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Nearly 100 years ago, Our Lord sent His Mother with a message for all mankind. The apparitions at Fatima were public and prophetic – a claim that cannot be made of any other previous Church-approved Marian apparition. In order to make mankind understand just how important this Message is, Our Lady foretold – three months in advance – of a miracle that She would work, giving the day, time and location. Because She foretold of the miracle ahead of time, there were 70,000 people present on October 13, 1917 to witness, and give subsequent testimony of what has become known as, the Miracle of the Sun.

What was so important in the message Our Lord sent Our Lady to give, that She worked this great miracle? It is very simple. It is about Heaven and hell and the salvation of souls. She warned that more souls were going to hell and begged Her children to do 5 simple things in order to be saved and avoid going to hell. Those five things Our Lady asked us to do are listed on the Sanctification Pledge form. Give a gift to Our Lord and Our Lady by downloading and signing this form, pledging to our heavenly Mother to do those 5 simple things She asked of all Catholics.

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