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"Vatican Synod 2015: The Final Confrontation"

Fatima Center at the Synod

The upcoming Synod on the family, to be held from Oct. 4 through 25, promises to be a tumultuous time for the Church. As we've reported in various mailings, it appears the entire moral edifice of the Church is under attack from those who should be its defenders.

A number of us from the Fatima Center will be in Rome at the time of the Synod to hoist the banner of Our Lady in the face of this diabolic disorientation. We plan to hold processions through the streets of Rome with Our Lady of Fatima's statue, prayers, Rosaries, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and conferences.

We also plan to hand out our "Defend the Family" flyers to people in Rome and anywhere else in Italy that we can spread the message. John Vennari and Chris Ferrara will attend the Synod on behalf of the Fatima Center and deliver daily updates via the web (www.fatima.org/synod).

This event is of the utmost seriousness. Even Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, who is one of a number of bishops defending true Catholic morality, recently warned that the Working Document of the upcoming synod "pushes an agenda contrary to Divine Law."

It is your prayers and financial support that make our Crusade possible. Please keep watching the action unfold as we travel to Rome. We are there to defend Catholic morality, marriage and the family against Modernist forces who have adopted the heretical fiction that certain aspects of morality should change with the times.

    The Synod, "Gender Theory" and the Threat to Civilization