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In his Fatima Perspectives column, “Russia’s Soviet-style 'withdrawal' from Georgia”, noted author and President of the American Catholic Lawyers Association, Christopher A. Ferrara, continues to warn us that the old Soviet game of “two steps forward, one step back” is being played out in the Georgian War. Although Russia promised to “withdraw” its forces from Georgia by August 22, 2008, Russian troops, tanks, artillery and short-range ballistic missile installations remain there (as of August 25), with Russia saying it will keep troops in South Ossetia and Abkhazia as well as in buffer zones stretching into Georgia proper.

“Fatima and Russia’s New War”

No student of the true Message of Fatima is surprised by the war now erupting between Georgia and Russia.… Those who have warned for years that hostilities with Russia will break out at some future date were often laughed to scorn. … But not everyone is blind. Since hostilities broke out on August 8, a number of those in the secular media frankly admit their belief that the Cold War never really came to a close. Even secular journalists note that since the alleged collapse of Communism, we have not seen a period of peace, nor have we seen evidence that Moscow wants to relinquish control over its satellite states.

54-day Rosary Novena for the Consecration of Russia starts September 1

Please join us in praying a 54-day Rosary Novena, starting on September 1, for the intention that our efforts to make Our Lady’s requests obeyed are heard soon — so that the Consecration of Russia be done immediately to avert the imminent enslavement and annihilation we now face.

Read our ongoing series about The Saints of the Week. Our featured Saints for the week ending August 29 are St. Louis IX (August 25th) and St. Augustine (August 28th).

St. Louis’ mother took great care to instill into the soul of her son, the highest esteem and awe for everything that regarded the divine worship, the strongest sentiments of religion and virtue, and a particular love of holy chastity. She would often say to him when he was a child, “I love you, my dear son, with all the tenderness of which a mother is capable; but I would infinitely rather see you fall dead at my feet, than that you should ever commit a mortal sin.” The impression made in his soul by these words was never effaced during his whole life.

Read the very inspiring story of the conversion of St. Augustine — Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of the Catholic Church — in the year 386, the thirty-second of his age. Determined to give up his past sinful life as well as his school and profession as teacher of rhetoric, he retired to a country house in the neighborhood of Milan, where he employed himself wholly in prayer and study. Here he strenuously labored, by the practice of austere penance, by the strictest watchfulness over his heart and senses, and by most fervent and humble prayer, to purify his affections, to disengage them perfectly from the inordinate love of creatures, and to prepare himself for the grace of leading a new life in Christ, and becoming in Him a new man.

We at the Fatima Center acknowledge that the Message of Fatima given to us by Our Blessed Mother, was truly intended for all children of God, whatever nationality they may be. In order to serve Our Lady in spreading devotion to Her Message, we offer the following translations. (Click on the Spanish flag.)

“¿Lo hizo o no lo hizo?”, Spanish, ["Did You or Did You Not?"]

In issue 75 of The Fatima Crusader it was noted that Msgr. Guerra, then-Rector of the Fatima Shrine, did not reply to the urgent messages from columnist Christopher Ferrara regarding scandalous statements made by the Rector during an inter-religious conference held in Fatima in October 2003. These statements apparently were paving the way for future inter-religious ceremonies and other religious ceremonies conducted by non-Catholics to be conducted on the grounds of the Fatima Shrine, either inside or outside the Basilica, or in the new structure built near the Basilica. Reprinted here is the complete correspondence, including the reply Msgr. Guerra finally made more than two months after Mr. Ferrara’s first inquiry.

“El preludio del Anticristo”, Spanish, [“Prelude to Anti-christ”]

In this article Father Nicholas Gruner discusses the pagan sacrilege at Fatima — the Hindu ritual which then-Rector Msgr. Luciano Guerra allowed and encouraged to take place at the Fatima Shrine on May 5, 2004 —, the Shrine Rector's role in it, and the far-reaching implications it has on us and the state of the world. Father Gruner explains the magnitude of this unprecedented incident, which is being repeated in Catholic churches in various parts of the world, and what we faithful Catholics must do to protect our souls and our Faith.

“La humildad”, Spanish, [“Humility”]

In order to protect our Faith and save our souls in this time of apostasy, we must be on our guard and be willing to stand up and defend the Catholic Faith. Yet we must do this with humility, and be spiritually on guard against pride. In this article, Father Nicholas Gruner explains the primary necessity of having a spiritual program for our sanctity, which will be our most effective weapon in this battle.

Read on-line, the fifth chapter (“A Disastrous Interview”) of the explosive book about Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone's efforts to conceal the Third Secret of Fatima, The Secret Still Hidden, available through the Fatima Shoppe. Read more about the book that will CRACK the Vatican’s wall of silence — the book that CLEARLY proves “that the Secret is Still Hidden.” e-mail
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