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St. Matthew

Apostle, Evangelist

September 21

Epistle  •  Ezechiel 1:10-14

Lesson from Ezechiel the Prophet.

[Ezechiel sees in a glorious vision the symbols of the Evangelists.]

As for the likeness of the faces of the four living creatures, there was the face of a man, and the face of a lion on the right side of all the four: and the face of an ox on the left side of all the four; and the face of an eagle over all the four. And their faces and their wings were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined, and two covered their bodies; and every one of them went straight forward; whither the impulse of the spirit was to go, thither they went, and they turned not when they went.

And as for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like that of burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps. This was the vision running to and in the midst of the living creatures, a bright fire, and lightning going forth from the fire. And the living creatures ran and returned like flashes of lightning.

Gospel  •  Matthew 9:9-13

Continuation of the holy Gospel according to St. Matthew.  

[Christ calls Matthew to be an Apostle.]

At that time, Jesus saw a man sitting in the customhouse, named Matthew, and He said to him, Follow Me. And he rose up, and followed Him. And it came to pass, as He was sitting at meat in the house, behold many publicans and sinners came and sat down with Jesus and His disciples.

And the Pharisees seeing it, said to His disciples, Why doth your Master eat with publicans and sinners? But Jesus hearing it, said, They that are in health need not a physician; but they that are ill. Go then, and learn what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice. For I am not come to call the just, but sinners.

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