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From Father's Desk
Father's Letter of September 2009,
re: “Why Priests Need Our Help”


“That which afflicts the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus is the fall of religious and priestly souls. The devil knows that religious and priests who fall away from their beautiful vocation drag numerous souls to hell. ... The devil wishes to take possession of consecrated souls.”

... Sister Lucy of Fatima

Month of Our Lady of Sorrows

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Can any of us doubt these words of Sister Lucy, especially in light of the terrible scandals that have come to stain the Catholic priesthood?

You know in your heart that we are in the midst of a great war. The war is for your soul and the souls of your loved ones. We are under attack from all sides, and the attack is directed by satan.

The Main Target of satan’s Attack
is the Catholic Priest.

When people now see a Roman collar, what do many think? Of holiness? Of a spiritual father who will lead them in the fight against the world, the flesh and the devil, and lead them to Heaven?

Or do they rather think of the reports of pedophilia and homosexuality; of bishops covering up or even participating in the vices of their fallen priests?

I can’t begin to tell you of the pain this causes me. It pains me also to think of the heartbreak it must cause you too.

Being good and holy has never been easy, but never has it been harder thannow. I and my fellow priests should be in the forefront of that battle both by word and example, leading souls to Heaven.

But many of our priests and bishops are not even aware of the struggle and of the relentless assaults of the enemy. They are under attack and don’t even know it.

There is something that has blinded them. They can’t see the enemy or recognize his tactics. They suffer from what Sister Lucy called “DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION.”

Priests need to know about Fatima
This is why I formed The Fatima
Movement of Priests

This is why we must bring Our Lady’s Message of Fatima to priests. We must fight against this diabolical disorientation.

As any good tactician knows (and the devil is a very good tactician!), if you deprive the enemy army of its officers, the leaderless troops can be scattered and destroyed. This is the devil’s chief battle plan.

We have no choice but to fight. We cannot make peace with an enemy who will settle for nothing but our destruction – in this case the destruction of our souls.

We need good officers. We need good priests. And we have a great advantage.

We have a battle plan given us by Heaven, by Our Lady Herself. We have been given the means of victory: obedience to Our Lady’s Message of Fatima.

When mankind first turned away from God in the Garden of Eden, God in His great mercy promised that satan would not be allowed to triumph over mankind; that his reign would be ended. He told satan:

“I will put enmities between thee and the Woman, and thy seed and Her seed: She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for Her heel.” (Genesis 3:15)

God will crush the head of satan under the heel of Our Blessed Mother. This will be the final outcome of the battle in the war that is nearing its end in our time.

Our Lady of Fatima is the Queen Who will lead us to victory. Our Lady of Fatima said:
“In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

It is true that the Consecration of Russia must be performed by the Pope and the bishops. But the Pope and the bishops are also priests. And priests, along with the laity, are part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

All of us are in this battle together and must stand side by side in the front lines of a great contest. We must fight together as the Church Militant.

Those who have heard and understood Our Lady’s Message of Fatima have been given a great grace and a great responsibility. If you didn’t before, I pray you now know we are in the battle and that:

You now know FATIMA is the solution

And it is priests who are the standard-bearers of Christ. It is priests who raise the banner that the soldiers of Christ follow.

That is why we need good priests. As parents nourish and protect the bodies of their children, it is our priests who nourish and protect their souls.

All of us were washed clean in Baptism by the water flowing from the consecrated hands of a priest. Our Blessed Lord is placed on our tongue by the consecrated hands of a priest.

When we die, if God grants us the grace, we will confess to a priest and receive Our Lord’s Body and Blood for the last time and be anointed for our entry into the afterlife by the consecrated hands of a priest.

I repeat: We need good priests. But good priests especially need the help of people like YOU because Our Lady graced YOU with the opportunity to know and heed Her Fatima Message.

Our Holy Father Benedict XVI has declared this the year of the priest and made St. John Vianney the patron saint of all priests.

Why has the Holy Father done this? Because he knows that we priests are under attack and need your prayers and sacrifices if we are to lead the faithful in this great battle.

The Pope knows that good priests are crucial to Mary’s triumph over satan. And he has placed St. John Vianney before us as the model of a good priest.

But priests need your prayers and your help. We are under assault from both within and without. As Sister Lucy told us, satan is in the mood for a final battle.

But how can our priests use the weapons Our Lady of Fatima has given us to overcome satan if they have never heard or understood Her Fatima Message?

This is why I have formed The Fatima Movement of Priests. Because I need your help and they need your help!

Many priests of good will have not been taught the truth. They may have the courage to join the fight against satan for souls. But they haven’t the training or weapons to do the job.

Many priests do not know the Message of Fatima. And they need to know it, for it is Heaven’s plan for victory. There is no other.

Incredible as it may seem, there are priests who know little of the greatest miracle to occur since the Resurrection: the Miracle of the Sun. No Divine message since Our Lord walked the Earth has been given such a seal of authenticity.

Over 70,000 people saw “the sun dance” on October 13, 1917. This was the miracle Our Lady had promised the Fatima seers. This was God’s stamp of approval upon the Message the children had received.

Yet, few priests learn anything about Fatima during their years of seminary training. What is worse, some are told that Fatima is unimportant; others are told it is irrelevant or a thing of the past.

