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Regarding the Third Secret

"I believe that there is a connection between that which is announced in the first part of the Secret which concerns wars and sufferings which would be everywhere and the second part which concerns the persecutions and a type of breakdown of the faith. Because where the ellipsis (the three dots ...) was placed - it means 'Here is the third part which is not revealed' and then the conclusion 'In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved etc.' This suggests to me that there is a relationship between faith and the third part of the Secret. Therefore it is something which relates to the Church. It is some kind of universal crisis which affects the whole Church and all of humanity."

The public statement, made on 14 February 2003 on prime time national broadcast on Italian television; made by Father Jose dos Santos Valinho, who is the nephew of Sister Lucy of Fatima, whom he meets with often.