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St. Bibiana

Virgin, Martyr

December 2

Bibiana, a Roman virgin, was born of noble parents but was of still nobler race by reason of her Christian faith. Her parents, Flavian and Dafrosa, suffered martyrdom under Julian the Apostate. Then Bibiana and her sister, Demetria, were deprived of all their possessions; and Apronianus, praetor of the city, attempted, both by promises and by threats, to make them abandon the true faith. But they resisted him and his wickedness with great constancy. In this struggle, Demetria suddenly collapsed before Bibiana’s eyes, and died in the Lord.

Next Bibiana herself was handed over to a very crafty woman called Rufina, who was to have her seduced. But Bibiana was victorious over all her wiles, and thwarted the praetor’s evil designs. Then he commanded that she be beaten with leaded whips, and at length she breathed out her soul. Her sacred body, left exposed to the dogs for two days, was preserved unharmed by divine power. John the priest buried it by night next to the grave of her sister and mother, near the palace of Licinius, where now stands a church dedicated to God and named after St. Bibiana.

Taken from The Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, Vol. III: August to Advent (Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press, 1963), pp. 1858-1859.

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