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“Unprecedented Anti-Christian Violence Spirals Out of Control in India”

Reports from eastern India of burning Christian homes, murdered pastors, and massive destruction of Christian property continued for a sixth day. All India Christian Council (AICC) leaders in Orissa state reported 17 Christians are dead and expect the figure to rise when communication is made with remote regions.

Read our ongoing series about The Saints of the Week. Our featured saints for the week ending September 5 are Saint Rose of Lima (August 30th), Pope Saint Pius X (September 3rd) and Saint Lawrence Justinian (September 5th).

St. Rose of Lima, in her tenderest age, already manifested signs of patience and endurance in sufferings....  It was the spirit of religion and self-denial that enabled her to act thus.... Jesus, now her only love, wonderfully led her to a higher spiritual life; her parents, on the other hand, urged her to partake of the vanities of the world.... When St. Rose entered the third Order of St. Dominic, she increased her mortifications to a greater extent than ever before.... Her parents and relatives looking upon this as extreme folly strove by every, even abusive, means to induce her to abandon her practices....

Pope Saint Pius X rose to the papacy against his wishes. He accepted the responsibility of office gravely. Trusting in Our Lord and Our Lady, he plunged into the work that God had asked of him. With zeal he countered the old heresy of Jansenism and the encroaching heresy of Modernism. He addressed political problems, doctrinal errors, renewal of the priesthood, abuses in the liturgy — and much more. He is the first Pope since his predecessor of 350 years, Pope Saint Pius V, to have been canonized.

Saint Laurence Justinian was equally zealous in the practice of obedience, meekness, and especially of humility.  He would choose of his own accord the humblest duties of the monastery, and begged his bread in the most crowded parts of the town, seeking rather mockery than alms.  He bore insults and calumnies unmoved and in silence.  His great support was assiduous prayer, wherein he was often rapt in God in ecstasy.  The love of God burnt so brightly in his heart that it kindled a like ardor in the hearts of his companions and encouraged them to perseverance.

We at the Fatima Center acknowledge that the Message of Fatima given to us by Our Blessed Mother was truly intended for all children of God, whatever nationality they may be. In order to serve Our Lady in spreading devotion to Her Message, we offer the following translations from the English. (To locate these and other articles in Spanish, click on the Spanish flag on Below, we provide links to the English versions as well.

“La Consagración total al Inmaculado Corazón de María”, Spanish, [“Total Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”]

It is an obligation of Christians to have devotion to the Mother of God. The Holy Ghost has given Christians different means to exercise devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to Blessed Pius IX, the best and most acceptable form is the devotion proposed by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. This devotion, which St. Louis calls "a perfect renewal of the Baptismal Vows", is a "quick, easy, and secure way to perfection". It consists in giving everything — one’s body, soul, exterior goods, and even one’s virtues and the merits of his good works — to Jesus through Mary. Once the act of consecration that St. Louis proposes is made, one has given every thought, word, deed, and suffering to Mary, without reserve, unless there is an intentional retraction.

“Promover el Mensaje de Nuestra Señora”, Spanish, [“Promote the Message of Our Lady”]

The first rule or law of the Church is, and has always been, the salvation of souls. Our Lady of Fatima said that if Her requests were granted, "many souls will be saved and there will be peace." Clearly, the Fatima Message was given to us to save souls, and thus stands in perfect conformity with this mission of the Church. Our Lady of Fatima also tells us that "many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray for them and make sacrifices for them." Thus, it is clear that obedience to the Fatima Message saves many souls. Disobedience to it results in the loss of many souls. The Church, therefore, has the obligation to promote this means of saving souls…

“El conocimiento de las profecías”, Spanish, [“Awareness of the Prophecies”]

Many people today do not know the story of Fatima. Less are aware of all of the requests Our Lady made at Fatima, and still less people know that the promises Our Lady made would take place when Her requests were fulfilled. The Pope, bishops and priests the world over should do all they can to make them known to Catholics and all men of good will. This widespread dissemination of these requests and prophecies of Fatima have a very important role in God’s plan.

“La Revolución Masónica (1910)”, Spanish, [“The Masonic Revolution (1910)”]

Since the 18th Century, Freemasonry had been engaged in a struggle to gain complete power in Portugal, leaving that country unstable and prone to a revolution. In October of 1910 the Masons finally succeeded in implementing a Masonic government by means of revolution. The revolution immediately targeted the Catholic Church. Scarcely had the provisional government been installed when it began devoting its entire attention to an anti-religious policy. A series of anti-Catholic laws and decrees followed each other in rapid succession. It appeared that the Freemasons’ victory was complete.

“Los videntes secuestrados (13 - 15 de agosto de 1917)”, Spanish, [“The Seers Kidnapped (August 13-15, 1917)”]

As August 13, 1917 was approaching, word of the Fatima apparitions spread throughout the country. The liberal Masonic press took a special interest in the matter, sparing no opportunity to denounce it and spread falsehoods concerning the three shepherd children. When these tactics could not sway the masses of pilgrims, who faithfully traveled great distances in order to be present when Our Lady appeared, the press declared in classic anticlerical fashion that the clergy were deceiving the people in order to draw profits. The press strongly encouraged the local authorities to take action…

“La posición de la Iglesia (1917 - 1920)”, Spanish, [“The Church's Position (1917-1920)”]

From 1917 to 1920 the Church’s position regarding the Fatima apparitions was one of prudent reserve and silence. As is the practice of the Church in similar circumstances, she refrained from passing judgment on the event until a thorough investigation was conducted…

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