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From Father's Desk
Father's Letter of December 2009,
re: “The Nativity of Our Lord”


“Glory to God in the highest; and peace 
on earth to men of good will.” 
- Luke 2:14 

Christmas 2009

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

The birth of a child is one of the happiest events in life. And what happier event ever occurred than the birth of Our Lord?

Easter is the highest of holy days, but our human hearts respond to Christmas in an intense and personal way. For although we have faith in the Resurrection, we have all experienced, in some measure, the thrill of new life coming into the world.

We can imagine how the shepherds felt as they arrived at the manger and looked down upon a beautiful Infant, born in the cold night, in the darkness of a fallen world.

Yet, how that darkness was then dispelled. Midnight must have assumed a brilliance brighter than noonday in their hearts. Were all the angels visible as their song resounded: “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will”?

We can only imagine these things. But what is beyond imagination is the meaning of the event itself: God become man.

We sometimes hear of the mystery of iniquity — of that incomprehensible impulse that leads people to sin. But even greater is the mystery of goodness — of that unfathomable love of Jesus and Mary that offers us salvation.

Christmas is the Mystery of Goodness Made Flesh.

And along with the Christ Child was His Mother. I have often thought that no one could have ever looked on Mary and not loved Her, not been awed by the beauty of the Mother of God.

From the moment She was Immaculately Conceived, what a presence She was in the world! But when She conceived Jesus in Her womb — by the Holy Ghost — She became the Living Tabernacle of God. Her presence among us then was joined forever to the Divine presence of Her Son.

As Mary travelled the dusty roads to help Her cousin Elizabeth, did not all who crossed Her path feel a special attraction to Her, a tenderness and joy in seeing Her face? I cannot imagine it otherwise.

And Mary’s first act, after Jesus was conceived in Her womb, was to help another. Whenever Our Lord is conceived in us, through prayer or sacramental grace, we are drawn toward fraternal charity, as Our Lady was, and is, eternally...

Her first act as the Mother of God was to help Elizabeth. Her first act was to give Herself in loving service to one in need. And it is an act She has been performing ever since.

Christmas is a time of giving — God the Father gave us the gift of His Son. His Son gave us the gift of His Mother.

And at Fatima, Our Lady gave us the gift of Her Counsel for the peace of the world and the salvation of souls. All we need do is listen and obey. What could be simpler?

Yet, many have yet to hear Her Counsel, and others who have heard it have yet to heed it. You and I and those others who know of Her saving Message have been entrusted with a special gift that we must give to this spiritually needy world.

As we have been blessed, we must share our blessing. As Mary was sent to Elizabeth, we are sent by Our Lady of Fatima to Her other children as Her messengers.

I will not mention here the difficulties faced by Our Lady’s Apostolate. You may already know of our struggles, both financially and against those in the Church deaf to Her Message.

I expect this New Year will be fraught with the challenges we have faced in the past, and perhaps with new ones we cannot envision. But we are all in Our Lord’s hands and in Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

And I pray you will help us. I count on your generosity. I hope you will do all you can to make certain that the Message of Fatima will sound louder and clearer now than ever before. Time is running out. The world must soon listen or soon lament.

Christmas is a time of gift-giving, and the greatest gift you and I can give to those we love, and to the world, is the gift of Our Lady of Fatima’s Message. Let us give as never before.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. We like to stay in touch with all the friends of Our Lady’s Apostolate, and while we need financial support to continue our work, we need your prayers. 

We are grateful to have you with us in this effort to bring peace to the world through Our Lady of Fatima’s Message. Please take a moment to let us know of your continued support and include your prayer requests so that we can pray for them. Let us all pray for Our Lady’s Triumph.