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1 - Fatima, Portugal - 6 days; 
2 - Fatima, Portugal ~ Tuy, Pontevedra, Rianjo, 
Spain ~ Lourdes, France - 16 days

PILGRIMAGE ONE - October 11-16 
PORTUGAL - Fatima and many other shrines. 
6 days - $1,375.00

Visit Catholic Shrines in Lisbon, Fatima, Aljustrel, Batahlia, Coimbra, the Eucharistic Miracle in Santarem, and more, with a Marian Priest as your Spiritual Director.

OCT. 11 Evening departure for flight to Lisbon from Newark airport.
OCT. 12 Upon arrival in Lisbon we will visit the orphanage where Our Lady appeared to Jacinta. In addition, we will visit St. Anthony's birthplace. We will then travel to Fatima to our hotel and the afternoon will be free to visit and pray at the shrine. After dinner we will attend the Candlelight Procession and Vigil. Overnight in Fatima.
OCT. 13 In the morning we will take part in the closing ceremonies, the outdoor Mass and Benediction. Following lunch, we will visit the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory in Batahlia with its beautiful monastery and renowned chapels. We will also visit Our Lady of Fetal. Overnight in Fatima.
OCT. 14 Today we will visit Aljustrel, where we will find the homes of the 3 children, the well, Valinhos, the Cabeço where the angel appeared, Fatima Village Church, the cemetery, Our Lady of Ferns, and Ourem jail where the children were incarcerated. Overnight in Fatima.
OCT. 15 In the morning we will see the Carmelite Convent in Coimbra where Sister Lucy resides. After lunch we will visit Santarem, site of the Eucharistic Miracle, of over 500 years' standing, of the Bleeding Host. Overnight in Fatima.
OCT. 16 Pilgrims on the short trip depart Fatima for Lisbon and return to the U.S.A.

PILGRIMAGE TWO - October 11-26 
PORTUGAL - Fatima;
SPAIN - Tuy, Pontevedra, Rianjo;
FRANCE - Lourdes; and many other shrines
16 days - $2,499.00

This pilgrimage visits the same famous Catholic shrines in Portugal as Pilgrimage 1. In addition, it also visits the shrine of Saint Lucia and the very special spiritual sites in Spain of Tuy, Pontevedra, Santiago, Rianjo, Avila, Zaragoza, Covadunga, El Escorial, "Valley of the Fallen" (if possible) and, of course, Lourdes in France.

OCT. 11-15 The same as in Pilgrimage 1.
OCT. 16 Following breakfast in Fatima we visit Viana Do Costello, the shrine of Saint Lucia, patron saint of eye problems. In the afternoon we will visit the Convent in Tuy, where Sister Lucy received the vision of Our Lady and the Holy Trinity, and wrote the words of the Third Secret. Overnight in Tuy.
OCT. 17 In the morning we travel to Pontevedra where the Child Jesus spoke to Sister Lucy of Fatima several times. We will then continue our journey to Rianjo, where Jesus prophesied the dangers facing our Bishops today, because Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart. We will be staying overnight in Boiro (near Rianjo).
OCT. 18 Today we go to Santiago, where we will visit the Tomb where the remains of St. James the Apostle are contained beneath the High Altar in the magnificent 1,000-year-old Cathedral. Overnight in Boiro.
OCT. 19 In the morning we depart for Covadunga, arriving there in the late afternoon. Overnight in Covadunga.
OCT. 20 Today in Covadunga we will visit the Shrine of Our Lady dating back over 1,000 years when the Christian reconquest of Spain was started against overwhelming odds (where angels were seen to fight on the side of the Christians). In early afternoon we depart Covadunga and travel to the French Pyrenees mountain range where Lourdes is nestled. Overnight in Lourdes.
OCT. 21 In the morning we will visit the peaceful grotto where Our Lady appeared 18 different times in 1858 to a young Saint Bernadette. Cures of both soul and body, through the miraculous waters which still flow today at Lourdes, are still being granted by the hand of Our Blessed Mother. We will visit the baths and also the home of St. Bernadette. We will visit the Stations of the Cross and in the evening join in a Candlelight Procession. Overnight in Lourdes.
OCT. 22 We will visit the shrine and grotto of Lourdes before we depart for our return to Spain, through the mountains, to reach Zaragoza, a city that has the oldest shrine of Our Lady in western Europe. It was here that Our Lady bilocated during Her life here on earth to visit St. James the Apostle. She stood on top of a pillar of stone which is still enshrined today in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar. Overnight in Zaragoza.
OCT. 23 We leave for Avila today and travel to Escorial, the historic Monastery of Saint Lawrence, which is one of the greatest monasteries ever constructed. We will also see the Valle De Los Caidos which is a breathtaking sight. It is a church larger than St. Peter's in Rome and built inside a mountain, and commemorates the 1.5 million dead who fell in the Spanish Civil War. Overnight in Avila.
OCT. 24 In Avila, we will visit the place where St. Teresa was born, and where she began to reform the Carmelite order, and also where St. John of the Cross worked as a Spiritual Director. It was here in Avila where both the Child Jesus and St. Joseph spoke to St. Teresa. Overnight in Avila.
OCT. 25 We return to Fatima, driving through pastoral scenery. Overnight in Fatima.
OCT. 26 Pilgrims depart Fatima for Lisbon and return to the U.S.A.

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