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In his Fatima Perspectives column, “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”, noted author and President of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, Christopher A. Ferrara, warns us that the days of Soviet gamesmanship are here again. The neo-Stalinist dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is invading Georgia at the same time his puppet President, Dmitry Medvedev, has signed a “cease fire” agreement. ... This is the old Soviet game of “two steps forward, one step back.” While making a big show of its “retreat,” the Kremlin has actually gained ground — ground from which to launch the next two-step maneuver.

Read our ongoing series about The Saints of the Week. Our featured Saints for the week ending August 22 are Saint John Eudes (August 19th) and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal (August 21st).

St. John Eudes was outstanding in fulfilling the Christ-like role of seeking and saving that which is lost. He tended to the sick and the dying with consummate devotion; founded the Congregation of Jesus and Mary and opened the first seminary at Caen, France followed by a great many others in Normandy and Brittany, for the formation and sanctification of the clergy; promoted devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary; authored the book The Admirable Heart of the Most Holy Mother of God, which has stimulated much true piety to Our Lady, as well as authoring many excellent treatises; and labored as an apostolic missioner to the very end of his life, preaching the Gospel in very many villages, towns and cities, and even in the royal court.

St. Jane Frances Frémoit de Chantal was born at Dijon in Burgundy, of noble parents, and from her childhood gave clear signs of her future great sanctity. It was said that when only five years of age she put to silence a Calvinist nobleman by substantial arguments far beyond her age, and when he offered her a little present she immediately threw it into the fire, saying: “This is how heretics will burn in hell, because they do not believe Christ when He speaks.” e-mail
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