If Italy, why not Russia?


    Our publicity campaign for “Consecration Now!” produced dramatic results. We must continue it. With your help, we can hasten the Consecration of Russia before it is too late and the chastisements which are unfolding grow worse.

    First, I want to put our giant poster back in its prominent place at the Porta Di Roma. This time, we will be even clearer and more to the point that only the Pope (together with the bishops) can save the world — not just Rome. And we will say how — BY CONSECRATING RUSSIA TO OUR LADY’S IMMACULATE HEART!

    I want to keep the poster there for as long as possible. But even a month of renting this space costs almost $14,000 — that’s over $450 per day — just for one poster.

    But think of what we accomplished before and what we might accomplish if we can only keep up the pressure and alert the public — and the clergy in Rome — to the dangers we face!

    So I am going to ask you: Can you pay to keep Our Lady’s poster up for a day? A week? A month?

    Every 30 people who send me a day’s rent for this precious space will buy us another month of keeping the call for the consecration alive in Rome!

    If Our Lady provides, we will keep the poster up until the Consecration of Russia is done!

    But the poster is only one of the initiatives of “Consecration Now!” that must be kept up. Bishops must be told of their sacred duty to do as Our Lady of Fatima has requested.

    We have teams of people who visit bishops in Rome and elsewhere, telling them about the Fatima Message and what Our Lady has asked of them — and warned us about!

    The bishops must know how much depends on them

    Our teams are versed in several languages and know the protocol for approaching bishops and Vatican prelates. The only thing that holds them back is lack of funds.

    There are many bishops in Rome. But there are about 4,700 bishops throughout the world. The more we can reach — and talk to personally — the more we can convince.

    But this involves sending our teams around the world. It involves airfare, lodging, etc. It’s a costly business. But what will it cost the world — you and me and everyone — if the consecration is delayed much longer?

    I told you in my special letter from Rome about the amazing things that happened at “Consecration Now!” I told you that a famous journalist who specializes in Vatican affairs told our conference: “Something has changed in the Vatican.

    The change is a new attitude, a new openness toward Fatima among Church leaders.


    It is a window of opportunity we have never had before. If we don’t make use of it, our good work until now might be lost!

    With Fatima TV and keeping up our publicity and our work with the bishops, not to mention the cost of our regular operations, our financial resources are stretched to the limit.

    But never have we had such an opportunity to serve Our Lady! I say “we”because it is your opportunity as well as mine. And Our Lady’s Apostolate can only do what your generosity permits.

    I can feel the change in Rome. I can sense it in the way we were treated there by Church officials. We have always seen bishops at our conferences, but for the first time we saw a Vatican Cardinal!

    I couldn’t help but wonder, after so many years of being vilified and ignored, whether I was dreaming. But then Providence reassured me with an amazing occurrence.

    Some friends convinced me while in Rome that it was time I got a new cassock. My others are a bit shabby, I admit.

    At one point on the streets of Rome I needed directions so I asked a monsignor walking by. He said to me: “I know you. Youre Father Gruner and I completely agree with you! Russia has not been consecrated as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

    What made this so remarkable is the monsignor turned out to work for Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone!

    I think this was Our Lady’s way of telling me that the change in Rome is real. The opportunity it offers us is real. Let’s not lose it.

    Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

    Father Nicholas Gruner

    P.S. Let’s help turn up the pressure (as the Catholic Church has dogmatically defined you have the right to do) for the Consecration of Russia. Help put our poster back up at the Porta Di Roma, keep our Rome Fatima TV on the air and visit every bishop we can. The salvation of millions of souls, the very continued existence of entire nations and peace throughout the whole world are at stake. Please, make your financial sacrifice as generous as you can.