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August 2005
Pilgrimages to
Saint Teresa's Spain
and Fatima Reparation

Join us this August for either an 8-day or an extended 15-day Pilgrimage where you will discover several of the world’s special Catholic places in Portugal and Spain.

  • Pilgrimage to Fatima includes Day of Reparation for Hindu ceremony at Catholic altar at the Fatima Shrine.
  • Pilgrimage to Spain features Mr. Edwin Faust, expert on Saint Teresa of Avila and the Carmelite Mystics

We Offer Two Unique and Inspirational Pilgrimages

8-Day Pilgrimage

Visit Catholic Shrines in Lisbon, Fatima, Aljustrel, Batahlia, Coimbra, the Eucharistic Miracle in Santarem and more, with a Marian Priest as your Spiritual Director.

Thursday, August 18, Day 1:

    Departure flight to Lisbon.

Friday, August 19, Day 2:

    Upon arrival in Lisbon we will visit the orphanage where Our Lady appeared to Jacinta. In addition, we will visit St. Anthony’s birthplace. After lunch in Fatima we will visit Aljustrel; Valinhos, where Our Lady appeared on August 19, 1917, because the children had been kidnapped by the Mayor of Ourem; the Cabeço where the Angel appeared and gave the children the Holy Eucharist. After dinner we will attend the Candlelight Procession. Overnight in Fatima.

Saturday, August 20, Day 3:

    Following breakfast we will visit the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory in Batahlia, with its beautiful monastery and renowned chapels. We will also visit Our Lady of Fetal. After lunch we will again visit Aljustrel, where the 3 children lived, the well where the Angel appeared, Fatima Village Church, the cemetery, and Our Lady of Ferns. Overnight in Fatima.

Sunday, August 21, Day 4:

    We will spend the day at the Fatima Shrine. This will be a special day of reparation to atone for the sacrilege of the Hindu ceremony that was allowed to take place at the Catholic altar at the Fatima Shrine on May 5, 2004. We will be joined by other Catholics also making a pilgrimage of reparation for this purpose.

Monday, August 22, Day 5:

    In the morning we will see the Carmelite Convent in Coimbra, where Sister Lucy is buried. After lunch we will visit Santarem, site of the Eucharistic Miracle of the Bleeding Host. Overnight in Fatima.

Tuesday, August 23, Day 6:

    Pilgrims have free time to revisit the shrines and apparition sites in Fatima.

Wednesday, August 24, Day 7:

    Pilgrims have free time to revisit the shrines and apparition sites in Fatima.

Thursday, August 25, Day 8:

    After breakfast, the bus will take the Pilgrims back to Lisbon Airport for their return flight to JFK Airport, New York.

15-Day Pilgrimage

itinerary in Portugal, …
Includes the entire August 18 to August 22

Visit Catholic Shrines in Lisbon, Fatima, Aljustrel, Batahlia, Coimbra, the Eucharistic Miracle in Santarem; PLUS, travel in the footsteps of St. Teresa of Avila; PLUS, Tuy, Pontevedra, Rianjo, and more. Pilgrimage to Spain features guest lecturer Edwin Faust, an expert on Saint Teresa and the Carmelite Mystics.

Featuring Edwin Faust

. He has made a life-long study of the great Carmelite Mystics, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross, and has lectured on their lives and teachings. The learning and insights that he will share with the pilgrims will make this upcoming Pilgrimage one of the best ever.The Remnant and Catholic Family News, Latin Mass, The AngelusPilgrimage to Spain features Mr. Edwin Faust as guest lecturer. Mr. Faust is one of the most gifted Catholic writers in North America. His articles have appeared in publications such as

Tuesday, August 23, Day 6:

    Following breakfast in Fatima, Pilgrims on the extended pilgrimage to Spain travel to Avila. Overnight in Segovia / Avila.

Wednesday, August 24, Day 7:

    In the morning we will visit the Shrine of St. Teresa of Avila in the town of the same name. We will visit the convent of the Incarnation, where St. Teresa took her vows as a Calced Carmelite and spent a total of 27 years, once serving as prioress. It is at the Incarnation that Teresa formed the idea to start her reform of the Carmelites. We will visit the nearby convent of St. Joseph in Avila, the first of the houses of Discalced Carmelites the saint founded. Time permitting, we will visit some of the places that figured in St. Teresa's life in Avila: the convent of Our Lady of Grace, where she was a student; the church of San Pedro in the Plaza de Santa Teresa, and possibly the chapel at the convent of St. Thomas. Overnight in Segovia/Avila.

Thursday, August 25, Day 8:

    After breakfast we will travel to Medina de Campo where St. Teresa met St. John of the Cross and Antonio of Jesus, who were to become the first friars to join her reform. Here, in the Calle de Santiago, near Antonio's priory, Teresa founded another of the houses of the reform. If possible, we will visit sites connected to the life of St. John of the Cross, who grew up in Medina del Campo, which was a prosperous market town during the saint's life. After lunch we will travel to Alba de Tormes, the seat of one of St. Teresa's powerful patrons, the Duke of Alba. It was here that St. Teresa founded one of her favorite houses near the Tormes river, and it was here that the saint died and was first buried. Relics of the saint still reside in the convent church. Overnight in Segovia/Avila.

Friday, August 26, Day 9:

    In the morning we again follow St. Teresa’s footsteps, to Toledo, the town of her father, who was called El Toledano. St. Teresa first came here as a guest at the Cerda palace, where she was asked to console the grieving Dona Luisa, who became her friend and patroness. St. Teresa later founded a discalced house in Toledo, and it was here that she composed most of her classic work on mystical prayer, Interior Castle. It was also here that St. John of the Cross was imprisoned by the Calced Carmelites for eight months, during which they tried to force him to renounce Teresa's reform. The city also houses much of the finest work of El Greco, a contemporary of St. Teresa. Time permitting, we will visit the churches and other buildings decorated by the master's work. Overnight in Segovia/Avila.

Saturday, August 27, Day 10:

    We go to Escorial, the massive mausoleum/library built by King Philip II, whom St. Teresa always referred to as her friend. Certain manuscripts of the Saint's writings are preserved at the Escorial. After lunch we will visit Valle de Los Caidos. Overnight in Segovia /Avila.

Sunday, August 28, Day 11:

    Today we travel to Tuy, and continue our pilgrimage of Fatima apparitions. Overnight in Tuy.

Monday, August 29, Day 12:

    We will visit the Convent in Tuy, where Sister Lucy received the vision of Our Lady and the Holy Trinity, and wrote the words of the Third Secret. In the afternoon we will travel to Pontevedra, where the Child Jesus appeared and spoke to Sister Lucy of Fatima several times. We will walk in the footsteps of the Child Jesus, and see the cell where Our Lady appeared with Her Son. We will be staying overnight in Tuy.

Tuesday, August 30, Day 13:

    We go to Santiago, where we will visit the Tomb of St. James in the magnificent 1,000-year-old Cathedral. We will then continue our journey to Rianjo, where Jesus prophesied the dangers facing our Bishops today, because Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart. Overnight in Tuy.

Wednesday, August 31, Day 14:

    We return to Fatima, stopping in Viana Do Costello to visit the shrine of Saint Lucia, patron saint of eye problems. Overnight in Fatima.

Thursday, September 1, Day 15:

    After breakfast we will return to Lisbon Airport for our flight home to JFK Airport, New York.

Pilgrimage to
Aug. 18 to Aug. 25

Extended Pilgrimage
Aug. 18 to Sept. 1

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