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Father's Letter of November 2008, 
re: “The War Against the Church”


“If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.”

...Our Lady of Fatima

November 11, 2008
Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

Although I’m very tired and not in the best of health, I couldn’t let another day go by without writing to you.

It is already two weeks since I returned from Rome, following the successful completion of Phase One of our Target: Rome campaign.

I am heartened and encouraged by our successes there. I am also driven on by the urgent necessity of responding to world events both at home and overseas — to already start planning for Phase II of our Target: Rome campaign. But I’ll tell you more about that later.

As soon as I got back to the Fatima Center, we started work on a new issue of “The Fatima Crusader”, in which you’ll read about all the great things we accomplished. It will be on its way to you soon.

Today, however, there’s something else on my mind, some extremely sad and profoundly disturbing news which I must share with you.

Our Lady told us at Fatima that unless and until the Holy Father consecrates Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, we will suffer terrible wars, persecution of the Church, and the martyrdom of the good.

While I was in Rome, I could see in the press and received messages from members of our Fatima Movement of Priests, about the open deadly attacks by extremist Hindus against Catholics — in the state of Orissa and elsewhere in India. The catalog of horrors makes truly frightful reading.

Outrageous offenses have been committed against the Most Blessed Sacrament and other sacred things. Priests and religious have been tortured, raped and murdered — martyred for the sake of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

Catholic hospitals and orphanages have been destroyed. Churches have been desecrated and burned. The poor homes of thousands of Christian families have been razed.

Friend of Our Lady, I was moved to tears to hear of these terrible events, which have been taking place for months now, not far from the site of our Immaculate Heart Orphanage.

And I am sorry to have to tell you that the details in the private messages I got from our priests are even worse than what has been reported in the media.

If I were a TV newscaster, I would have to tell you to look the other way if I showed you pictures of the carnage that has been inflicted on our churches and our priests and religious.

Three examples will be more than enough to give you an idea of the atrocities.

Father Thomas Chellan, 57, was one of the first victims of the anti-Christian pogrom launched by radical Hindus in the last week of August. Even though he had appealed to the local police for help, he was pulled back from the brink of death only after being abused, beaten, stripped and wounded.
Father Chellan escaped with his life. But Father Bernard Digal, of Bhubaneswar archdiocese, was called by God to lay down his life for the Faith. On August 28th, he was beaten and left for dead by a mob of Hindu fundamentalists. He died at St. Thomas hospital in Chennai two months later.
Assaulting a priest is atrocious. But what happened to Sister Meena Barwa, a Servite nun, is mind boggling in its depravity. Three days before the attack on Father Digal, she was sexually assaulted by yet another mob of Hindus. And — it is hard to believe but — the police not only failed to intervene, but actually encouraged the attacking savages!
To add insult to injury, state officials in Orissa said that they could not prosecute the rapists because Sister Meena would not testify! They stuck to this lie until she went public with her heart-rending story in October. Only then did the state government suspend five policemen for “dereliction of duty”.

The Blessed Virgin asks us for Reparation 
for these dreadful sins

Let me repeat: these are just three examples and not even the very worst ones either. Thousands more crimes have been committed against our Catholic brothers and sisters and their homes, and their churches. The Pastoral Centre in Kandhamal was one of the first Catholic institutions to be put to the torch. The cost in lives and property lost and ruined has been enormous.

It pains me greatly to have to relate to you these horrific accounts. But they have received little coverage in the North American secular media. It is as if these horrible attacks on the servants of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother are not worth even reporting.

The atrocities of Orissa are not just offenses against the law and against the persons and property of the faithful. They are sacrileges and blasphemies against God.

Jesus is deeply offended by these attacks against our Catholic brothers and sisters. He takes them as if done personally to Himself. Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart is grieved by these crimes and wants us to make Reparation!

We MUST help Our Lady’s followers in India

Your prayers and devotions, especially your Rosaries and particularly the Five First Saturdays, will comfort Our Lady, and obtain for you Her assistance at the hour of your death.

There are also other things She asks you to do now, to help those good Catholics who have been so sorely afflicted.

“Savage” is not a strong enough word to convey the awfulness of the attack on Father Chellan. Yet he has only one concern: the 50,000 faithful Catholics running for their lives.

“Right now there is not a single priest or nun in Kadhamal district,” Father wrote, “everyone has fled. Plundering goes on and people are hunted down. In my agony I pray for the Christians in the forest. Even that is not a safe place. But...I am willing to return.”

How can we fail to appreciate and thank God for the courage and dedication of Father Chellan and the many other brave priests and religious of India? We must help them and the people God has placed in their pastoral care.

Thanks to our Only Way to World Peace conference in Chennai, India, we have over 500 Indian priests and bishops who are members of the Fatima Movement of Priests. They write to us regularly to report the latest news, and tell us what kind of help they need.

With the help of 1000s of friends of Our Lady — good Catholics like you — we have been able to fulfill many of their requests for literature, Rosaries and sacramentals.

But we need still more, much more – things which these good priests can’t get from their dioceses or elsewhere.

You will help...won’t you?

If our resources permit — that is, if you and others like you give enough — we will help these poor parishes replace the holy things they have lost: sacramentals, literature and, especially, Rosaries and Scapulars.

I ask you on behalf of our persecuted priests, religious and lay people in India and around the world to earmark part of your gift to Our Lady for use in helping them to recover from these devastating attacks.

