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From Father's Desk

Father's Letter of October 2011
re: FATIMA Is Your Last Chance


“We are in the last times of the world.”
- Sister Lucy of Fatima

“So shall it be at the end of the world. The angels shall go out and shall separate the wicked from among the just.”
 - Matthew 13:49
October 13, 2011
94th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

Dear Friend of Our Lady, 

How near is the end of the world?

Rightly you may say, “Only Heaven knows.” But Heaven has not been silent! Our Lady of Fatima told us through Sister Lucy:


Read that again. Pay special attention to the phrase:


There will be no battles after the FINAL battle! We will have reached THE END!

     After the FINAL BATTLE, the angels who will separate the wicked from the just will come, as Our Lord tells us. And after the final battle most scripture scholars and theologians believe those angels will come SOON! VERY SOON!

Think hard about this. Know that for each one of us, young or old, the time is short. Andthen you will understand why...


Fatima is the world’s last chance to save itself. Our Lady could not have made it any plainer. And Our Lady’s Apostolate has been speaking, at times even shouting, that plain truth to a mostly deaf world for almost 35 years.

And we will speak it again, from May 13 through May 18, 2012 at the doorstep of the Vatican. You are invited to be there...


Every time we go to Rome, Our Lady wins a great victory. It is as though She were telling us: “Rome is where the Message of Fatima must be proclaimed without ceasing! The Pope must hear!”

In May 2012, we will convene: “FATIMA: YOUR LAST CHANCE!”

This conference will have a special focus: theologians and teachers at Catholic Universities, Colleges and Seminaries.

In May 2010, we invited Fatima experts to Rome for The Fatima Challenge. They came, with dramatic results!

In May 2011, we invited journalists to Rome for Consecration Now! Again, they came, with more dramatic results!

Now, we are asking theologians and seminary professors — the most influential teachers and opinion makers in the Church — to join us in Rome for Fatima: Your Last Chance!


If the past is any indication, the theologians and teachers will come. What will follow is in Our Lady’s hands. But Her grace is always powerful at our conferences in Rome. Its effects are amazing. Consider these stunning events at past conferences:


In May 2010, Guisueppe De Carli, co-author of Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone’s The Last Secret of Fatima, came to The Fatima Challenge to defend the position that Fatima is finished.

He ended by saying, “They might have deceived me,” He embraced me and encouraged me to keep up my work. The Fatima landscape was changed forever.


On April 30, 2011, right before we arrived in Rome, Cardinal Bertone stated publicly on RAI (the Italian National Radio and TV Network) the prophetic Third Secret of Fatima was only “partially fulfilled.” A complete and startling reversal by the Vatican Secretary of State that set the stage for our conference!


In May 2011, top Vatican journalists Andrea Tornielli and Paolo Rodari came toConsecration Now! — which wouldn’t have happened a few years ago — to announce that “something has changed” in Rome in relation to Fatima.

Yes! Our Lady’s Apostolate was getting a hearing in high places! That’s why it was no longer a risk to those high profile Vaticanistas’ reputations by openly coming to our conference and speaking to all our attendees!


In May 2011, even a Vatican Cardinal came to Consecration Now! It was the first time ever in 19 years of our 10 worldwide bishops conferences that a Vatican Cardinal came! He listened to the talks. He thanked one of our speakers for the work he is doing. He took my hand later and said “Coraggio!” — courage. Astounding!


In May 2011, three bishops spoke at Consecration Now! They urged the Pope and their fellow bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary NOW! Unprecedented! Wonderful!

Of course, we are inviting all the world’s bishops again to Fatima: Your Last Chance!We expect quite a few, from all parts of the world. With your prayers and financial support, they will be our guests.

Last year we started our BISHOPS WORKSHOPS at Consecration Now! with great results! We met and brainstormed with the bishops to devise ways to make Fatima known and obeyed by everyone.

Since then, zealous bishops have been spreading the word about the urgent need to reveal the full text of the Third Secret and for the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary — without delay.

More bishops will come now, and they will be accompanied by more priests. In 2012, we will hold workshops for both bishops and priests. Fatima: Your Last Chance! will be a powerhouse — a generator of energy for spreading the Message of Fatima!

And we can expect more journalists, as Our Lady’s Apostolate has got the attention of the media in Rome. It is no longer forbidden to speak of an undisclosed part of the Third Secret in the press and on Italian TV. Fatima has become mainstream news!

And I want you to come, if you possibly can!

This is your chance to be a part of history! To see history in the making! Your presence will help show the Vatican — including Pope Benedict — the laity want the Church to do as Our Lady asks. The Holy Father needs to know you are with him!

And frankly, it will do my heart good to see our supporters there in large numbers. WhenFatima: Your Last Chance! convenes, I will be 70 years old. I have been in this fight for 35 years — almost all of my priestly life. And with Our Lady’s help I will be in it until either I draw my last breath, or until Our Lady’s Final Victory.

I have a strong feeling, a deep intuition, 
that the world is building toward a 
decisive moment in its history.

I think we all share this sense of a coming climax. Even Hollywood and TV sense that this feeling is deeply felt by 100's of thousands of people.