We cannot allow this to continue. Souls are at stake. The future of humanity is in the balance.

Priests and laity must work together to bring the Message of Fatima to light in this ever darkening world.

Our Lady asked the children for penance; for sacrifices so that sinners might be converted. How often do we hear priests preach about the importance of penance and sacrifice? How often do we hear them even mention sin? Or even the existence of hell?

Priests and the laity have been under assault by a world media that sees man as little more than an animal to be manipulated into the most shameless and degrading sins.

And the world, under satan’s instigation, has succeeded in leading souls, like a herd of cattle, to spiritual death because there are too few holy priests who know the way to fight against this demonic perversion.

How many priests even mention sin? Sin, if it is mentioned at all from the pulpit these days, has to do with “sins” that are politically incorrect.

For example, we hear about sins against the environment. But do we ever hear about real sins, like sins against purity? Our Lady of Fatima said, “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

Are we ever urged by our priests to make sacrifices so that souls might turn to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and regain their lost purity?

Our Lady also asked for the First Saturday devotions: that we confess our sins, receive Communion, pray five decades of the Rosary and keep Our Lady company for 15 minutes while meditating on the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary, doing all these things with the intention of making reparation to Her Immaculate Heart.

Simple requests. Who ever hears or heeds them these days?

And what a wonderful promise is attached to the fulfillment of these requests: Our Lady said, in effect:

“I promise to come at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for salvation to those souls who do this for five consecutive First Saturdays.”

And Our Lady asked that the Pope and the bishops consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. When this is done (and it SHALL be done according to Her prophecy), Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be granted to the world.

But so long as the Consecration is delayed, that much more will the world suffer, that many more MILLIONS of souls may be damned.

How many priests ask and pray for the conversion of Russia? How many priests pray the Rosary with their people to bring about the conversion of Russia and through it, the conversion of the world?

There is a conspiracy of silence about Fatima. Its message of penance and purity, of conversion and consecration find few champions in this time of spiritual blindness.

But many priests are not to be blamed for ignoring the message. They were never taught it, but...

TOGETHER, WE Can Change That

 The Fatima Movement of Priests can become an ever brighter beacon of truth, educating priests in the absolutely crucial and, by God’s design, indispensable Message of Fatima.

And, like Peter, once the priest is strengthened in faith, he can strengthen his fellow priests, including his bishop.

And if enough priests become imbued with the Fatima Message, if they live it and teach it, the day of the long awaited Consecration of Russia will be that much closer.

And all of us can join in this great spiritual battle. All of us must join it, for, as Our Lord said, “He who is not with Me is against Me.” We cannot refuse to take up arms and remain neutral.

And if you are in any way like me, if you are a Catholic who loves his faith and his Church, you must be filled with pain and sorrow to see so many of our priests and bishops collaborating with the enemy.

Every time a pro-abortion “Catholic” politician is given Holy Communion, or praised at his funeral Mass, the faith is betrayed by those very priests who should be standing firm as apostles of Christ, as standard-bearers for the laity in this great battle.

People, terribly discouraged, say to me: “Father, how can this be happening?” “How can I explain such scandals to my children?”

Tell them – It happens because many priests have forgotten their Catholic identity. They forgot they are commissioned officers in the Church Militant. Or perhaps they were never told this. But...

YOU have it in your power to do something about this.

YOU need not feel helplessly angry.

YOU can act.

YOU Can Become a force in The Fatima Movement of Priests.

The Fatima Center has finally been able to assemble a mailing list of 170,000 Catholic priests around the world.

Mailing a simple letter to all of these priests is very costly. We have vital Fatima information that we must get to them. But we need your help to reach out to them.

But we have great news! Already almost 1,000 priests and bishops have signed on to The Fatima Movement of Priests.

And these good priests need more than letters. They need Fatima educational materials – pamphlets, books, DVDs, etc. – so that they can know, understand, appreciate and fully obey Our Lady of Fatima and Her plan to triumph over satan in this great war.

And they need to reach out to MILLIONS of Catholics whose souls are in their care TODAY. They need 10’s of 1,000’s of Scapulars and Rosaries, and 1,000 statues to focus and encourage devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

One of the most effective ways of building knowledge of and devotion to Our Lady of Fatima is the presence of Her statue in a church or in a home.

Some of our priests, with the help of The Fatima Movement of Priests and its supporters, have been able to distribute statues to families. One family will become a temporary custodian of the statue, and their home a place where neighbors gather at least once a week to pray the Rosary and other Marian devotions.

But Our Priests Cannot Do This
Without YOUR Financial Support

I am asking for your help – and to be as generous as you can TODAY to help us reach out NOW. But in whatever way you can, and according to your means, no matter how modest, join in this fight!

The need is great. The cause is great and blessed. Become a more fervent member of the Church Militant. Help our priests to hold the banners of Jesus and Mary high for all to see.

Pray for them, pray for me, and please support our essential Fatima work to reach all Catholic priests.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. We have 170,000 priests – about 43% of all the world’s priests – on our mailing list. To send even a simple letter to each of them costs over $140,000 in expenses like paper, printing, mail preparation and other expenses. But much of the cost is just for postage.

   Won’t you PLEASE give what you can afford of what God has given you, to help meet this cost?