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St. Eusebius

Bishop, Martyr

December 16

Eusebius, born in Sardinia, a lector at Rome, and later bishop of Vercelli, fought so bravely against Arianism that his unconquerable faith supplied encouragement and new life to Liberius, the Pope. Because of his profession of the Catholic Faith, Eusebius was sent to Scythopolis by the emperor Constantius, where he suffered hunger, thirst, beatings and many other kinds of torment. From there he was sent away into Cappadocia and endured the hardships of exile until ConstantiusÂ’ death.

When he was allowed to return to his own church, Italy put off her garments of mourning. Here he published his own expurgated Latin translation of the Greek commentaries of Origen and those of Eusebius of Caesarea on all the psalms. At Vercelli, during the reign of Valentinian and Valens, he went to the Lord to receive the unfading crown of glory earned by his great labors and hardships.

Taken from The Hours of the Divine Office in English and Latin, Vol. I: Advent to Passion Sunday (Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press, 1963), pp. 1682-1683.

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