That is why they make and successfully sell movies and documentaries about 2012 being the end of time predicted by the Mayans or Nostradamus or planetary alignments.

We have a more reliable source: Our Lady. On October 13, 2011 this month, we mark the 94th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun. This cosmic event, witnessed by 70,000 people, was a guarantee of the authenticity of the Message of Fatima. And it is something else...


This may be our last conference — either because Russia will soon be consecrated — or the annihilation of nations will SOON begin as a chastisement for our sins, especially for disobedience to Our Lady!

We have not chosen to call this conference Fatima: Your Last Chance! for nothing!

This world had a beginning. It will have an end, and that end could come very soon! Remember: the FINAL BATTLE is raging NOW! Look around. Read the signs of the times!

The world wants to pretend that things are just temporarily out of whack. All will return to normal eventually. Business as usual will soon resume. It’s a lie! It’s a pretense!

Does anyone really believe that prosperity will return? The whole world banked on the U.S. economy, which is now seen to be the house of cards it was all along! Without Our Lady’s triumph there’s no place left to go.

Does anyone really believe that by ourselves without obeying Our Lady of Fatima, we can stop the mindless, useless, endless bloody wars?

The whole world has bought the Masonic lie, that if we ignored the truth and treated all false religions and their teachings as equal to the one true doctrine and religion founded by Jesus Christ, then peace would come.

Well look at what has come. We have terrorism and fear of terrorism on our own soil. Terrorism is a form of war which Our Lady of Fatima tells us is a punishment for sin.

Apostasy and denying that Jesus Christ is Lord, and Master is one of the greatest sins of our time. Thus we continue to have war and terrorism. Only obedience to Our Lady of Fatima can reverse this trend. Instead, by following worldly wisdom ever increasing war is inevitable.

The leading U.S. General, David Petraeus, tells us that the war in Afghanistan will last for decades, even generations. Thus the threat of terrorism will also last until the annihilation takes place. We have wars upon wars, with no end in sight.

Does anyone really believe the lies that politicians keep telling us? They pretend to believe what they say. All pretense is about to be swept away.


That Fatima is our only hope for peace, prosperity, and salvation for all of us NOW, is what we must impress upon all those who come to Fatima: Your Last Chance! This is the message we must proclaim in Rome — and to the world.

It is good to remind everyone that although Our Lord promises forgiveness at this present moment, if you repent, He does not promise anyone tomorrow!

The full Fatima Message and the urgent necessity for obedience to Fatima is what must be known by the theologians and teachers who shape the Church. The time for academic debates is long past.


Why is Fatima: Your Last Chance! focusing especially on theologians and teachers — especially seminary teachers? Because —

  1. Bishops consult theologians to form their opinions and it is the bishops who must Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

  2. Priests are formed in their faith by seminary professors. And priests are the link to the laity. Priests are also future bishops.

  3. Fatima must become known to bishops and priests if Our Lady is to be obeyed and the Church and the world are to be saved.

The first bishops were mostly simple men — mostly fishermen — taught personally by Our Lord. In 2000 years, the Church has grown into a great worldwide Faith community — a billion strong.

Bishops now must be capable of handling the complex affairs of dioceses, some of which have over a thousand priests, hundreds of schools and parishes and institutions of all kinds.

The modern bishop is often something like a CEO — the manager of a large corporation.In spiritual questions, a bishop will often have to rely on his theological experts.

These experts are usually found on seminary faculties and in Catholic Universities and Colleges. It’s well known the documents of Vatican II were composed by theological experts — known as periti — who accompanied the bishops to Rome for the council.

To change the Church, reach thos
who teach the Church!

This is what Fatima: Your Last Chance! intends to do!

I have just returned from Rome, where the staff of Our Lady’s Apostolate worked non-stop for several days laying the groundwork for Fatima: Your Last Chance! Among other things we —

• Compiled a list of all the teachers at all the Pontifical Universities and Colleges in Rome. This is where priests and theologians study for their basic and advanced degrees. We will invite every one of these teachers to Fatima: Your Last Chance!

• Planned and got estimates for a media campaign to announce and promote Fatima: Your Last Chance! so that everyone in Rome — including everyone in the Vatican — knows we are coming!

• Reserved rooms and facilities for the great number of people we expect will come toFatima: Your Last Chance! We hope this will include you. This may be our biggest ever conference!

Needless to say, we have already poured a lot of money into the conference. We will need a lot more before it is over. You – and a few other dear friends are my only resource, the only ones I can go to for help in doing Our Lady’s work. I need your help now — desperately!

If you have attended one of our Rome conferences, you know how powerful they are. If you have not, just read the enclosed comments from some who have been there. Of all the work we do at Our Lady’s Apostolate, nothing compares to going to Rome!

Help us to go and bring the bishops again. Help all you can. Help make Fatima: Your Last Chance! THE DECISIVE EVENT in this near-century long fight to have Our Lady listened to and obeyed. This may be your — may be everyone’s — last chance.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S.  I know you’ll want to be a part of Fatima: Your Last Chance! This could be our last conference, one way or another: either Russia will soon be consecrated, or various entire nations will be annihilated.