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Photo Report of Hindu Ritual at Fatima

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On May 5, 2004, SIC, a national Portuguese TV station, announced its coverage of the Hindu ritual at Fatima. Morning prayers in the Radha Krishna temple in Lisbon.
Close-up of some of the pagan idols. "All the invocations are hateful to God because all of their gods are devils." - Saint Francis Xavier A young Hindu woman explains the importance of their various gods.
About 60 Hindus travel by bus to Fatima. Arrival at the Fatima Shrine.
Hindus approach Fatima Shrine. The Hindus bring a gift of flowers. For them, Our Lady of Fatima is a manifestation of one of their gods.
SIC broadcasting says, "This is a unique moment in the history of the Sanctuary and of devotion itself ..." SIC broadcast continues, "... The Hindu priest, the Shastri, recites at the (Catholic) altar the Shanti Pa, the prayer for peace."
The Hindu ritual - a ceremony to false gods - desecrates the Fatima Shrine, making it necessary for the chapel to be re-consecrated. The Hindu family of Portugal "worshiping" at the shrine after the Hindu ceremony.
Hindu "priest" speaks of a "divine energy". Shrine Rector Guerra speaks approvingly about the Hindu worship at Fatima.
Crossing the esplanade to meet the Bishop and Shrine Rector. Received by the Bishop, SIC explains, "the Hindu pilgrims are received as if they were an embassy, an unheard of gesture ..."
"... which can be understood as an invitation for other visits." This means that the pagan desecration of Fatima is likely to happen again. The Bishop of Fatima says, "We do not want to be fundamentalists".
Shrine Rector Guerra receives a shawl covered with verses of the Bhagavad Gita, a "sacred book" of Hinduism, whose basic message is that all of life is an illusion. The Bishop of Fatima also willingly accepts from the Hindu "priest" a shawl laden with verses of pagan mythology.