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St. Vincent de Paul...

Feast Day: July 19th

you happily spent your life giving everything you had to God’s poor. Help me to realize that God loves me when I give cheerfully.

Vincent de Paul was a very holy priest. Born in 1576. He remembered how Our Lord loved the poor and worked for them. So he did all he could to make life sweet and easy for them. He gave them whatever money he had. He carried the poor sick home and took care of them in his own house. When he found poor children, he gave them food, clothing, toys, and his love. But always he told them about Jesus Christ. He told them that the Savior was poor too, and loved the poor most of all. He was most remembered for his kindness. “Give” was the word that described his daily life. He worked to earn money, then gave it all away to the poor. He brought poor people who were sick to his own home and cared for them. He is the patron of charitable societies.

Poor children were always hanging on his coattails. To them, he gave food, clothing, toys, and all the love that was in his heart.

Once he was captured by pirates and carried away to sea. But he made the pirate himself love Jesus Christ and became a Catholic. To help him work for the poor, he gathered fine men and women about him. The men are called Priests of the Mission, who collected food and clothes for those who could not work. The women are the Sisters of Charity, who nursed the sick and cooked meals for them.

After his death in 1660, the Vincentians and the Sisters of Charity continued the work Vincent had started.

Reflection – Most people who profess piety ask advice of directors about their prayers and spiritual exercises. Few inquire whether they are not in danger of damnation from neglect of works of charity. See Lives of the Saints for Every day in the Year, by Fr. Alban Butler.

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