For the love of the Blessed Virgin, and in reparation for these terrible sins against Jesus and to console Mary’s Immaculate Heart, please give generously to help those in danger and in need. Even though they are far away, they will bless you and pray for you.

The war against the Church is worldwide

India is only one battleground in the devil’s war against Holy Mother Church. The persecution which Our Lady prophesied is everywhere!

  • In Chinamillions of Catholics are forced to worship in the underground Church. Scores of priests and bishops languish in prisons and “mental hospitals” because they will not kowtow to the Communist “Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association”.

  • In Vietnam, the Communist government continues to confiscate Church properties and harass those who speak out for religious and civil liberties.

  • The government of Israel broke its 1993 promise to give to Catholic priests more appropriate recognition and to grant tax relief to Catholic Church institutions.

  • In Saudi Arabia, Catholics can’t build churches or hold public Masses or other liturgical services. Indeed, we are not allowed to display our religious sentiments even in the smallest way, for instance by wearing a cross around our necks.

Why is this? It is the price the Church pays because the Vatican has still not heeded Our Lady’s Fatima command that the Pope, in union with all the bishops, solemnly consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

ONLY the Consecration of Russia 
will end the persecution

God tells us through the Message of Fatima that He will punish the world by four punishments — war, famine, persecution of the Church and persecution of the Holy Father.

The persecution of the Church is what we are enduring right now. This is a terrible punishment. And, in spite of the ludicrous, absurd claims of those who say the Consecration has been done, it’s getting worse with every passing day.

The enemies of Heaven are getting more militant than before! They reveal themselves by their blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart.

In addition to the sins of millions of atheists, agnostics, infidels and pagans, Our Lord includes the sins of schismatics and heretics and the various sects who deny the Immaculate Conception which demand Reparation.

And we must also include the sins of apostate Catholics — some still in high places within the Church — and the sins of a large number of Catholics who obstruct us and others from giving Mary, Our Blessed Mother and Queen, Her proper place and honor within the Church and the world.

All roads lead to Rome – 
the Pope holds the key to peace

The war against Holy Mother Church is a world war! And, it can only be won by one — and only one — means.

Helping our persecuted brothers and sisters is commendable and necessary. Butonly the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can bring peace to the world and an end to the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.

Sister Lucy tells us that in March 1939, not six months before the outbreak of World War II, Our Lord said to her,

The time is coming when the rigor of My justice will punish the crimes of diverse nations. Some of them will be annihilated. At last the severity of My justice will fall severely on those who want to destroy My reign in souls.

Three months later, Sister Lucy wrote to her former confessor that “God in His anger will lift the arms of His mercy and let the world be ravaged by this chastisement. It will be a chastisement such as never before – horrible, horrible!”

The time of which Our Lord spoke to Sister Lucy is NOW! Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear must know that the Great Chastisement has begun.

“Ask, ask again insistently...”

Time is clearly running out. We know that only Our Lady can save us. The Consecration of Russia must be done as She commanded at Fatima. Only the Holy Father, in union with all the world’s bishops, can do it!

And where is the Holy Father? In Rome! That is why we must double and redouble our effort to bring home to him our pleas to heed Our Lady’s Fatima requests, before it’s too late.

How many more must be martyred? How many churches must be destroyed? How many innocent souls must perish before the Vatican finally “gets it” and does what Our Lady asks?

In the fall of 1940, Sister Lucy was ordered to write to Pope Pius XII. After two hours on her knees in front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, she was told

The tribulation will continue and augment. I will punish the nations for their crimes by war, famine and persecution of My Church, and this will weigh especially on My Vicar on earth.

Because this is the moment when we need to do more than ever before to bring Our Lady’s words to a world facing unspeakable tragedy, we must not cut any of our important programs. And we need your financial support more than ever.

Please don’t let Our Lady’s voice be silenced.

As you’ll learn when you receive my report on Phase One of our Target: Rome campaign, we have dramatically raised the Vatican’s awareness of our Apostolate and Heaven’s Peace Plan.

But this is only a good beginning. Our Lord told Sister Lucy to “Ask, ask again insistently...” We need to press the advantage we’ve gained right now.

Phase Two of Target: Rome must start IMMEDIATELY. We need — Our Lady needs — not only your fervent prayers, but also your generous financial help.

I beg you to express your faith by helping us spread Her Message of peace and warning.

We need to do all we can to warn the world — and the Holy Father in particular — of the horrible fate that awaits all of us if Our Lady’s commands are not obeyed very, very soon!

Please use the gift form to give something “extra” — as much as you possibly can— to support Target: Rome. The future of mankind depends on making Our Lady’s call for: conversion, the Consecration of Russia, and reparation, be heard understood and obeyed.

May God bless you, keep you safe and bring you ever closer to His Beloved Mother. Please pray for me every day as I do for you.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S.     Special gifts for special projects like Target: Rome are critical to the success of our mission. But it would be most helpful if you could alsopledge a monthly gift for the support of our ongoing regular programs. These “planned gifts” make it easier for us to budget. Use the gift form to pledge to make a monthly gift.

P.P.S.   We have indeed been blessed by your prayers and those of all Our Lady’s friends. Most especially our previous 54-Day Rosary Novena which ended a few days ago was most effective. Please join us in the new 54-Day Novena whenever you first read this letter.

         It officially starts on November 21 — The Feast of the Presentation of the Child Mary in the Temple. As you can see from the Novena calendar it is for the intention of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart very soon. Keep a copy of this little calendar in your wallet so that you can join with us every day (that you can) by praying the appropriate mysteries for each day.