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St. John Mary Vianney


Feast Day - August 8

John Mary Vianney was born of devout farming-people in the village of Dardilly in the diocese of Lyons, and gave many indications of his future sanctity. As an eight-year-old boy, keeping sheep, he would lead the other children to kneel before the image of the Mother of God, teaching them the Rosary by word and example; and he loved to work in the fields and meditate on divine things. He was a great lover of the poor and took delight in helping them in every way. He was slow to learn; but, after imploring GodÂ’s help and working hard to complete his course in theology, he was judged fit to be ordained. Receiving an appointment as pastor, he made spiritual flowers bloom again in a parish that had been nothing but a dried-up wasteland. Busy every day hearing confessions and giving spiritual counsel, he bore patiently the most horrible attacks of Satan.

He established the practice of making missions in more than a hundred parishes. The faithful came flocking to his parish, even from distant places, in a holy desire to see him; but he did not share their high opinion of him at all, and more than once he tried to slip away. Worn out by his labors rather than by old age, he rested in the Lord at the age of seventy-three on the day he had foretold, August 4, 1859. Famous for many miracles, he was enrolled among the Blessed by Pius X and among the Saints by Pius XI who, on the fiftieth anniversary of his own priesthood, appointed him the heavenly patron of all parish priests.

Taken from The Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, Vol. III: August to Advent (Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 1963), pp. 1405-1406.

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